Monday, March 25, 2013

I'm sure I had something interesting to say?

So, let's pick up where I left off.
2013 New Years Resolutions.
I set them. I started to work towards them. I realised that life's too short, so to hell with resolutions! I'm just going to enjoy life one day at a time.

So since I last posted, this little guy turned 9:

This little girl started kindergarten:
Luke started year 4 and Kate started high school:

This little girl turned 12:

Sarah and I went on a bushwalk at Wentworth Falls:

And finally here's Week 1 of my Project Life:
Just ignore most of those resolutions written there. ;)
And I have more, but that will do for now. Don't want to scare you off, from coming back.


  1. Np you don't have TIME for NYR's from what I can see here!!!! Just the school run would wear me out:):):) great pics!!!!

    1. Thanks Lizzy! Yes, I think some people must have more than 24 hours in a day! I just can't seem to fit it all in!!!