Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Winter Scarf.

For the last three Winters I have had this insane urge to make myself a scarf. It takes me a couple of goes to decide on the pattern I like. This year I wanted to crochet it. Because it's quicker. And I'm lazy all for quick results.

I also had the most beautiful Moda Vera Beetle yarn. Then I found the Urban Shells pattern over at Ravelry, and I must say, it was a match made in heaven.

There was one point where I couldn't understand the pattern:

Row 3: ch2, sh (shell) in first st, *sk 2 st, dc in next st, sk 2 st, sh in next st, rep from *.

Yes, I know. Only Row 3. So I took a good look at the photo and worked it out myself. Aren't all the best ideas created from accidents? So apparently, I created all my shell stitches incorrectly the entire way through, but I don't care. I love this scarf. I love the colour, I love the warmth.

If you do decide to make the scarf there's a few things I wish I had known. Firstly, the pattern states that you need to start with a multiple of 5 +1 chain. It's actually a multiple of 6 as each shell section is 6 + something. I'm not too good at this extra chains for turning thing.

Secondly, it asks only for 300m. I found this to be not enough even for my fun size stature. What a damn shame to have to go back to Spotlight for another ball of yarn. Damn shame.

And yes, I totally did the whole scarf/photoshoot thing. Thanks Sarah for taking the last photo. But that's another post for another day.

And did you notice no reference to the other two scarves? That's because I never even took a photo of them. Oops. But I did make them. :)


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    1. Thanks Chrissy! It really is such a nice scarf, if you crochet and want a scarf, I highly recommend this pattern. I was surprised, I didn't even edit these photos at all!

  2. I love those pics! And it was nice and toasty yesterday, thank you!

    1. Yeah, they turned out really well! I'm glad it is not only a good looking scarf, but also useful! ;)

  3. How lovely Beth! Red is my fav colour. Your so talented!!!

    1. Thanks Kaitlynne! I love red too! Nah, not really talented, I taught myself how to crochet from YouTube! LOL!

  4. Hello Beth,

    many thanks for the funny postcard. Riding a bike is really a fine thing. I can understand the kangaroo.

    It is terrific that the mail was so fast. Do we want to exchange a card still within a couple of weeks? I would be happy.

    You otherwise find me also on my blog.

    All the best


    1. Thanks Anke, I have left a comment over on your blog! :)