Friday, December 19, 2008


More 25 Days...

Day 15: Amy is walking. Lots. Usually by herself but she also likes to get this baby cranking around the house. You would have thought she would have walked earlier because we have no carpets. But no.


Day 16: Kate ended up staying home from school as she has a cold. So, what better way to spend the day than by playig a couple of rounds of Buzz Jnr? We played Dino Den as the other 2 discs have scratches. Hmmm. A repair kit wont be far away as we all love playing, even Steve and I.


Day 17: Santa Photo! Sorry the scan is a little washed out. He was such a good Santa and knew the trick to calming down Amy. She didn't cry at all, although the lady took at least 10 photos because Luke kept smiling funny. Gotta love digital media.


Day 18: Luke finished at Preschool. They had a party and a presentation and a visit by someone jolly! Luke received a book from Santa and he also received his coveted scrapbook that the kids had been filling out throughout the year. As soon as he sat down he started leafing through it. It shows alot of progress in his writing etc. He cannot wait to start kindy. He has really blossomed in the last year. I am so proud of my little man.


Well, that's about it from me today. We started out school holidays early, like today. I really love the school holidays. I love spending the extra time with the kids. I love not having the morning and afternoon rush. I love lazy days lounging around watching tv with the kids, or playing Buzz, because it is too hot outside. I am seriously going to love not having to drive Lukey eveyday to his half day preschool, that's for sure!!! So, now, me and the kids might do some crafty stuff so hopefully I will have something to share in a day or two. Cheers and TFSB! :D

Sunday, December 14, 2008


An Award and 25 Days Continued

Thankyou to Sheri and Tam who gave me this award! It made my day! :D


The rules for receiving the award are simple:
1. The winner may put the logo on their blog.
2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to their blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.

I nominate for this award:
Ruthy Clarke - I love her pretty scrapping!
Tatum Woodroffe - Love her fresh and bright layouts!
Mel Moor - Such a gorgeous woman!
Gi - Love her freestyle whimsy stuff!
Jaimee - Love her stuff too!

And I saw this on a few blogs and I thought it was great.

And so on to my Ali's 25 Days of Christmas.

Day 10:
I think I have created a monster. I was making a cup of tea when Luke asked for a drink, so I asked if he would like a cup of tea with me. He really liked it and now has one in the mornings with me. By the way, his cup isn't empty, it's only half full.


Day 11:
Writing out the Christmas cards.


Day 12:
I took Luke to get a haircut in preparation for Santa photos. I also did a spot of Christmas shopping and picked up a layby. ;)

Day 13:
Christmas family get together with my mum, sisters and step-family. Steve helping Amy to open her present.


Well, I best go. I have to tidy up a bit before Kylie gets here. Thanks so much for stopping by and a special thanks to everyone who commented on my Master's projects! So much appreciated! TFSB! :D

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Probably a big post. Sorry about that.

Day 3 of Ali's 25 Days of Christmas:

Amy has learnt to climb onto the chair in her room. After I change her nappy I usually leave her to have some quiet play time while I wash my hands etc, but I wont be able to now as I am fearful that she will topple off the chair! She doesn't really have the concept of height yet.


Day 4: I don't have a photo of this but I got my hair cut and coloured. Yes, it is a thing of note for me as I don't colour my hair. I have got foils once before but let them grow out as I couldn't be bothered with the upkeep. This time they might stick around a bit longer. I am liking them. :)

Day 5: Luke was drawing one morning and he told me he was drawing Webster. He then proceeded to draw Webster under the ground. It's been over a year but he still missed him.


Day 6: I went to my Christmas party for work. It was heaps of fun. Last year I got horrendously drunk so this year I was sticking to Diet Coke. I still got up and danced like crazy all night! Thanks Steve for taking this photo! :)


Day 7: A bum around at home day. Here is Amy in the sandpit in the backyard.


Day 8: Kate and Luke were writing out their Christmas cards. They were putting those chocolate gold coins in the envelope aswell. Except for Luke. He would say 'that person doesn't like chocolate' and then eat their allocated coin. Only 2 kids ended up with a chocolate...


Day 9: This is very exciting for us indeed. We booked our flights to New Zealand. We are flying Emirates. On the way back we are on the Airbus A380. Yup. The SuperJumbo!!!! We cannot wait!!!

