Friday, March 26, 2010


Amy, in all her 2 1/2 yearness, rolled her tongue today. You know, when you fold the sides up and it meets in the middle? Yep. Pretty talented my girl is. Hopefully I can get a photo of her doing it as she can do it easily now that she knows what to do. Toilet training next, perhaps?


  1. She's gifted!!!
    Love your baby layout. Yummmmmm...

  2. Glad to have you back. Hope all is well. Love your last LO - does the technology break mean you have been scrapping up a storm? Good luck with Amy's toilet training. Tori has finally figured it out (with the occasional accident). I still can't even begin to imagine how much we are saving in nappy costs.

  3. Jazi too can do this, she is like me LOL...we'll have to have tounge rolling comp he he he

  4. hey,
    how long has it taken you previously to TT the kidlets? i TT a little boy the other day in 1 day... AND he had diaorreah at the time... no accidents since... happy to talk to you about it can you send me an email? or give me a shout tomorrow afternoon after 12 would love to talk to you about it.. it's one of my favourite things to work on with kids :)