Friday, November 21, 2008


Newsletter layouts.

The next edition of The Scrapbook Establishment's newsletter is out and I had the pleasure of creating for it. I was given BG Urban Prairie to work with. Can I just say how divine it is! It is gorgeous! I struggled to scrap these layouts as I really wanted to do the range justice.

And to prove it isn't just for the girls, a layout featuring Luke:

Yesterday I went to the school for orientation as Luke is going into Kindergarten next year. I got quite emotional. I am not usually like that! I ruffled my little guys hair and thought that you know, I really am going to miss him when he goes to school next year. He is such a sweet and loving boy and I will miss the way he just walks up to me and will plant a kiss on my arm as that is as high as he can reach. I will miss having to build the same lego thing over and over because he drops it and it breaks apart. I will miss his 'mum I want lunch' at 9.30am. I will miss him just being near me. I take that for granted. Kate was different when she went to school, I was working fulltime during the day and it just seemed a natural progression for her. I think I worry about Luke more because of his speech. I worry that the teacher wont pick him up on his words when he forgets his 's' or when he forgets his grammar. I think I am just going to miss my baby boy immensely. Ok, better stop the tears before he notices and wonders what's wrong!

Amy still hasn't progressed any on her walking. Just those intial 2 steps. She will walk behind her dog walker thing though. She is getting quite good with that and manouvers around the furniture. You would think the lack of carpet here would make her want to get up and walk, but apparently not! Her little knees must get so sore when she crawls.

I have received part of my Christmas present already. I was discussing whether Steve would like to go back to New Zealand for a week to see his family for Christmas. So Steve decided to give me part of my present he bought me. An IPod Nano. It's blue, my favourite colour, and it is very cool. While I was alseep before work he uploaded the songs onto it that we have on the computer. They are mostly songs Steve likes, but it was so sweet of him to do that for me.

Here is a photo I snapped of Luke and Amy yesterday. The were playing around and I thought what a good opportuntiy to try out my camera indoors. Oh I love my camera. I wish I had bought a DSLR when I bought my Fuji s9500. Steve told me to as it wasn't much more at the time. But I was stubborn and said I didn't want one. What I really should have said was, I was scared to get such a great camera when I was so bad at taking photos. I didn't want to feel like I had spent an extra $400 and still got crappy photos. Oh well, I have one now and so it's all good. Awww I love these guys to bits.


That's about it from me now. I know, sorry about the mammoth post and thanks so much if you stayed till the end. Cheers! :D

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The Butterfly Project

I was directed to this site {LINK} via a post in a forum.

It is something I am going to participate in.

Are you?

Sunday, November 16, 2008


A little indulgence.

I bought a new camera. A Nikon D60. Twin lens kit. Good stuff. Here are some photos of Amy I took this afternoon. No tweaking. Just straight out of the camera. My type of photography. Of course there were lots of bad ones as I have alot to get use to. I am super excited and Steve even offered to go somewhere tomorrow so I could take some photos of him and the kids. That in itself is something! LOL!



In other news, Amy took her first steps yesterday. Only two. But her first unaided steps just the same. It's funny how we encouraged it so much when she was crawling, but now that she has done it, I think we realise it means she is all grown up, so we haven't tried to get her to walk since!

That's about it from me this week as I seemed to have blinked and missed tuesday, wednesday and thurdsday! Argh! TFSB! :D

Monday, November 10, 2008


The end of a wonderful week.

I have had the best week in a very long time.
I have had just over a week off from work.
I have spent much quality time with Steve.
I have played lots with the kids.
I have talked a lot with Kate, especially.
I have been out to the movies.
I have gone out scrapbooking.
I have had fun shopping days where I ran into my sister.
I have had 2 awesome mail days where I received my Mixmaster, Overlocker and scrapbook order.
I have watched much TV including some of my fave shows.
I have over-run the dining room table with scrapbooking.
I have had plenty of sleep.
I have had an awesome week.

I don't want it to end. :(

Thursday, November 6, 2008


A Top 10 layout.

Lusi, ages ago, asked if I would like to contribute a layout to her Top 10 feature in Scrapbook Creations. Of course. The theme was stationary and well, I love stationary as much as I love scrapbooking, so it worked out well. After about 3 weeks I finally finished my layout. This was the second layout I did after my huge scrapping break. It's a bit all over the place and I didn't really find my groove the whole way through it. Not to worry.

The layout is about how I kind of blackmail Kate to do her homework etc, because she has to set an example being in the SRC etc.

Before I go, have you checked out the comp at The Scrapbook Establishment? You can win some fantastic prizes just by signing up and chatting away and sharing layouts in the gallery. Check out the details: here in the forum.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008


A competition.

The Scrapbook Establishment is holding a competition where you can win a fantastic rolling tote and a purse tote worth over $100!

All you have to do is start chatting in the forums and posting in the gallery to start earning points! It's that easy!

So, come on over and check out the full details here!


Sunday, November 2, 2008


Halloween and a 1st Birthday Party

I took the kids Trick Or Treating on Friday. I managed to get the night off work especially for Halloween. The kids enjoy it and I must admit, so do I. The kids decided on their costumes months ago. Luke wanted to be a ghost and Kate wanted to be a cat. Easy enough. Or so I thought. The cat costume was easy, I just had to buy the necessary pieces, a leotard, some tights, a skirt, some stockings for a tail that we stuffed with newspaper and a headband to hold the ears. I thought the ghost costume would be easy too, but after many cuts and many trial fittings, the eyes were not in the right spot and neither were the arm holes. Oh well, Luke still enjoyed himself immensly. Especially when he got to say 'wooooooo' at people's doors. Which then made Kate want to say 'meowwwww' and she did.

We also decorated the house, which was not all that fun as it was really hot and blowing a gale here!

The decorations even included a pumpkin which I carved. The wind blew up again before I got to take a photo of it in the dark. Oh well, I will just have to wait until next year.

Yesterday we had a party for family and friends for Amy's 1st Birthday. I am not too happy with myself as I didn't take alot of photos, I was too busy trying to be a host, which isn't easy when there are distinct groups that you have to keep splitting your time between. All in all, it turned out really good. There was no friction for the most part between guests, and that's all I hoped for really. The food turned out delicious, the fried rice was a hit, thanks to my dad's partner. It was a really nice day. Expensive though, you can tell we haven't had a big party for a while! But worth it for my bubba girl. Here she is on her trike:

Now I am off to finish cleaning and then hopefully scrap some. That would be nice as I have some DT projects to do. TFSB! :D