Thursday, October 30, 2008


A dare. Completed.

Over in the TSE forums, Vita dared me to create a layout using some of the Kaisercraft big square brads. Well, I do love a challenge, so I thought I would throw in some of the Kaisercraft large square rhinestones aswell. Now, I have slightly agonised over my embellishment position and ended up going with a far simpler layout then I originally planned. But it's all good. Here is my layout:

Well, I better run, I have to do the school run.
Cheers and thanks for stopping by! :D

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Yep, 1 today.

How did that happen?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


1 week countdown and a swim.

Amy is one next tuesday. Where on earth has this last year gone? I don't know. Well, here is the big girl with 1 week to go until her 1st birthday.

She has another tooth, which now totals 4 teeth. She is still cruising about the furniture and is getting braver because the gaps are getting bigger that she goes between.

On the weekend, the kids had a swim in next door's pool. They had a great time and Kate and Luke are getting so confident in the water! This was Amy's first swim. She enjoyed it and had a bit of a hissy fit when she was taken out.

I was supposed to go out to Spotlight today to get the kids some stuff for their Halloween costumes, Luke wants to be a ghost and Kate wants to be a cat. Both are going to be quite easy costumes to make, so it's ok if I procrastinate a little. I have had a interesting day and all I have to say is I feel quite lighter within myself. I feel great! Thanks Lus!

Well, that's about it from me today.
Cheers and TFSB! :D

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


A DT layout and a zoo trip.

I have had these photos developed for ages and I never knew how I should go about scrapping them. I saw Julie had done a layout and titled it Pit Crew Boss and I knew the theme was perfect! I am pretty bad with titles! Sometimes I would prefer not to have them at all, but they do serve a design purpose. This layout came together quite quickly and I used 3 different Apple Blossom Studio Stamps. I went with a circle theme because of the whole car has wheels thing. Anyway, this is what I ended up with:

On the weekend we went to Taronga Zoo. The new Underwater Encounters exhibit is pretty cool, but nothing can beat this:

Isn't that photo special? Totally. Love it.

And the token kids photo:

And before anyone asks, no, as a scrapbooker I did not put my children on the elephant statue for a photo opportunity! They saw everyone else doing it and wanted a photo on it! But as a scrapbooker, I am overjoyed! ;)

TFSB! Cheers! :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008



Check out The Scrapbook Establishment's Cybercrop!

Plenty of fun and 5 scrapping challenges to be done!

My duty this CC was to create a game. So I decided to take snippets of images from the shop and the challenge is to work out which products they are.

Here is my challenge:

So, if you want to play along, just hop on over to The Scrapbook Establishment! :)


Saturday, October 4, 2008


A sketch and some scones.

The October sketch challenge is up at The Scrapbook Establishment and I created the sketch! It was very exciting to do and I think it could be quite addictive to create them! (I guess, just ask Becky Higgins! LOL!) You can either create a layout or a card and you then go into the draw to win a $10 gift voucher.

This is the sketch:

And this is my layout:

and some details:

On wednesday we went to Mamre Homestead to have a morning tea of scones. The scones were the best I have ever tasted! The kids were not so adventurous and decided to have muffins instead. Needless to say when I gave them a bite of my scone, they wanted to swap!

And finally, a half decent photo of all three kids! YAY!

Now, some things I have to remember about Amy's 11th month.

  • Amy stands all the time and has started cruising along the furniture.

  • Today she was pushing along a stool and taking steps behind it.

  • She loves music and will crawl at a rate of knots when you turn the music on to be near the tv or stereo.

  • She dances by swinging her arms from side to side and sometimes overbalances and topples over. She even gets her head in on the action.

  • She loves going outside and will make a break for it whenever she sees the opportunity. The other day she pulled a leaf of one of the lettuces we are growing and ate it. LOL.

  • She takes three dummies to bed, one for her mouth and one for each hand. The only time she has a dummy is to go to sleep, otherwise she doesn't like to have it in her mouth.

  • She sleeps for about 11 hours during the night. Will have one big morning sleep and a shorter sleep in the afternoon.

  • She started saying "bah" on wednesday to indicate the bath. So, I guess that is her first real word?

  • She loves to wave and will do it randomly to you during the day.

  • Amy now has three teeth as she has one up the top too.

  • She is the cutest thing ever and we are so blessed to have her.

Cheers everyone and thankd for stopping by! :D