Sunday, July 12, 2009


A couple of things from this past week:

Some decorations for the mini Christmas in July Cybercrop at The Scrapbook Establishment:


A notebook:


And a little gift bag:


And Steve celebrated his 33rd birthday:


And now, I am looking forward to the school holidays! I love spending extra time with the kids. Good stuff.


  1. Hope you enjoy the holidays - ours end today and we really didnt do much. Hopefully the next ones will be better cause all my study will be over! Hope Steve had a great birthday. And Luke - he looks so adorable watching the candles be lit. Would love to know how you got such a great photograph in the dark - I am still struggling with that. Also - Love the Christmas stuff, especially love the notebook -is it just a regular notebook covered?

    Sorry for the long post - must still be in essay mode, although you are probably lucky I didn't start throwing words around like "thus", "therefore", "according to" and "in conclusion".... hehe.

  2. Happy Birthday to Steve, I hope he had a wonderful day Beth.

    Your Christmas ornaments are beautiful. I love the "ball."

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