Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Craft: Red Spray Painted Chairs

My neighbour had a garage sale and I picked up these two chairs for $5 each.

They weren't red to begin with.

That was my doing.

I had wanted to try my hand at spray painting some bright red chairs for a while now and I figured these would be as good as any chair to have a go with.

I sanded these puppies back like crazy to have a nice smooth surface.

The first chair, I didn't do an undercoat on. I just started spraying.

There was one fundamental thing about red spray paint that I did not know.

It's kind of translucent.

So off to Bunnings I go to get a tin of undercoating paint for the second chair.

I used 2 tins of spray paint per chair because , truth be told, I'm a bit heavy handed and I wasn't getting the finish I wanted, so I just kept on spraying until I was happy!

But in the end, they turned out good enough.

And I reckon once I make some cushions for them, they will look even better. (Stayed tuned)

And here's another photo of Pixie:


  1. and if you paint a wall red it needs a grey undercoat. We just repainted 2 our timber chairs white again with left over paint.....much more.painful than a can lol. Was going red but we did the wall instead lol.
    I have yet to paint the girls timbet chairs I scored free one turquoise & other magenta. Again by hand....gah!!

    1. Thanks for that Daph! If I ever want to paint red again, I'll make sure i use grey and not white!! Oh I would love a turquoise and magenta chair! I have more here I could paint, I guess!

  2. WOW! These look amazing. What a fantastic colour.

    1. I wanted a real popping red and I think I got just that! I do love the colour!