Sunday, September 28, 2008


Milestones: 3 years and 11 months

Well, what do you know! It's been 3 years since I started this blog! Well, not this one exactly, but my original one over at blogger. I have not always been the best blogger or most regular, I leave out lots of things because I forget them (even though that's one of the main reasons why I have this darn thing!), I don't always get back to people who leave me comments (although I have good intentions and keep the email WP sends me for a month or so until I think that the person has probably forgotten they even visited!), but you know what, I have really enjoyed my blogging experience and the people who I have met and befriended through it.

Amy is 11 months old today! I cannot believe it either. Steve and I were discussing it this morning and we both agreed that even though we both dreaded going back to the 'baby stage', it felt like it didn't last long enough. I haven't taken her 11 month old photos yet, but here are some I have taken this week:

Gotta get going as we have plans, but thanks so much for stopping by and I promise a layout in my next post!
Cheers! :D

Thursday, September 18, 2008


A layout, omissions and a photo, just one.

So, I scrapped a layout for Apple Blossom Studios. The stamps really are great. So sticky and big and yummy. I was going to do a girly layout, but decided that I really wanted to use the Military Kaisercraft patterned paper I got in my order from The Scrapbook Establishment. So, I did a masculine layout. I actually really like it and have used a new favourite, some used postage stamps I bought off ebay! As soon as I saw the special ANZAC stamps, I knew I had to use them.

The photos are from when we went to the airshow a couple of years ago. The guys got to sit in the helicopter for a photo op and to have a sticky beak. Steve, who is into reading about wars and loves watching docos on the wars, thought it was great to be able to see some military hardware up close and personal. I know, I should have probably drafted the journaling first before I wrote it on, but hey, I was enjoying the layout and wanted to see it finished. So yep, that word, purposefully really should just be purposely. Maybe neither of them are actual words. Oh well, I knew what I meant! LOL!

Ok, so Kylie, I apologise! You see, I have a terrible, terrible memory, which is why I love to scrapbook. But aside from that, when I am writing my posts, I tend to get my info on what we have been doing from my photos. So because I didn't have a photo of us from your party, I had forgotten all about it and thus never made metion of it in my previous post. Not because I didn't have fun. Oh no. I had a wonderful time catching up with you and Moira and checking out your albums. :)

The kids and I went to see Wall-E last weekend at an advance screening. Thanks again to Kylie for the tickets which she won of the radio! :) The movie was good and the kids really enjoyed themselves. Thanks again! :)

And lastly, a photo. After the last post I am promising just one! LOL!

Of Amy and the cutest little pants ever. They were originally Kate's from when she was a baby and I loved them then, and I love them more now that I have a good camera!

Too cute for words, huh?

That's it from me today, just a quick one as I have heaps of family and house stuff to do before I go and meet my friend Karen, 'Hi Karen!' for a cuppa at Maccas while Luke is at preschool. Good times. Cheers! :D

Monday, September 15, 2008


It's been a while...

Since I have blogged here. I have been busy, but aren't we all? Lots of stuff has happened over the last 3 or so weeks.

Amy got her first tooth. Well, her first two teeth. Once that first one came through, the next one just popped up right next to it. Now the food fun begins! She had her first sausage last night. A little chipolata one which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Amy also turned 10 months old. I can't believe it. She is growing up so fast. It's kind of sad to think that as our last baby we wont have this 'baby' period in our lives again, so we are savouring every moment. At ten months Amy has learnt to crawl - fast! She eats heaps! She has a sandwich, jar of custard and a banana for lunch, which is more than what I eat! She can feed herself her own bottles and does so with her first morning bottle. Amy waves 'bye' and loves music and likes to dance. She spins her arms from side to side when she is dancing and sometimes topples over because she is getting into it so much. She loves the backyard. She squeals for the cat but not for the dog, not sure why, the cat pays her no mind where the dog can't get enough of her. She has learnt a new trick...

Yes, she has learnt to stand up. She is too little if you ask me! (Read: I don't want my baby to grow up just yet!) She even started cruising. When Kate and Luke are in the bath, Amy loves to stand there and squeal at them and you really know she wants to get in. Yep, she really is growing up far too fast for my liking.

All the while, Steve has been doing up our backyard. We are now the proud owners of a vege patch, sandpit and a garden (without plants as we haven't decided on them yet!). Steve has really outdone himself. He has made them look great and has put so much work and effort into each project. So far we have carrots, lettuce, broccoli, beetroot, beans and tomatoes planted. I can't wait till our first harvest! We still have a couple of more beds to put some more plants in though which we will probably do during the week sometime when we decide which ones.

Just this friday last gone, Luke had his sports carnival at preschool. Luke had a great time. They had a running race and then an obstacle course they had to complete. I took lots of video and photos, but here is my favourite photo, and also there are no other kids in it! LOL!

I had Luke's parent-teacher meeting a couple of weeks ago. Seems he is ready for school next year. I am very happy about that. I was a bit unsure as to whether he would be ready or not, but he has shocked the socks off me with how quickly he has picked things up, like numbers and letters and sums and words. Not only that, his speech therapy is also going really well. At the moment we have moved away from the sounds and are concentrating on grammar. I still have to keep an eye on other sounds like 'dr' as in drink because sometimes it comes out as 'gr'. He is growing by leaps and bounds. I was looking at some photos of him from a year ago, and I can't believe how much he has changed. He still is the cutest thing ever though.

I have also been scrapping. One I cannot share as it is going into Lusi's Top 10 feature in Scrapbook Creations, but I have 3 I can share from the newsletter for The Scrapbook Establishment.

I got to work with Kaisercraft Skull Boi paper and rhinestones. I added some Kaisercraft fozz felt and rubons to my layouts aswell.

Well, that's about it from me today. I better go and get dinner organised and then I have to start a DT layout for Apple Blossom Studio. I seriously just want to use their stamps on everything!

Oh, and I also have to do some of my pages for my art journal. If you want to join in and do some of the art journal topics, Mary is offering a Xyron 150 over at The Scrapbook Establishment for participants. Check out the forum for details!

Cheers and a heartfelt thanks for all those people who stop by and who have been kind enough to email me and support me. You have no idea how much that had bouyed my spirits. Thankyou.