Monday, May 26, 2008


It's back!

Mr Mojo that is!

I have hardly scrapped for about 18 months. It is nice to want to start up again! So, I emailed another scrappy person who I had met once and we got together on saturday night for some scrapping! Fun indeed!

I also decided to join in a DT comp over at Scraploot. The first week was a card:

The second week was a layout based on a sketch:

It feels good to be creating again.

So, we had a pretty hectic weekend! On saturday Steve had to work. My sister, BIL and niece came over to meet Sally the puppy. Then I went to Karen's to scrao the night away! I had an awesome time!

Sunday was equally as busy! Kate and Luke both had birthday perties to go to at the same time. Luke's was at Lollipops playland and Kate's was at an ice skating rink. Kate was a bit scared and didnt leave the side of the rink. Then home to do some houseowrk that never got done. *sigh* Then shops to get groceries and dinner. Then I finished my layout and then Steve and I watched a movie - American Gangster. It was really really good! I really enjoyed it and I enjoyed spending time with Steve. Sometimes we are like ships inthe night with me working nights so it is nice to spend some time together!

Both Kate and Luke are off school today, they are sick with a cold. Steve should be off work, and Amy also has it. So far, I have escaped. But I know I will get it. I always do.

Well, I best go, I have lots of housework to do!
Thanks for stopping by! :D


  1. yay! Glad you've got your mojo back Beth! Good stuff :)

  2. Love the new address ... how cool! Love that card too - I'm looking forward to catching up with you for a scrap soon!

  3. Your card and layout looks wonderful Beth, good luck with the DT comp.

    Good to see you creating again.

  4. Hey Beth! Love the new address!!!! Very impressive!!!
    Great to see you're back in creative mode, too!!! Good lock with the comp!

  5. Good luck with the DT comp Beth!! I'm sure you'll be awesome! :)