Monday, November 5, 2007


All is well in the Jarrett household! I have finally kicked DH off the computer long enough to catch up on emails and updating blogs etc. Thankyou so much to everyone who left comments and emails! Amy is doing really well, she even slept for 7 hours straight last night! It is hard to believe she has been here already for a week! Her cord stump fell off today, that's good as it makes nappy changing time so much easier! I resisted the urge to photograph it, thinking it was a little weird. I am still thinking I should have but I think Steve would then start worrying about me! LOL! Speaking of worrying, it seems I missed the 'baby blues' this time around! Hooray! Although I am thinking that I have just been on Cloud 9 since Amy arrived that I passed them by without any tears, you know.

I took Kate and Luke Trick or Treating on Halloween. It was a mad rush to finish their costumes, but, well, I did have other important things I was doing the couple of days prior! We decorated the house and everything! We ended up with a heap of left over lollies. Luke puked that night and the next night from what we think was too many lollies. Oh well. So here is Tinkerbell and Capt'n Sparrow:

We were out the other day at the Plaza and we thought we would see about getting foxtel. You see, our TV reception is absolutely terrible! The kids were watching snow one day which should have been the afternoon cartoons on channel 2. It had been getting worse so we thought why not, and we even got free installation an the first month free, but I swear if I have to watch one more episode of Spongebob Squarepants with the kids I am going to go CRAZY!!!

I took some photos of Amy the other day and this one is my favourite!

Awwwww! She is just so cute!!! I could eat her up!!!!!

Yesterday, on a spur of the moment, I decided to go out to Paper Crafts at Penrith. I went with Kylie and got to meet and catch up with some other gorgeous scrappers, Megan, Libby, Mishell, Lusi, Jen, Danielle, Bek and Alison. It was so fun chatting to these guys and a photo session at the end turned into a comedy event worthy of a tv production!

And here I am with Amy today. I was having cuddles when she fell asleep, and who am I to wake a sleeping baby? I could just sit here like this and hold her all day!

Well, thats about it from me today. I know, totally random. It's all good as apparently I still have 'baby brain'?! What I want to know, is do you ever fully recover from it? I made Amy's bottles up wrong the other night, I didnt put enough scoops of formula in them and wondered why she wanted 3 bottles in 3 hours. Smart one, huh?

Take care and thanks for stopping by!!! :D

PS. Kylie, did you notice I didnt write 'so, anyway' or 'actually'? Proud of me, huh? :P


  1. so anyway, you rock!
    love the pics of amy!!!! omgosh i'm so clucky!
    and it was GREAT catching up with you chicky too!
    love lus x

  2. You crack me up. I just realised it's not so anyway OR actually that annoys me. It's "You see" - which you only said once in this post. ROFL.
    She is so gorgeous, you guys really do make cute kids. Had so much fun the other day, thanks for comin!

  3. Hiya Beth....yes, when you have a beautiful baby asleep in your arms it is very difficult to put them down. Amy is so gorgeous.

    Beth, I had such a great day on Saturday. Meeting you and Kylie and also spending some time with those other ratbags was just fabulous. Let's do it again soon!!!!

    Bugger about Luke puking....poor kid lol!

    Megan xx

  4. Bugger - I missed you!!! I was out there on Saturday :(

    Oh time..

  5. Hi Beth,
    Congratulations on Amy! she is absolutely adorable!!
    Hope all is well!
    Ali Russell

  6. Congratulations Beth....Amy is absolutely adorable ... well done..
    Mardi xx

  7. Amy is gorgoeus, that black and white photo of her is stunning.

    Kate and Luke look adorable in their outfits.

  8. gorgeous pic of Amy, and Kate and Luke look so cute dressed up. pity about the spewing though.

    You mixing the bottles is my reason for breast feeding, thankfully I could. I'd be a total drifter on that too.


  9. Oh tell Kylie to get back in her box!!! LOL