Thursday, June 17, 2010


So, my friend Daph was just starting out with her photography business. Then she was in a car accident and well, she is still in a bit of pain and is not quite as agile as she used to be at the moment. She decided to set herself a challenge in order to help her keep shooting and gaining experience from the little things. Daphne has created her own A-Z disabled challenge. "Photographing whats around me until I'm fit to shoot."

Well, I may not be disabled, but I thought I would partake in this challenge. The best part about it is that it makes me take my camera out in winter. And from looking at my photos in years gone by, I have next to no photos during the winter months.

So, here is A. Really, how could I go past Amy? She is the cheekiest little chicken. She will say "Check it out!" and strike a pose. On one condition, there is no camera involved. Once I crack out the camera, that's it! She doesn't want any photos taken of her! But here is a sneaky one. I had to yell "dad's home!" in order for her to even look at me!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Travel: Canberra

A snap decision saw us taking a road trip to Canberra on Sunday along with my sister and her family. There is so much to see and do in the Nation's capital. First off we stopped at the Australian War Memorial. It is an amazing place. You feel humbled just by being there. The only drawback was the WW2 section was closed for a refurbishment.

I wonder how often they take the coins out of the water because I know the kids absolutely cleared me out of silver just throwing coin into it. I however took a different approach when I tried to frisbee a 20c piece into the water. I missed the water completely. Hmmm. I am always good for a laugh. Or to be laughed at. Either way.

Then afterward we headed over to Cockington Green. I don't think I have been here in a good 20 years. It's amazing the difference between kids eyes and adult eyes and I love the fact that some of the creators have a sense of humour! From zombies to streakers to ripped pants on the man getting on the horse. All good for a laugh.

Amy was quite smitten with the big green buttons. She was racing around the International Display just pressing all the green buttons. Well, not just the International Display, the whole Gardens. Wherever there was a green button, there was Amy worming her way past people to push it.

The displays really are quite amazing. So much work must go in to each and every one. I didn't have a favourite, they are all pretty awesome, but I did like the photo I took of Stonehenge.

Onto Telstra Tower. The kids were scared because Steve may have made some quip about "how much do you trust concrete?" You can always trust that man to make you feel uneasy about situations! LOL!

And here we are at the end of our Canberra trip, up the top of the tower. Don't even ask me what Luke was doing. This was the best photo of Luke out of the two. The other photo really needs to be kept for a 21st birthday embarrassing photo collage.

Well, I guess that's about it. It was a very tiring day by the end. But most enjoyable. Maybe next time we will plan ahead and stay overnight as it really was alot to jam into one day.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Just two things as I have a cracking headache and I am heading off for a nap.

A Jack layout for Aussie ScrapJack which has moved back to it's old blogger home:

And a card for the Cybercrop at Ideal Papercraft: