Sunday, September 23, 2012

I know...

I promised that I would photograph my layouts. Turns out, I didn't.

I did take this photo however:

Which is of 11 amazing vintage cotton spools that eagle eyed Sarah spotted at the Salvo's. $4.50, I'll be in on that!

And I made a new header for this little old blog here. It took me 4 hours, but that did include downloading elements and then researching how to actually use them...


  1. LOVE those spools - love a bargain even more ...does this fit into the photo of the day????!!!!! And GO YOU - I have no idea how you managed your header - sounds complicated - but it looks fabulous:):):)

    1. Nope, didn't fit into the POTD. Today is before bedtime, so I haven't taken that one just yet! Thanks, I quite like the header. I think it needs a few little extra bits and pieces, but at least I now know how to create one! It's only taken me years to work that out...

  2. lol, i was looking for the like button. i think im forgetting how blogs work......