Master's was announced in a way yesterday.
Most people don't know this, but for personal reasons I decided just over 2 months ago to remove my entry from the competition. I was very happy with my decision and I tell you, there was an immediate sense of relief. I didn't need to sit and wonder and wait to see if I would get the elusive call. I didn't need to worry if my entry was good enough in other scrappers eyes. I didn't need to worry if I would have enough time to complete the required things of me if I were chosen.

So since I wont be published in the Master's magazine, I guess I can do a bit of a share.

My single layout. This layout fell into place really quickly, after only about an hour. I love it. It is still one of my most favourite pieces.

My double layout. This layout had me baffled as I really could not think of goals and dreams etc. SO I went with something slightly different.

My Keepsakes. I put together some frames for the family. I got the idea because both Kate and Luke have a picture of me in the rooms because I work at night and it makes them feel like I am there and that they are safe and protected.

And my calendar. Oh how I agonised over what to do for this! I didn't want to use a heap of supplies but I still wanted something cool. So I went with list calendars to cut down on product. I cut the house shape out of MDF. This was probably the funnest project of my entry. I loved putting this together, even if I almost did wreck it with HS rubons! Argh!

Anyway, sorry about the mammoth post! Thanks so much for stopping by! Take care! :D

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Day 2

Yesterday Luke had another Orientation Day at Kindergarten. The good thing is that at the moment he goes to a Dept of Education Preschool. It is on school grounds and it is run by teachers with schedules and things to make the kids ready for Kindergarten. I personally think the preschool is awesome and such a great stepping stone as Luke has no problems settling into the school during Orientation. He did want to wear his uniform though and was a little upset when I told him that he couldn't just yet. The office lady gave him a sheet to practice writing his name and in such a confident tone he replied 'I already know how to write my name'. Well!

For my Ali E 25 Days of Christmas album I have decided to use this photo of Luke reading a Richard Scarry book. You know the onewith the worm? I love Richard Scarry when I was growing up! He wanted to know why the car was made out of a pickle. I told him I wasn't sure but that just must be the type of cars they drive. The reason why the pickle car caught Luke's attention is because he loves pickles. Watch your Cheeseburgers or he will steal your pickles!


Well, that's it from me, I have stuff to do. I always have stuff to do because I should be the president of the procrastinators group. TFSB! :D

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Ali E's 25 Days of Christmas

I never got around to creating my album, but I thought it can't stop me from playing along anyway! I will just post it here on my blog and when I get a chance I will put my album together. Sure I will. When the kids move out of home. But I will just keep all the entries waiting here for me anyway.

So, I am a day behind because I don't have the luxury of having weeknights to myself to have some 'me' time, unless you call sleeping for 4 hours 'me' time, and if that's the case then I guess I get plenty of 'me' time every night.

So for December 1st my entry will consist of this photo of Luke and myself making some Christmas cards:


Excuse the messy hair and seemingly double chin. Gorgeous I know. But it wasn't until I uploaded the photo that I kind of went 'hmmmm' but me being me, was too lazy to take another shot. Oops.

Last weekend saw us go to the City as there was a boat show on. I dressed the kids up all matching thinking I might be able to get some practice shots in of the fam. Shame it was teeming down with rain. Ahh it happens. So we decided to check out the Australian Maritime Museum. We went on the Voyager, the Naval Destroyer. It was interesting to see the inside of a Naval boat and it made me happy I never followed that dream of going into the armed forces. It was noisy and a little scary on the boat. And that was just in dock.

We put our Christmas tree up on the weekend along with the lights on the outside of the house. I went with silver, black and white decorations for the tree and can I just say that it looks pretty darn cool. Although the black star I saw at the shops was kind of morbid, and without finding a nice silver one, it just has the old gold one on it. As for the lights, I somehow managed to get Steve on the roof to hang them, lots of life insurance jokes were made, but in the end I think it was the easiest and quickest way to hang them on our high front peaks.

Which reminds me, I went dress shopping on the weekend for my work Christmas party. This year I am vowing not to drink, I am driving so I have an excuse not to drink. Last year I got hammered to the point of no return and well, I can't seem to stomach alcohol since. Maybe it was good for me? Who knows. But anyway, I got a dress and I also got a top and now I am torn between what to wear. One thing I know for certain is I have to go back to the darn shop to have the magnetic thing taken off my top. Sheesh! I hate that!

Sorry about the mammoth post, but I haven't wanted to use the computer much. Since upgrading the computer and downloading drivers/patches we went over our 18G limit and are back to dialup. I can't wait till the 5th when I am back to 1000kpbs instead of 128kbps. Makes a little bit of a difference. ;)
Cheers and TFSB! :D

Friday, November 21, 2008


Newsletter layouts.

The next edition of The Scrapbook Establishment's newsletter is out and I had the pleasure of creating for it. I was given BG Urban Prairie to work with. Can I just say how divine it is! It is gorgeous! I struggled to scrap these layouts as I really wanted to do the range justice.

And to prove it isn't just for the girls, a layout featuring Luke:

Yesterday I went to the school for orientation as Luke is going into Kindergarten next year. I got quite emotional. I am not usually like that! I ruffled my little guys hair and thought that you know, I really am going to miss him when he goes to school next year. He is such a sweet and loving boy and I will miss the way he just walks up to me and will plant a kiss on my arm as that is as high as he can reach. I will miss having to build the same lego thing over and over because he drops it and it breaks apart. I will miss his 'mum I want lunch' at 9.30am. I will miss him just being near me. I take that for granted. Kate was different when she went to school, I was working fulltime during the day and it just seemed a natural progression for her. I think I worry about Luke more because of his speech. I worry that the teacher wont pick him up on his words when he forgets his 's' or when he forgets his grammar. I think I am just going to miss my baby boy immensely. Ok, better stop the tears before he notices and wonders what's wrong!

Amy still hasn't progressed any on her walking. Just those intial 2 steps. She will walk behind her dog walker thing though. She is getting quite good with that and manouvers around the furniture. You would think the lack of carpet here would make her want to get up and walk, but apparently not! Her little knees must get so sore when she crawls.

I have received part of my Christmas present already. I was discussing whether Steve would like to go back to New Zealand for a week to see his family for Christmas. So Steve decided to give me part of my present he bought me. An IPod Nano. It's blue, my favourite colour, and it is very cool. While I was alseep before work he uploaded the songs onto it that we have on the computer. They are mostly songs Steve likes, but it was so sweet of him to do that for me.

Here is a photo I snapped of Luke and Amy yesterday. The were playing around and I thought what a good opportuntiy to try out my camera indoors. Oh I love my camera. I wish I had bought a DSLR when I bought my Fuji s9500. Steve told me to as it wasn't much more at the time. But I was stubborn and said I didn't want one. What I really should have said was, I was scared to get such a great camera when I was so bad at taking photos. I didn't want to feel like I had spent an extra $400 and still got crappy photos. Oh well, I have one now and so it's all good. Awww I love these guys to bits.


That's about it from me now. I know, sorry about the mammoth post and thanks so much if you stayed till the end. Cheers! :D

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The Butterfly Project

I was directed to this site {LINK} via a post in a forum.

It is something I am going to participate in.

Are you?

Sunday, November 16, 2008


A little indulgence.

I bought a new camera. A Nikon D60. Twin lens kit. Good stuff. Here are some photos of Amy I took this afternoon. No tweaking. Just straight out of the camera. My type of photography. Of course there were lots of bad ones as I have alot to get use to. I am super excited and Steve even offered to go somewhere tomorrow so I could take some photos of him and the kids. That in itself is something! LOL!



In other news, Amy took her first steps yesterday. Only two. But her first unaided steps just the same. It's funny how we encouraged it so much when she was crawling, but now that she has done it, I think we realise it means she is all grown up, so we haven't tried to get her to walk since!

That's about it from me this week as I seemed to have blinked and missed tuesday, wednesday and thurdsday! Argh! TFSB! :D

Monday, November 10, 2008


The end of a wonderful week.

I have had the best week in a very long time.
I have had just over a week off from work.
I have spent much quality time with Steve.
I have played lots with the kids.
I have talked a lot with Kate, especially.
I have been out to the movies.
I have gone out scrapbooking.
I have had fun shopping days where I ran into my sister.
I have had 2 awesome mail days where I received my Mixmaster, Overlocker and scrapbook order.
I have watched much TV including some of my fave shows.
I have over-run the dining room table with scrapbooking.
I have had plenty of sleep.
I have had an awesome week.

I don't want it to end. :(

Thursday, November 6, 2008


A Top 10 layout.

