Monday, November 28, 2005

A day of failures..... and triumphs

I was very excited about making dinner tonight! I made chicken and dumplings! I had never had dumplings before let alone make them! It was all turning out great. It had to simmer it for 15 minutes without opening the lid. After 10 mintues I thought I smelled burning. I wrecked dinner. I offered to go get McD's but Steve said no you made it so we will eat it. We did - smokey flavour and all. To be absolutely honest....... I liked it! But I am sure it will taste better next time without the 'added flavours'.

Then after dinner I ate chocolate - well a crunchie actually - and about 2/3 only. While I know I have failed my 10 day quest - I can safely say that I have *not* failed in 'kicking the habit'. Seriously after the first 2 bites I had had enough! So I gave it to Steve and I can honestly say that I will NOT be rushing out to buy more. It was rather 'meh'.

So afterwards I went for a walk. Now the big block is 3km and the little block is 1.3km. I have been just doing a lap of the big block. Tonight I did the big block and fair dinkum I was going so fast my shoes should have been smoking. I was nearing the end and I found myself not wanting to stop! I didnt feel tired or sore so I kept going - I did a little lap. So 4.3kms later I still felt great but I didnt go again in case Stephen called a search party! LOL! I am very happy with my progress. I didnt even cringe when Steve said why dont you go for a walk - because I *wanted* to walk.

So while I had 2 failures..... dinner and chocolate - they were far outweighed by my triumphs..... I dont want chocolate anymore and a nice long walk!


  1. I didn't read this post until I posted a comment on your previous writing but good on you Beth - a little bit of Crunchie is no big deal! (You have done so well with going 'cold turkey' on the chocolate). And WOW with the walking! Good on ya! Moi x

  2. Susan from ScrapboxxNovember 28, 2005 at 6:54 PM

    Good for you for cutting back on the chocolate and for doing all that walking. Well done, very proud of your efforts Beth. Have a wonderful week.

  3. Wow, Beth, that's great progess!! Keep it up!

  4. You ae so funny!! This blog entry was so entertaining I could almost see your shoes smoking as you walked!! Do you really think you have broken the habit of eating chocolate?? Is it that simnple ;)

    Hope you don't mind me leaving a comment !!

    Enjoy your day