Tuesday, June 27, 2006


So I went to Canberra last weekend for The Bugs Super Sunday! I had a ball! I went with Kath and Kylie and we stayed overnight at Moi's house! What a blast! We went out to dinner with Fran and Rach to a Turkish restaurant. I was a little worried as I was unsure if I would like it. All I can say is I am going to see if there is one near here because it was delish! Rach and Fran are just so nice! So scrapping wise I got bugger all done but that wasnt really the point in going! ;)

So I started a 21 day challenge over at embellished.com.au . What it is, a quote is posted and you have to scrap about it. Day 1 was: Follow your dreams, transform your life. Well I got all scrap happy and did this layout in about 30 minutes with 3 msn conversations going! LOL! Multi-tasking!

Anyway, I must turn in for the night as I am so tired lately! I just want to sleep! Before anyone asks, no I am not expecting! :P
Take care and happy scrapping!


  1. The layout looks fabulous! It was SOOOO great to meet you and have you here and you were everything I expected (except quieter, LOL!) - just fab and I had a great time with you! X

  2. Susan (smiles1965) from ScrapboxxJune 27, 2006 at 6:43 PM

    Glad to hear you have been having fun. Another wonderful layout here, good to see your scrapping more on yourself.

    I hope the kids are well and Kate is still enjoying school. Take care and have a fabulous week:)

  3. HI Beth, I am so excited to be in a DT with such lovely ladies. Love you layout, it really is awesome, looks fantastic and I love the photos. I bet you had fun with Moi, that would have been so lovely.

    Have a great week Beth.

  4. Hey beth! Just dropping by your blog to say hi! Sounds like you had a ball! What a fab-o weekend!
    Take care, :0)
    Lusi x

  5. Yay an update! LOL

    Great layout...haha, you are the queen of mulitasking! 30 min layout, you gotta love that! Love those runners too ;)

  6. Bugger...it would appear Im a little late for the layout...but how cool..its obviously gone on to bigger and better places....lol
    Mardi x

  7. Wow..LOL..wanted to be one of the first to come in and say congrats on getting this LO published..but Mardi has beaten me..ROFL
    Well done chick!!

  8. Yay beth! It was great to see you again and I love your layout COVER! rotfl... it's a great layout though I must say. I'd given up on ur blog there for a while, haven't checked it out in so long coz you haven't updated hahaha. Oh well ;)