Lusi, ages ago, asked if I would like to contribute a layout to her Top 10 feature in Scrapbook Creations. Of course. The theme was stationary and well, I love stationary as much as I love scrapbooking, so it worked out well. After about 3 weeks I finally finished my layout. This was the second layout I did after my huge scrapping break. It's a bit all over the place and I didn't really find my groove the whole way through it. Not to worry.

The layout is about how I kind of blackmail Kate to do her homework etc, because she has to set an example being in the SRC etc.

Before I go, have you checked out the comp at The Scrapbook Establishment? You can win some fantastic prizes just by signing up and chatting away and sharing layouts in the gallery. Check out the details: here in the forum.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008


A competition.

The Scrapbook Establishment is holding a competition where you can win a fantastic rolling tote and a purse tote worth over $100!

All you have to do is start chatting in the forums and posting in the gallery to start earning points! It's that easy!

So, come on over and check out the full details here!


Sunday, November 2, 2008


Halloween and a 1st Birthday Party

I took the kids Trick Or Treating on Friday. I managed to get the night off work especially for Halloween. The kids enjoy it and I must admit, so do I. The kids decided on their costumes months ago. Luke wanted to be a ghost and Kate wanted to be a cat. Easy enough. Or so I thought. The cat costume was easy, I just had to buy the necessary pieces, a leotard, some tights, a skirt, some stockings for a tail that we stuffed with newspaper and a headband to hold the ears. I thought the ghost costume would be easy too, but after many cuts and many trial fittings, the eyes were not in the right spot and neither were the arm holes. Oh well, Luke still enjoyed himself immensly. Especially when he got to say 'wooooooo' at people's doors. Which then made Kate want to say 'meowwwww' and she did.

We also decorated the house, which was not all that fun as it was really hot and blowing a gale here!

The decorations even included a pumpkin which I carved. The wind blew up again before I got to take a photo of it in the dark. Oh well, I will just have to wait until next year.

Yesterday we had a party for family and friends for Amy's 1st Birthday. I am not too happy with myself as I didn't take alot of photos, I was too busy trying to be a host, which isn't easy when there are distinct groups that you have to keep splitting your time between. All in all, it turned out really good. There was no friction for the most part between guests, and that's all I hoped for really. The food turned out delicious, the fried rice was a hit, thanks to my dad's partner. It was a really nice day. Expensive though, you can tell we haven't had a big party for a while! But worth it for my bubba girl. Here she is on her trike:

Now I am off to finish cleaning and then hopefully scrap some. That would be nice as I have some DT projects to do. TFSB! :D

Thursday, October 30, 2008


A dare. Completed.

Over in the TSE forums, Vita dared me to create a layout using some of the Kaisercraft big square brads. Well, I do love a challenge, so I thought I would throw in some of the Kaisercraft large square rhinestones aswell. Now, I have slightly agonised over my embellishment position and ended up going with a far simpler layout then I originally planned. But it's all good. Here is my layout:

Well, I better run, I have to do the school run.
Cheers and thanks for stopping by! :D

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Yep, 1 today.

How did that happen?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


1 week countdown and a swim.

Amy is one next tuesday. Where on earth has this last year gone? I don't know. Well, here is the big girl with 1 week to go until her 1st birthday.

She has another tooth, which now totals 4 teeth. She is still cruising about the furniture and is getting braver because the gaps are getting bigger that she goes between.

On the weekend, the kids had a swim in next door's pool. They had a great time and Kate and Luke are getting so confident in the water! This was Amy's first swim. She enjoyed it and had a bit of a hissy fit when she was taken out.

I was supposed to go out to Spotlight today to get the kids some stuff for their Halloween costumes, Luke wants to be a ghost and Kate wants to be a cat. Both are going to be quite easy costumes to make, so it's ok if I procrastinate a little. I have had a interesting day and all I have to say is I feel quite lighter within myself. I feel great! Thanks Lus!

Well, that's about it from me today.
Cheers and TFSB! :D

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


A DT layout and a zoo trip.

I have had these photos developed for ages and I never knew how I should go about scrapping them. I saw Julie had done a layout and titled it Pit Crew Boss and I knew the theme was perfect! I am pretty bad with titles! Sometimes I would prefer not to have them at all, but they do serve a design purpose. This layout came together quite quickly and I used 3 different Apple Blossom Studio Stamps. I went with a circle theme because of the whole car has wheels thing. Anyway, this is what I ended up with:

On the weekend we went to Taronga Zoo. The new Underwater Encounters exhibit is pretty cool, but nothing can beat this:

Isn't that photo special? Totally. Love it.

