Tuesday, July 29, 2008


9 months old and a fun car trip

Can you believe it? I am having trouble believing it myself. Yes. Amy is 9 months old. She is getting so big! She is very mobile now and while she still has a bit of the caterpillar crawl going, she has also started to crawl up on her knees. She eats 3 meals a day usually and only about 3 bottles. She still has no teeth. She sits in the bath by herself and without the aid of a seat. She loves it as she can splash around better. She is a bit of a frustrated soul and gets cranky when she wants to do something and can't. She lights up when she sees the cat and dog. She sleeps well, usually. I think the cold nights have her waking up a little. She says 'mumum', 'dadad' and 'ta'.

And if she could talk, today she would have said, 'seriously mum, I am not in the mood for photos'.

So, Kate woke up in the middle of the night with a headache. A first for Kate. When she had it this morning I decided to keep her home from school. I had to take Luke to preschool just after lunch. On the way there we went over a speedhump. Hmmmm. Projectile vomit from Kate. Nice one. Steve had cleaned out the car only yesterday so I had nothing in it except the plastic backed picnic rug. What's a mum to do? Strip her daughter off on the side of the road to get the vomit clothes off her and wrap the blanket around her. Both me and Luke were driving along dry-retching. Quite funny really. She is asleep now and is hopefully sleeping off whatever is wrong with her. Poor darling. I don't think she will be going to school tomorrow either at this rate.

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Friday, July 25, 2008


Proud mamma bear!

Amy has started to crawl. Not proper crawl. No. A caterpillar crawl. She gets up on her knees and then slides her body down and forwards. It's effective. She gets to where she wants to go. She was even following her train today. Afterall, she can now. Joyful times ahead. Oh yeah. So glad I found a 'safe' spot for the bin. She seems to like playing with that amidst my 'it's not a toy' cries.

Yeah, so, that's chocolate on her Wondersuit. Steve seems to think that it is ok to give Amy those Kinder bars, you know the real little ones? She seems to think it's ok too, judging by the arm flapping that goes on when she sees them.

The poor bubba didn't start the week off well, though. She has a cold! A full on eyes running nose running cold. She looked like she was crying all day! Lucky, Steve came to the rescue with some Dimetapp! That cleared her eyes up which was great and helped her to sleep well, too.

She seems much better today though. I think she is over the worst of it. :)

Oh, and here's a quick snap I took of Luke the other day. He does this pose with his fingers and says 'Am I cool?' He seems to think he is cool. LOL! Such a character.

Well, I must go. I have to go and start dinner. Nothing special tonight, just a chicken pasta bake. Easy and warm for a cold wintery night. I also baked some muffins this afternoon. I have already had two. LOL! They were banana ones and just so yummy and the house smells so delicious! I might even shuffle some papers around while Amy is asleep and the kids are winding down for the afternoon.

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Monday, July 21, 2008


Did you really think I could do it?

Seriously? I would have to be the flakiest person I know - I start things off, with good intentions, but I never seem to finish things off. I am the original 'gunna'. I know it. I am a little ashamed by it, but nothing is going to change. So, I didn't post everyday of the school holidays, like I had initially wanted too. But I can do a bit of a recap instead! LOL!

Monday saw the kids and I make the trek up to Lusi's house. Also Mel and Karen went. Karen and I have just struck up a friendship, you see. I took some photos of her kids a while ago and I thought it was high time I started putting myself out there and making new friends! So, I emailed Karen one day and asked if she wanted to get together for some scrapping and well, she did, lucky me, and it has been really great to get to know Karen and I am enjoying her scrapping company and friendship.

Here is a couple of pics of us 4 at Lusi's house.

Thanks so much for the awesome day Lus, Mel and Karen! Can't wait to do it all again! :D

On Wednesday I took the kids bowling, AMF had a deal, 1 game plus an arcade token for $6.95. The kids loved it and wanted to play an extra game, but I thought they would get bored by the time we finished the 2nd game and not only that, when I grabbed Amy out of the car, she had a suspicious rash on her hands so I had to take her to the doctor. Luke beat Kate, but only just, and Kate was bowling the ball herself, not using the ramp! Luke insisted on carrying the ball aswell!

I know, not very good pics! And here is another bad pic - of them playing the arcade games.


