Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wind in my hair...

So today's post is brought to you by Lap the Lake Fun Run out at Penrith Regatta Centre. I mentioned it the other day here, but you'll be forgiven for not reading it because all I look for on blogs is pretty pictures and I am sure you do too.

I ended up running the 10km in 53.44mins (according to Endomondo) which is really good (for me!). Especially because there was a mofo of a headwind for almost half the race. There was a point where I thought my legs were just going to stop moving so I had to tell my brain a thing or two about how things were done around here. Brain listened.

And I am sure I have a layout or two lying around to share. Three even.

I did these layouts for my 'Meet the Masters' feature in Scrapbooking Memories.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

It turns out

that I can pull my finger out of my arse and get things done.

Layouts: photographed.

In fact, I have about a years worth of layouts that I hadn't taken photos of. Don't get excited, it was only 20 of them. But now they are all photographed and I even put them into albums. Shit, who knew if you stopped procrastinating you could actually get stuff done! It's amazing, really.

Alright, this is the oldest layout of the lot. It's taken me over a year to finish the title, so last night I did that as well as the journaling. The irony that the journaling is not finished is not lost on me.

These photos are from two years ago when I decided it would be 'fun' to take the kids to Melbourne, by myself, driving. Funny enough, it was fun and not nearly as stressful as I thought it would be. It's probably got something to do with the fact that the kids are pretty awesome. Totally unbiased opinion.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Another meaningful post.

And this is why I used to use the date as my post title. I am not very imaginative.

As a kid I was a racewalker, but lets face it, as a 20+ year old, it ain't the most attractive way to exercise. So over the years, I started running as a way to drop some weight. And then last year after I changed jobs, I took it up again. Not only to shift some weight, thanks night shift for those extra kilos, but you know, because I actually enjoy it.

I know not many people can say that.

And I'm not really sure I like running whilst in the act. But I certainly feel good afterwards.

This coming Saturday I have entered Lap the Lake at Penrith Regatta Centre. I am going in the 10km. I want to say it won't be too hard as it is a relatively flat course, but I know I will put extra pressure on myself to do a PB because of it.

Which brings me to tonight. I thought I would duck around the block a couple of times for an easy 10km.

It should have fet like this:

Instead of it being easy, it felt like I was pushing shit uphill the entire way.

So it really felt like this:

And even with my bra chafing pretty badly and just feeling blah and hungry, as soon as I stopped I really felt like this:

And that is why I do it.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I know...

I promised that I would photograph my layouts. Turns out, I didn't.

I did take this photo however:

Which is of 11 amazing vintage cotton spools that eagle eyed Sarah spotted at the Salvo's. $4.50, I'll be in on that!

And I made a new header for this little old blog here. It took me 4 hours, but that did include downloading elements and then researching how to actually use them...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

This one time, at scrap camp...

Last weekend I went to the Savvy-Delights retreat. Proudly bought to you by Scrapbooking Delights a bricks and mortar store in Dapto and Scrapbook Savvy an online store. I must say this now: BEST RETREAT EVER! Not only because of the awesome company of some amazing scrappers, but because the retreat was run so well. There were challenges galore which kept me focused and and motivated. Here's the point where I would be showing my layouts. But I haven't yet photographed them. Tomorrow. I promise. I do however have a photo taken by the amazingly talented Lisa Oxley though. I have always been a fan of Lisa's scrapping. I think it has something to do with the fact that I could never free myself enough to immerse myself in the art of scrapbooking. I just cut and stick. Lisa truly creates.

In other news, I had my first official point scoring night at athletics last night. I am a little sore and limping around a bit today. Although it didn't stop me from strolling around the library with Sarah and grabbing a peach ice tea.

So while I sit here in pain, here's some of the crazy but fun shizzle I did last night:
200m - 35.4sec
800m - 3min 27sec
1500m walk - 8min 13sec
Shot put - 5.09m
High jump - 1.10m
Triple jump - 6.26m
Javelin - 13.84m

And here's my photo from September 19. Underneath.

I honestly love the wear on the marble staircase at my work. I walk up this flight of stairs and I often wonder about the people who have also walked this walk. And then when I get to the top as it is a double height foyer, I feel sorry for the poor suckers that have made the impressions on the next flight up.

Monday, September 17, 2012

It's a start.

That's right kiddies. I took a photo. Day 17. In the fridge. See the apple in Amy's hand and the ham on her sandwich? Yep, it used to be in the fridge. And now it's out of the fridge and all eaten up. We had a little picnic for lunch today. Rocking the front yard.

In other news, I went for a run along the M7 today for the first time today. I've ridden on it, but never actually ran on it. Just so you know, it was bloody hard work. One hill was over 2kms loooong. Not a nice gradual hill either. Anyway, I felt like crap when I was running and the fact that at about 1km in to the run, I was already thinking of turning back, didn't bode well. I made it to 7km out. Which darn it, means 7kms back in. Long story short, I needed a nap and I still feel pretty crappy. One would question why I would want to torture myself. Not sure, I still haven't figured that out either yet!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Good intentions.

You know, I say on this very blog, very often, that I have good intentions but I fail to execute the given task. So, here's another round of the photo a day challenge that I probably won't do.

To be fair, I did do Day 1. You, now.

And because it's easy, I might even do Day 17. In my fridge. It appeals to me because I don't even have to leave home for that one.

Ok. In all seriousness, the point of this post is I really have to stop being half-arsed about everything. If I make a commitment, I have to follow through. I really have to get myself organised and sorted and stop making excuses for my laziness. So there. It's out there. Let's see if I can get my act together.