And the token kids photo:

And before anyone asks, no, as a scrapbooker I did not put my children on the elephant statue for a photo opportunity! They saw everyone else doing it and wanted a photo on it! But as a scrapbooker, I am overjoyed! ;)

TFSB! Cheers! :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008



Check out The Scrapbook Establishment's Cybercrop!

Plenty of fun and 5 scrapping challenges to be done!

My duty this CC was to create a game. So I decided to take snippets of images from the shop and the challenge is to work out which products they are.

Here is my challenge:

So, if you want to play along, just hop on over to The Scrapbook Establishment! :)


Saturday, October 4, 2008


A sketch and some scones.

The October sketch challenge is up at The Scrapbook Establishment and I created the sketch! It was very exciting to do and I think it could be quite addictive to create them! (I guess, just ask Becky Higgins! LOL!) You can either create a layout or a card and you then go into the draw to win a $10 gift voucher.

This is the sketch:

And this is my layout:

and some details:

On wednesday we went to Mamre Homestead to have a morning tea of scones. The scones were the best I have ever tasted! The kids were not so adventurous and decided to have muffins instead. Needless to say when I gave them a bite of my scone, they wanted to swap!

And finally, a half decent photo of all three kids! YAY!

Now, some things I have to remember about Amy's 11th month.

  • Amy stands all the time and has started cruising along the furniture.

  • Today she was pushing along a stool and taking steps behind it.

  • She loves music and will crawl at a rate of knots when you turn the music on to be near the tv or stereo.

  • She dances by swinging her arms from side to side and sometimes overbalances and topples over. She even gets her head in on the action.

  • She loves going outside and will make a break for it whenever she sees the opportunity. The other day she pulled a leaf of one of the lettuces we are growing and ate it. LOL.

  • She takes three dummies to bed, one for her mouth and one for each hand. The only time she has a dummy is to go to sleep, otherwise she doesn't like to have it in her mouth.

  • She sleeps for about 11 hours during the night. Will have one big morning sleep and a shorter sleep in the afternoon.

  • She started saying "bah" on wednesday to indicate the bath. So, I guess that is her first real word?

  • She loves to wave and will do it randomly to you during the day.

  • Amy now has three teeth as she has one up the top too.

  • She is the cutest thing ever and we are so blessed to have her.

Cheers everyone and thankd for stopping by! :D

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Milestones: 3 years and 11 months

Well, what do you know! It's been 3 years since I started this blog! Well, not this one exactly, but my original one over at blogger. I have not always been the best blogger or most regular, I leave out lots of things because I forget them (even though that's one of the main reasons why I have this darn thing!), I don't always get back to people who leave me comments (although I have good intentions and keep the email WP sends me for a month or so until I think that the person has probably forgotten they even visited!), but you know what, I have really enjoyed my blogging experience and the people who I have met and befriended through it.

Amy is 11 months old today! I cannot believe it either. Steve and I were discussing it this morning and we both agreed that even though we both dreaded going back to the 'baby stage', it felt like it didn't last long enough. I haven't taken her 11 month old photos yet, but here are some I have taken this week:

Gotta get going as we have plans, but thanks so much for stopping by and I promise a layout in my next post!
Cheers! :D

Thursday, September 18, 2008


A layout, omissions and a photo, just one.

So, I scrapped a layout for Apple Blossom Studios. The stamps really are great. So sticky and big and yummy. I was going to do a girly layout, but decided that I really wanted to use the Military Kaisercraft patterned paper I got in my order from The Scrapbook Establishment. So, I did a masculine layout. I actually really like it and have used a new favourite, some used postage stamps I bought off ebay! As soon as I saw the special ANZAC stamps, I knew I had to use them.

The photos are from when we went to the airshow a couple of years ago. The guys got to sit in the helicopter for a photo op and to have a sticky beak. Steve, who is into reading about wars and loves watching docos on the wars, thought it was great to be able to see some military hardware up close and personal. I know, I should have probably drafted the journaling first before I wrote it on, but hey, I was enjoying the layout and wanted to see it finished. So yep, that word, purposefully really should just be purposely. Maybe neither of them are actual words. Oh well, I knew what I meant! LOL!

