Wednesday, June 4, 2008


The weekend and some cooking.

Saturday night saw me and Luke make a mad rush to the doctors. You see, Luke was playing 'wheelbarrows' with the boy from down the street. You can just see where this is heading, can't you? Yep. Luke's arms gave way and he fell smack bang... on the concrete path! He hit his nose and forehead. We picked him up and his nose started bleeding, so expecting the worst I raced him to the doctor. Turned out he hadn't broken his nose, he just burst some blood vessels. Phew.

Then on Sunday he went fishining with Steve in the boat. My BIL went also. I think they had a good time. They caught plenty of fish. Luke caught the most! They even rocked up to the fish markets in the boat to buy some lunch! Not a million dollar cruiser or aything, but I am sure it was cool to get there by boat!

Here is Luke catching the first fish of the day:

Here is Luke and the Harbour Bridge:

And here is Luke with the ANZAC Bridge in the background, but what he loved more was the HUGE boat with the cars on it!

Yeah, I made the beanie too. LOL! Not my best effort, but a beanie nonetheless.

Next for some meal planning. I am one of those shoppers who go today to make dinner for tonight. I have no forward planning. In a bid to *gasp* budget, I want to do a weekly shop. Thinking of recipes to make is hard! A friend at sewing class told me about so I tried it out. Looks good. So armed with a great big shopping list that even included wine (for cooking of course! LOL!) which was a big step out of my comfort zone, Luke, Amy and myself hit the shops. So, just to remind myself of our menu I am going to post it here.

Slow-baked chicken pieces
Banana and rolled oat muffins

Thursday/FridayBacon, mushroom and tomato risotto
Spinach and bacon muffins

I promised Steve he could have takeaway, he really wants pizza!

Beef stroganoff and potato pies
Choc-chip muesli slice

I always make enough for leftovers the following night as it makes my life a little easier! ;) And the treats are to cut down on processed packet things for the lunchboxes!

That's about it really, I need to go and do some general house stuff. Thanks for dropping by! :)


  1. Susan (smiles1965) from ScrapboxxJune 5, 2008 at 8:04 PM

    So glad Luke was not seriously hurt. You and he must have got a terrible fright.

    He sure looks happy out on the boat, great photos. I love that beanie you made him. It really suits him and from these photos he needs it to keep warm. How exciting for him catching a fish, well done Luke.

    Thanks for sharing these recipes. They all look great and I am going to try some myself. As a busy mum I love finding out new recipes that look delicious.

    I hope you get used to doing the weekly shopping. If nothing else it will save on petrol costs going to the shops only weekly instead of everyday.

    Lovely photos of the kids you have been showing here Beth. I can't believe Amy is already 7 months old, how did that happen???

    Your entry for Scraploot looks fantastic. I love the colours you used and the way you placed the buttons looks terrific.

    Take care, keep dry and have a wonderful day Beth xxoo

  2. That beanie is so cute Beth, Luke looks like he had a wonderful time fishing.

    Thanks for the link, I will have a look as I want to try meal planning too.

  3. Glad to see you are scrapping again!!! (I know I am a few posts behind in that comment!!!LOL)

    And the beanie looks good - he is growing up so much!!

  4. Hi Beth!! Love the beanie!!! Those recipes sound good! I was just thinking it's time to revamp my recipe selection!!!
    catch you soon