Monday, August 25, 2008


A quick update.

A happy mail day! I received my Apple Blossom Studio stamps in the mail. The smell was just divine when I opened the envelope! The stamps are even better! They are gorgeous and have heaps of stick power! They are so inspiring! I used one on the cover of my Art Journal that I am doing over at The Scrapbook Establishment. This weeks prompt is 'You are here'. I am so excited to start it! Here is my cover for it:

I bought the book at the Salvo's for 50c and ripped the cover of it. Nice, huh? I love all those graphic, retro patterns.

Not much has been happening here. Work really took it out of me last week as I am still getting over the virus I had. I crashed and burned on thursday/friday. I had a nap when I got home on saturday morning and when I woke up the house was beautifully cleaned by my gorgeous husband! He sure is a keeper!

I went to see a friend yesterday who has just had a little baby boy. Ohhhh how I don't really miss those newborn days. Newborns are cute and all, but the parents looked totally exhausted. Amy will be 10 months old in a couple of days. I am really enjoying this point in her life. She is crawling around and is getting into things. She has such a personality and is starting to understand things, especially what a banana is and how to get one. She loves bananas! Here is a photo I took a couple of weeks ago when she was going to bed for an afternoon nap:

That's it from me today, I am off to make a cup of tea and then get lunch ready for Luke and I and have a picnic in the backyard. The day is just gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by! :)

Monday, August 18, 2008


I have been neglectful

Of this blog in the last week or so. It's because nothing has happened because I have been unwell. It really hit me hard. The doctor gave me three days off work and at first I thought that was too much, but in the end I don't think it was enough! I went back to work and I survived the two days before the weekend. I still have a runny/blocked nose but at least I don't have the aches, pains and shivers.

I met up with Moira last week at a LSS. It was so good to see her again! I can't wait because I will get to see her again in another 2 weeks for Kylie's 21st! Moi is a gorgeous friend. She truly is. She is one of those people that is kind and giving to her friends. She sent me an outfit for Amy, she is wearing it a couple of posts down. She is just a really nice, sweet person and I am so glad to be able to call her my friend. Sorry I had to skip out on lunch Moi. I hope you had a good trip back and didn't eat too many choccies from Darrell Lea! LOL!

There is a Cybercrop happening at the moment over at The Scrapbook Establishment! You should head over and have a peek at the challenges. You might feel inspired to give some a go! For my challenge you need to 1. Use action or candid photo/s; 2. Use swirls that are hand drawn or cut; 3. Use some bling. Here is the layout I came up with:

Well, that's it from me today as I have a pile of washing that needs folding and urprisingly I am in the mood to fold it. See?! I must be sick! LOL!
Thanks for dropping by and take care! :D

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Check this out.

I am so excited, to say the least! I emailed an application on a whim with only hours to spare, fully expecting a 'thanks, but no thanks' email. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather!!! I am getting into stamps in a big way, so this is just the most exciting thing ever!!! Thanks so much, Joy! You have made my decade! :D

Did anyone else stay up waaaay past their bedtime just to see the Aussie's walk into the stadium at the Olympic Games opening ceremony? Can anyone elaborate on how they picked the order of countries? It is usually alphabetical, isn't it? The 203rd country out of 205. So, yeah, after 1am AEST they walked in. And wow, didn't their colours stand out? Loving that varigated blue. I really can't wait to watch some events. My favourites are the athletics, diving and gymnastics. Bring it on.

Thanks for stopping by! :D

Friday, August 8, 2008


A layout and a card

From the cybercrop at Keep'n The Memories last saturday. The sketch challenge was really funky as it was a 'puzzle sketch' where you had to create your own sketch out of the given shapes. Nic has her own blog with challenges now. You should check it out. Fun indeed.

I had some fun with this layout. I dyed the piece of paper I used to cover the chipboard bird. I let it soak overnight in a water and blue food colouring solution. The next morning I woke to some beautiful shades of blue! Sorry about the bad pic, the weather has not been so kind in the last 2 days.

And a card also based on a sketch. My card looks nothing like the sketch. I also have found out that I don't particularly like making cards, which is why I don't I guess.

Well, that's all from me tonight. :D

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


A week of R&R

I am on holidays from work this week! YAY!!! I am very excited and happy! I have got plenty of sleep so far and I have been enjoying not rushing around of an afternoon. It's been nice. Really nice. It's going to be hard to get back into the routine next week, but knowing I only have 12 weeks until my next week off will keep me going.

Amy is getting about heaps now. She is quite the little mover. She especially likes to chase after my camera strap if I am on the ground trying to take photos. She still has that frown. I have named it 'The Frown' as it is usually plastered on her face.

Even when she is happy she still frowns. Such a serious little thing, she is! LOL!

And here are the other two playing around in the backyard. I asked Kate a question and she was trying to think of a way to answer it and Luke was using the rake as a gun. Of course.

So, I went to the local Salvo's yesterday. I went there to get the kids some clothes to use for dressups. Much fun was had last night! They were really having fun trying out the outfits. I will hopefully add to the stash over the next couple of months to keep their imaginative play going and fresh. I also got an old book for 50c. A good one for ripping up and using it for art and craft. ;)

Well, I had planned to scrapbook last night, but instead we had a blackout. Bugger. So, I went to bed at 7.30 as there wasn't much else to do! LOL! Goodness, I got a great sleep! I feel great today and so full of energy! Unfortunately Amy is sick again, so we wont be going far today, damn I really needed to get my eyebrows waxed too.

If you have some spare time, you should pop over to the forum at The Scrapbook Establishment. We have some challenges going on there at the moment and the forum is so friendly, warm and inviting. I have started an Art Journal unofficial challenge. As well, we have some great Journal Jar discussions. We also have product discussions where you can win a prize and a great monthly competition. Come on over, the girls are just so fantastic there!

Well, that's about it from me today, Luke wants me to go and play Army's with him. I better go.
Later Gators! :D