Sunday, December 13, 2009


Day 12

Halfway there.

Today's 25 Days of Christmas craft is for those of you who like to use power tools. I don't. They kind of scare me a little and I think I am going to cut off a limb. For those of you who don't mind using them, have a look at this glass brick Christmas decoration tutorial. These come to us via Jilly at Scrap'n'Beads blog.

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  1. Definitely don't need to be an adventurous eater or cook to do the diet. Liking plain foods is best.

    We did the diet this year to test for a few things, so feel free to ask questions if you like.

    I can also recommend a couple of books by Sue Dengate - Fed up with food additives, and a cook book but I can't remember what that is called.

    There are also yahoo groups to go with the book, and you can ask lots of questions there. :)