Saturday, September 13, 2014

Scrapbooking: Swim

I have been slightly MIA lately due to a very time consuming uni assignment. And of course now that I have finished that one, I have another one I have to get stuck into. How many years have I signed up for?

Anyway, D-lish is having a facebook cybercrop and while I usually have good intentions of participating in these things, we all know I lack follow through.

So after a particularly hard week at work, I sat down with a cider (yes one, I don't need more than that!) and decided I needed some paper and glue therapy.

Agnus posted a tag challenge and since I am a huge fan of tags (read: hoarder), I decided to give that one a go.

And since it really was therapeutic, I might even have good intentions to start another layout.


  1. Love this one Beth!! Great colours and layering. You should have a cider and get creative more often :)

    1. Thanks Sian! I find it so much easier to scrap when I'm not tense!

  2. looks awesome Beth. If i was a scrapper i would totally be stealing this !!

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