They won enough tokens for a couple of little erasers but the lovely lady also gave them a finger puppet each! Such a sweet and kind lady! Actually, I have to admit, all the ladies who were working there were just so nice, I had never got that kind of service before at AMF and they were bending over backwards to be accommodating! Just wonderful people!

On Friday we met up with Karen again and her kids at the local McDonalds and had some lunch, not that my kids ate it!? The kids also had a good play on the equipment.

I also have to wish my niece a very Happy 1st Birthday! It is hard to believe that it has been a year since she was born. I remember going to the hospital thinking, oh it wont be long until I have my baby, and now it is a year on! Amazing how quickly time flies! Mel, A very happy birthday to you too! I hope you had an awesome day!

Well, that about it from me, Amy has just woken up and Luke wants to play Blue's Clues on this computer.
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Saturday, July 12, 2008


Week 1 Day 4 and a Birthday Wish

Today is my gorgeous Steve's birthday! I have a cake baking in the oven at the moment. The kids and I finished getting his present today. He is getting a book, An ANZACs Story and a jacket from Rivers. I find present buying really hard! I just don't think I am imaginative enough, or I pick up on people's clue enough, and I don't actually like going shopping for other people because I always end up buying unrelated stuff for me and the family! Any ideas on gift giving would be much appreciated!

Here is a photo that Kate took of us yesterday.

He doesn't smile in photos. Is that a guy thing or a Steve thing? Dunno, but even a little smile would be nice?!

I took Amy to the doctor today. The cut is open as the glue has come off. The doctor said it is too late for stitches and just to look after it with antiseptic liquid. The poor little bugger is having a hard time adjusting to using her left hand. My girl is certainly going to be right handed. But this is how she is getting about at the moment. In Wondersuits with the hand cuff down. Cute, though.

So for day 4 of the holidays my SIL came over with her son. We just chatted while the kids played. It was nice company. Later in the evening when Steve came home from work he was playing around with the kids on the trampoline. Oh man, I so miss being a kid and doing this:

So, yeah, not much happened on day 4 of the holidays. But, that's ok as I have some things planned for next week when the kids start getting really bored and fighting! Argh!

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Friday, July 11, 2008


Week 1 Day 3 and Oranges

Yep, we went and picked oranges! It was heaps of fun! I had no idea what to expect as I had never been fruit picking before. We were the only people there, but that was ok as we had free reign of the orchard. The kids loved it! I had to put a limit on the amount of oranges they could pick, otherwise I would have been going home with boxes full! Even with a limit of 5 each they still picked about 7 or 8 each. I told them they had to choose carefully as they didn't have a high limit. It took us a good 45 minutes to pick the ones we did. We got them back and they were only $2/kg so we ended up with 4 1/2 kilos of oranges. $9. Sweet. Cheap and fun day out.

Here's the plan. Juice the oranges. Scoop out the flesh. Fill halves with jelly. I think that may be on tomorrows agenda. A friend at work suggested filling them with vodka and freezing them, maybe a couple anyway. ;)

Then lunch at McDonalds, followed by a visit to the shops for a look around for something for my Master's project, I know, I know, I keep going on about it. I will be glad to have finished it, let me tell you! And a birthday present for Steve, seeing as it is his birthday tomorrow. And some Pokemon trading cards for the kids. I don't understand the allure of these things, but it keeps them happy!

Well, that was about it for day 3 of the holidays. Thanks for stopping by! :D

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Week 1 Day 2 and a Hospital Visit

Well, with day 2 of the school holidays, we didn't have much planned. I thought we could wash Sally, the dog. I thought while we were at it, we might as well wash Meggs, the cat.

Sally was fine. This was her first bath and she seemed to really enjoy it. Kate, Luke and myself were all giving her back a good scrub, Corgis aren't quite as long as sausage dogs, but they are long, and she was really enjoying the scrub and undivided attention.

