Thursday, November 8, 2007


Well, monday was interesting. It was the first time I would have to load all 3 kids into the car. Lucky I left myself plenty of time as it took me 10 minutes just to get the pram into the car! For the life of me I couldn't work out how to put it down. I did... eventually. So of course I had to take a photo of this to remind myself that it will get easier!

And then it took me 5 minutes to put the pram back up, or should I say, for a lady to drive past, park her car and come and help me. Yes, it is a new pram! LOL! I gave my old one away a month before I fell pregnant! So, yeah, fun stuff. I am getting quicker at it though.

Another happy snap of Amy:

And because Luke wanted to pose and have photos too:

I received most of my SM Masters entry back yesterday, my storage item was too large to post so I have to go and collect that. It had something written on the box that had me bummed out a little. The thing is, I really loved my entry and thought it all gelled really well together. Oh well! There is always next year, if I am crazy enough to enter again! We shall see, I guess.

Well, thats pretty much it from me today! Take care and thanks for stopping by!!! :D


  1. Susan (smiles1965) from ScrapboxxNovember 8, 2007 at 6:06 AM

    Fantastic photos of the kids. They are all so cute. Thanks for sharing Beth.

    Enjoy the rest of the week:)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Kylie SMS'd me and told me the awesome news....Beth she is just gorgeous.
    Bugger on Saturday...I was at the Papercrafts thing at Penrith but left at about 12.00 midday seeing as I'd been there overnight. :(
    If I had've know you were going I would've stayed!!
    Oh time.
    Rest up and take it easy...although I know its easier said than done...LOL
    Shaz xx

  3. Read your post and just stopped by to say "hi". And congrats. Your family is lovely.

  4. those photos are gorgeous, still takes me forever to try and put our pram up, know who doesn't use it much hey.

    Take care.


  5. Who invents these pram mechanisms? Men who never have to juggle 3 kids perhaps!!?? You sound like you are doing so well - gorgeous pics too BTW. Love, P

  6. How beautiful are those pics!!??!!

    And I've already had a giggle at your day out!!LOL

  7. LOL!!! But where would you be without your pram??!! Amy is so gorgeous!! ( and Luke , too!! How sweet!! ) .
    What on earth was written on your box?
    catch you soon

  8. Hi Beth, stumbled across your blog today (is this a new blog or a differet one to what you had previously?)

    Congratulations on Amy's safe arrival. She is gorgeous and I love the car photo.

    I'm also curious as to what was written on your box (very intriguing)

  9. Hey Beth:)
    It's that time of the year [master's time] so I thought I would drop passed to see what the goss is....LOL...and I see you have been quite busy!...Amy is just sooo sweet:) Congrats....*fiona*

  10. What an adorable photo of Amy!!! Love it!!!
    Be assured it does get easier. :)
    And bummer about the box writing (details required!!!). I don't trust a lot of SM's judgement anyway. I think you are brilliant and you are one of my most favourite ever scrappers!

  11. Little Amy is sooo beautiful Beth!! Congratulations on
    your newest little addition.

  12. Love the photos! And the pram story. I think I had issues like that too, since it was so long between using it!

  13. Congratulations on the birth of Amy!! She is sooo adorable! Makes me clucky just looking at her. Good luck for Masters too :) It is such an awful wait to find out, hope you get there.
    Take care

  14. Hi Beth, I guess I have that to look forward to too, figuring out the pram we bought (still in the box at the moment LOL) We played with it in store for a little while and I made sure DH can work it too! Those photos are just way to cute! Like your little possier just goregous look at all that scrappin inspiration now! Take Care Annette xx

  15. Fun loading 3 kids into the back of the car hey?!?! *eek* LOL! I often look around at my 3 and think oh my goodness LOL! But life with 3 is definitely fantastic, hectic but fantastic. I do however take my hat off to anyone who has more than 3! LOL! The photos are beautiful. Re Masters, your pages are awesome whether they have picked you to be a Master or not! :D

  16. helllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :)
    well done on the getting-the-kids-into-the-car-thing! and on the pram too!
    lol loving those shots of Amy and Lukey too :)
    Love lus x

  17. wow Beth, congratulations, l didn't know you had a new addition to your family! She's absolutely beautiful, as are your other two children! :-)