Ok, so Kylie, I apologise! You see, I have a terrible, terrible memory, which is why I love to scrapbook. But aside from that, when I am writing my posts, I tend to get my info on what we have been doing from my photos. So because I didn't have a photo of us from your party, I had forgotten all about it and thus never made metion of it in my previous post. Not because I didn't have fun. Oh no. I had a wonderful time catching up with you and Moira and checking out your albums. :)

The kids and I went to see Wall-E last weekend at an advance screening. Thanks again to Kylie for the tickets which she won of the radio! :) The movie was good and the kids really enjoyed themselves. Thanks again! :)

And lastly, a photo. After the last post I am promising just one! LOL!

Of Amy and the cutest little pants ever. They were originally Kate's from when she was a baby and I loved them then, and I love them more now that I have a good camera!

Too cute for words, huh?

That's it from me today, just a quick one as I have heaps of family and house stuff to do before I go and meet my friend Karen, 'Hi Karen!' for a cuppa at Maccas while Luke is at preschool. Good times. Cheers! :D

Monday, September 15, 2008


It's been a while...

Since I have blogged here. I have been busy, but aren't we all? Lots of stuff has happened over the last 3 or so weeks.

Amy got her first tooth. Well, her first two teeth. Once that first one came through, the next one just popped up right next to it. Now the food fun begins! She had her first sausage last night. A little chipolata one which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Amy also turned 10 months old. I can't believe it. She is growing up so fast. It's kind of sad to think that as our last baby we wont have this 'baby' period in our lives again, so we are savouring every moment. At ten months Amy has learnt to crawl - fast! She eats heaps! She has a sandwich, jar of custard and a banana for lunch, which is more than what I eat! She can feed herself her own bottles and does so with her first morning bottle. Amy waves 'bye' and loves music and likes to dance. She spins her arms from side to side when she is dancing and sometimes topples over because she is getting into it so much. She loves the backyard. She squeals for the cat but not for the dog, not sure why, the cat pays her no mind where the dog can't get enough of her. She has learnt a new trick...

Yes, she has learnt to stand up. She is too little if you ask me! (Read: I don't want my baby to grow up just yet!) She even started cruising. When Kate and Luke are in the bath, Amy loves to stand there and squeal at them and you really know she wants to get in. Yep, she really is growing up far too fast for my liking.

All the while, Steve has been doing up our backyard. We are now the proud owners of a vege patch, sandpit and a garden (without plants as we haven't decided on them yet!). Steve has really outdone himself. He has made them look great and has put so much work and effort into each project. So far we have carrots, lettuce, broccoli, beetroot, beans and tomatoes planted. I can't wait till our first harvest! We still have a couple of more beds to put some more plants in though which we will probably do during the week sometime when we decide which ones.

Just this friday last gone, Luke had his sports carnival at preschool. Luke had a great time. They had a running race and then an obstacle course they had to complete. I took lots of video and photos, but here is my favourite photo, and also there are no other kids in it! LOL!

I had Luke's parent-teacher meeting a couple of weeks ago. Seems he is ready for school next year. I am very happy about that. I was a bit unsure as to whether he would be ready or not, but he has shocked the socks off me with how quickly he has picked things up, like numbers and letters and sums and words. Not only that, his speech therapy is also going really well. At the moment we have moved away from the sounds and are concentrating on grammar. I still have to keep an eye on other sounds like 'dr' as in drink because sometimes it comes out as 'gr'. He is growing by leaps and bounds. I was looking at some photos of him from a year ago, and I can't believe how much he has changed. He still is the cutest thing ever though.

I have also been scrapping. One I cannot share as it is going into Lusi's Top 10 feature in Scrapbook Creations, but I have 3 I can share from the newsletter for The Scrapbook Establishment.

I got to work with Kaisercraft Skull Boi paper and rhinestones. I added some Kaisercraft fozz felt and rubons to my layouts aswell.

Well, that's about it from me today. I better go and get dinner organised and then I have to start a DT layout for Apple Blossom Studio. I seriously just want to use their stamps on everything!

Oh, and I also have to do some of my pages for my art journal. If you want to join in and do some of the art journal topics, Mary is offering a Xyron 150 over at The Scrapbook Establishment for participants. Check out the forum for details!

Cheers and a heartfelt thanks for all those people who stop by and who have been kind enough to email me and support me. You have no idea how much that had bouyed my spirits. Thankyou.