Then it was Meggs turn. Surprisingly he didn't go so bad. This was his second bath. The first one was a disaster, but this one wasn't so bad. I think he resigned himself to the fact that he was going to get washed whether he liked it or not. Afterall, he sleeps on my bed, and I am not having a stinky bum cat lying on my clean linen! Afterwards he allows us to towel him off. He is a good cat. Not overly affectionate, mind you, but he likes to be near us. If we are outside, he lurks near us. If we are watching TV in the family room he lurks near us. He is not over us like a bad rash, he just likes to be near us. Anyway, a bad pic I know, but here he is:

I was asleep for about an hour last night when Steve came rushing into me to tell me that he had to take Amy to the doctor. He was feeding her a tin of custard and she grabbed hold of the tin and when he tried to get her fingers off, she sliced one of her fingers open. Lucky the flap of skin was still attached, but even still, I fail to see how that much blood could come out of such a little person! Her finger would not stop bleeding! Steve raced her to the medical centre but they told him to take her to the hospital. He called me to meet him there. I dropped the kids off at the neighbours (I have the world's best neighbours, I love my street!) and I went to the hospital. Some 3 hours later and we were seen by the doctor. He cleaned the cut off and then we got a good look at it. It was bad. Really bad. If it was a cut on an adult it would have needed stitched bad. But Amy got some glue instead and a couple of steristrips. The funny thing was, I wasn't even going to buy the tins anymore except I wanted to buy a little egg custard, but the jars only came in the real big size, so I thought, ah well, I will just get a couple of tins instead. Not to worry. She is all good and lucky Bond Wondersuits have the hand flap you can pull over! ;)

So here is a photo I took in the afternoon, pre accident. LOL!

Today, I have something planned! We are off to pick oranges! Hopefully I will get some good photos!

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


10 Years, a Book and Week 1 Day 1

Yes, Steve and I made the 10 year mark. Not that I ever doubted it, mind you. I think we are more in love now than ever before. Although, the 'comfortableness' (is that even a word?!) has settled in. But that's ok because if you cannot truly be yourself around your beloved one, then when can you be yourself? We didn't do anything to celebrate. Steve did buy me a box of Roses chocolate, which was devoured at a rate of knots. 

Now, if you have popped in here before, you would know I work nights. Not just nights, 10pm - 6.30am. Prime sleeping time. It's a hard slog. I get tired, really, really tired. I am on the go non stop during the day. I think anything over 4 hours sleep a day is a bonus. I have put on weight because my metabolism is out of whack. I could go on.

But you know, there is nothing better than curling up on the couch on saturday nights, and sundays too, and falling asleep on Steve's lap. He tells me to go to bed and get a good night's sleep. Me? Nah. I just want to be next to him. Even if I am asleep. Just to be in arms reach is enough for me. And him. And that's the sweetest thing.

Now, I have read another book! I know! Already! You see, I started reading it and I just couldn't put it down!

Anybody Out There - Marian Keyes

I honestly laughed out loud numerous times during the book. I also cried my eyes out numerous times. I could totally feel the main character, although I wish to never go through what she went through, I can understand her. Great book. A girlie book, but that's ok. Rating - 9 out of 10. I just don't think anyone can beat Dan Brown. Close, but no cigar. I spotted another of her books at KMart the other day and I am thinking I might just have to snavel it!

Week 1 Day 1 - School holidays! I love holidays! You can laze around in jammies all day, and who cares? You don't have to be anywhere important! Well, mostly not, anyway.

Our first day consisted of me making a batch of cupcakes. Yes, they really are cupcakes and not muffins. Although they could be mistaken quite easily for muffins. Nice all the same and I couldn;t be bothered icing them. I tried to make the icing mixture aqua, my favourite colour. It came out snot green, so I figured that they really wouldn't be around long enough anyway. I was right.

And here is Amy. Stuck. Again. I swear she gets stuck at various points in the house about a hundred times a day. Ok, so a slight exaggeration, but she is always crying out because she has got herself stuck somewhere and a high proportion of my day is unsticking her. Gotta love her since she is so busy chasing the other two around!

Hmm, I only just realised after living here for a year that our door handles are silver. Thats gotta change. I will have to tell Steve, if I remember.

Kate and Luke played really well together for the first day. Next week will be a different story though. But today they played Buzz on the PS2, played with their Pokemon cards, played with some toys (but I think it was pokemon related), did some crafty stuff and played at the park with Steve when he got home. I haven't really planned much for these school holidays. They kind of crept up on me and I hadn't given them much thought. The next couple of days are supposed to be quite cold so I am thinking some more craft/movie/Buzz activities are the way to go.

And now since they are playing nicely together still and Amy is having a sleep, I might go and fix my Master's project. Why the bugger did I use HS rubons on my calendar?! Everone knows HS rubons are pretty crappy. But noooooo I wanted to use them. Well, guess who gets to redo their project today? Yep. This sucker.

Take care and thanks for stopping by! :)