Thursday, December 5, 2013

Episode 2: Stupid Things I Do.

Yes, a new segment to my blog.

I'm sure I've done more than two, but that's all I've blogged about so far this year. Remember my trail run?

Last week I decided to go for a ride. I wasn't really keen on it. It was a bit windy and my legs were tired from a biggish run the night before. I went to the shop and grabbed a few things and on my way home, I thought that it was a beautiful afternoon and to stop being so lazy and go for the ride!

10kms. Nothing fast, nothing far. In fact, I won't even ride on my race bike, I'll just take my commuter bike and just take it easy.

Off I go.

1km into my ride and I'm heading towards a roundabout. I think to myself, I'll slow down a little bit, then if there are no cars, I'll just shoot through.

I never even made the roundabout.

I, in a huge error, pulled on the front brakes.

They grabbed and I flew over the handlebars.

I stopped myself with my face.

Some people stopped to help and the looks on their faces were pretty priceless. Or maybe the fact that I was running around on the the road yelling "I need to find my tooth! I need to find my tooth!"

It was never lost, it was still in my mouth, well, half of it anyway.

I rang Steve (thank goodness I had my phone!) and he came and collected me, took the bike home, left the kids with our neigbour and took me straight to the hospital.

They took me in straight away into a resuscitation bed and called trauma over the speakers. I had a giggle as I didn't think it was that bad (it wasn't!)

Luckily it wasn't. I was still holding on to the handlebars when I went over so I banged up my knuckles quite badly, but hey, no broken bones! Not a scratch on my legs, just some pretty horrific bruising. Oh and you know, the half tooth thing...

And you know, gravel rash on my face:

Yep, the hospital had given me some pretty good tablets by that stage. ;)

My hands are still suffering quite badly. The bones and tendons hurt quite a bit still, over a week later. This typing business is painful and slow. Oh and there's my glasses. They're in the bin now as they were very damaged, thankfully as they saved more of my face being hurt!

And lastly, here's a picture of me recovering.

The girls came out with some corker zombie jokes.

It heals more and more each day. Thankfully.


  1. Replies
    1. Nope, it's actually going to cost me lots! LOL!

  2. Oh Beth, how horrible and painful for you. I had a fall while playing netball earlier in the year and broke both of my arms, a rib, hit my head, bruised my right knee as well as grazing my left hand along the knuckles. I reckon the most painful thing at the time of the fall was the grazes and the bruising they hurst so bad, it took a while for me to realise that I had broken bones. I hope you are healing well. take care xo

    1. Oh my Lordy Tam, I knew you had broken your arms, but I didn't realise it was while playing netball! Far out!!! Even a rib! You certainly did some damage youpoor thing! I hope you recovered well!

    2. Yeah all good now,the left arm still isn't fantastic but is functional and all my other bumps and bruises are well and truly healed, the doctors didn't pick up that I had a broken rib for a week, even though I kept complaining that my chest was sore. Yep I did some damage..... My parents raised me to put my full committment into everything I do and this was no exception LOL!!!! I said to the surgeon that I always knew that exercise was bad for you and I proved it LOL!!! he siad in my case he had to agree and I think if he saw your injuries he would be in agreement again. I like your comment about taking the kids to the park next time, I keep telling everyone that I think I will stick to swimimng from now on! When I look at your photos it sends shivers down my spine, I can't even imagine how painful that was, your hands.... all those nerves and tendons that run accross there ..... ouch!!!

  3. Oh Beth I'm sure you could have found photo's to scrap without going through all that pain. Look after yourself Chicky.

    1. I know, right?! Next time, I'll just take the kids to the park! ;)

  4. Not sure if I have PMS or something but I cried when I read this Beth :( I hate when bad things happen to good people, but glad you are ok. I'm sure it could have been a lot worse. Hope it all clears quickly and you're on the road to recovery. Xx

    1. Aww Kait, don't be upset! I'm feeling much better and I'll be healed up soon. Exactly, it could have been worse! That's what I keep telling myself when I get a bit down and it makes me feel much better! :)