Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Craft: Crochet Baby Blanket

In between uni semesters I wanted a mindless project that I could sit in front of the tv with.

I found this gorgeous ripple blanket on ravelry and decided that was the one!

A lady I used to work with is pregnant so I thought a nice little pram blanket would be cute and wouldn't take me too long to complete.

She doesn't know what she is having so Steve suggested I leave the pink out, which to me meant leave it in.

Firstly, I chained 152 stitches but it didn't look big enough.

So I followed the pattern and added the rest. Big mistake. A chain is never as long as the finished product.

This blanket went from being a pram blanket, to just a blanket.

I didn't think I was ever going to finish it.

I would race myself on the train to get three rows completed in a trip.

It took me a solid two weeks, but in the end I got there and she loved it. Well, she said she loved it...

And I told her to have fun finding all my mistakes! Especially the night I had a cider and thought it would be a great time to do more of the blanket!!

I even linked up to my first craft link thing over at Not Just A Housewife. I'm starting to get the hang of this blogger shiz.


  1. I tried doing this kind of pattern one time, and it turned into a fan shape. I unravelled it and tried it twice more and the same thing happened, so I've never ended up finishing one.

    1. Haha! I'll never forget the scarf I tried to make a couple of years ago. It was the first scarf that wasn't stocking stitch. It was a feather and fan pattern and I had more fan that anything! Each row just kept getting wider and wider! In the end I worked the pattern out and it's my favourite scarf. But the thing I love about crochet is that it's all a variation of the one stitch, so it's easy to improvise. ;)

  2. I absolutely love this Beth its so beautiful. I was given a handmade blanket too and I will treasure it for years to come im sure.
    p.s cant believe it only took 2 weeks!!!

    1. Thanks Kaitlynne! I was given a knitted blanket from my mum when I was pregnant with Kate. I put it away immediately because I know how much time and effort went into it and I didn't want it ruined. I should have just used it though as that is why she made it!!

  3. Your blanket turned out so pretty! I know your friend loves it! Thanks for letting me know so I could come have a look. I love seeing what everybody else is making.

    1. Thanks for coming by Sue to have a look! It was a gorgeous pattern and it was so easy to make! Thanks again! :)