Sunday, January 27, 2008


Well, it's been a while. I look back over the last month and think, boy I have been busy, but I don't have much to show for it. Here is my last moth or so mainly in photos.

Christmas was good, the kids enjoyed their presents. I didn't take any photos of them opening their presents, I know, what kind of a scrapbooker am I? But I did video them and in years to come I can watch it and hear their excited voices. So I am ok with that.

Here is the kids Santa photo:


The 'real' Santa no longer works at Plumpton which is a shame. He was such a goodlooking Santa!

Here is Amy wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!


Amy was 2 months old just after Christmas.


Then on to New Years Eve 2007. I worked and didn't get home until 11pm, but that was ok as the kids were still up. We had some fun with the sparklers and Steve was mucking around with the camera so we have a series of photos similar to this:


Pretty cool, huh?

We went to my sisters on New Years Day for a swim in their new pool and a BBQ. Great day and we all slept well that night! Steve came home and started measuring out where he wants to put a pool here. So hopefully in a couple more years we too will have a pool. Well, that's our plan anyway!

Just before Christmas I was caught at the shops by a person selling photo shoots. You had to pay $20 upfront but got a free 10 x 14 photo. I didn't want to but sometimes you just cant help yourself! So along I went to the shoot. A week later I had to go back to view the photos. They were good. But weren't 'wow' enough for me to spend almost a weeks wage on them. I can't afford that with 3 kids and a mortgage. I should point out that I live a couple of suburbs away from a low socioeconomic area and I saw people leaving with these photos when they originally said they could not afford them, I dont blame them, if I didn't do scrapbooking my eyes would not have been opened up to the photographic world. So I had a chat to my hubby and I have decided to take photos for people and charge them $50 for a 1 - 2 hour shoot and all the shots on a disc. Someone pointed out that I am a little crazy and who would only charge that amount? Well, the money is not in question. I work at night. I dont need it for the money, although I will be putting it away to buy better equipment, I want to do it because everyone deserves to have access to beautiful photos of their kids, and *gasp* even themselves for a reasonable price! SO I have been practicing on my 3. 2 of them are cooperative, one however, is not. LOL!

So, I am need of about 3 or 4 people who would like a free photo shoot of their kids or themselves or their family and are will ing to travel to near Penrith NSW to have it done. Contact me at

 And here was my first photo shoot of the kids (well, not Amy's, but the older 2):





We went for a trip up to the river so the kids could ride their bikes.



Remember how I said Luke doesn't like haveing his photo taken at the moment? LOL!

We also took the kids bowling. That was fun. Luke got a strike and did this funny little dance. We videoed it so that will be funny to look back on! LOL!

Luke celebrated his birthday on friday. My lil' man is 4. He is so cute! He received a fishing tackle box and a playstation game for his birthday. Steve also gave him a book that he was given as a young boy. He loves it. We haven't had his cake yet as it wasn't ready by the time I had to go to work, so Luke and I are sharing our birthday cakes as my birthday is tomorrow. I have made an ice cream cake. Yummo!


And one more photo of Amy that I took yesterday, you know, she is 3 months old tomorrow! I bought this chair off ebay for 99c. I am in love with it! Except I want to redo the cushion and cover, but otherwise, I think it is a great prop for photos. I have got a couple of props over the last month that will be good for photos.


Well, I think that is all from me today and I hope I am fully up to date and getting back into the swing of things now I am back at work etc. But before I go I would like to thank everyone for their comments in regards to my Master's projects. Thankyou.

Take care and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Beth I think that is a fantastic idea of yours to do the "cheap" photoshoots - so generous of you! I have also seen people who probably need the money for essentials lining up at pixi photo about to hand over big bucks and I want to take them aside and tell them they are paying money for rubbish. It is so easy for those of us who know what we are looking for when we take a pic - and know what a good pic looks like. You have given me food for thought there. (love your photos BTW!)

    Love, P.

  2. You are so generous Beth, and totally understand about people paying way too much for photos and it is a nice way to help out! Pity I live too far away :)
    WOW Amy has grown so much, I love the one of her sitting up on the loung and she looks so much like Luke there.
    Good luck with your photography venture :)

  3. I just realised you're not on my blogarithm anymore since you changed to Wordpress. So no wonder I'm missing these updates! Glad I checked.
    Great idea. I'd love to come for a photo shoot! Be happy to pay too. What a bargain. And good on you for doing that.
    Amy sure is growing up fast!
    Belated birthday wishes.

  4. Susan (smiles1965) from ScrapboxxFebruary 9, 2008 at 3:56 AM

    Hi Beth :)

    Thanks for the blog update. It's great to read your current news.

    What a cute Santa photo of all the kids. Amy sure is growing up fast. Must be all that good healthy breast milk she is getting from you. I love all your photos of the kids. They are all adorable.

    I admire you wanting to take photos for other people at a rate of only $50 for a 1 - 2 hour shoot. Wow that’s an excellent bargain I think. I hope you get lots of clients who your excited to work with.

    Have you thought about how your going to advertise it? I advertise somethings through school newsletters for my own small business and it is fairly cheap and easy to do. Email me if you want any more information. I'm happy to help.

    Happy Belated Birthday to you and to Luke. I hope he loves being 4 and had a great day of celebrations. I hope you too had a fun birthday and got spoilt.

    Have a safe week end and keep dry in all this rain.

  5. Hi Beth,

    Amy is growing so fast!! Great offer for the photos too, I hope that it goes well for you. Enjoy your weekend,
    Lauren x

  6. goregous piccies, And OMG how much has Amy grown. she is so cute.

    Hope your photography venture hits it off. Cause I know exactly what you mean, we have regulars that come up here wanting you to get photos done with them. Have done it and paid too, but have to admit I LOVED the pics. Classic, black and white backgrounds and no cutesy props with them.

    anyway enough blabbering.


  7. I had some photos done at Pixis before Christmas and they were nice but not wow. I could take the same here for free and love them more.

    Good on you Beth, it is a wonderful thing you are doing. I love the photo of Amy with the rings on her toes.

  8. OMG..have a big computer break, and look at what I've missed. Amy is so gorgeous Beth, huge congrats!! So sorry I haven't been in touch, things have been hectic (to say the least). Now that both kids are at school, I will hopefully have a bit more puter time.

  9. Susan (smiles1965) from ScrapboxxMarch 4, 2008 at 9:58 PM

    4.3.08 where are you? I hope your all well and life is good.

    Am missing your blog updates. Please come back soon Beth :)

  10. Hi Beth,

    The photos look great. Hope all is well. Have you done any photo shoots. Looking forward to your update.

  11. Susan (smiles1965) from ScrapboxxMarch 25, 2008 at 6:54 AM

    I hope you have all had a fun Easter week end. Please update your blog soon. I miss reading your news.