Tuesday, November 27, 2007


You know, the thing I don't like about this time of the year is that it is so full on! I have so much going on and not enough time to write it all down, which is exactly why I have this blog, so I can look back and remember things we have done. Has anyone ever sat down and re-read their blog? I was talking to Kylie and Lusi about this at Paper Crafts last month. I have. I have re-read from my first post up to my last post, a couple of times actually. And you know what, it makes me smile. I think I have been spoilt by the life I have. Truely.

So, what's been happening? Lots! I feel that I am never home during the week lately!

Amy is 1 month old tomorrow! Already! It has gone so fast. She is a great baby, she sleeps for 7 hours most nights, which is wonderful! Our transition from being a family of 4 to a family of 5 has been very smooth. It is still very surreal and I sometimes look at her and think where did the last 9 months go because it just seems like yesterday that we found out she was on her way.

I took these photos of Amy yesterday. Steve is so proud of his green grass! No photoshopping there! LOL! He was originally throwing buckets of water from the shower and siphoning out the bath water to make his grass green, but he can't take credit for the greeness really because the recent heavy rains is what really did it! Anyway, here is Amy:

I just LOVE babies feet!!! They are just the cutest things ever! Amy has had a terrible breakout! The poor chicken has these pimples all over her face and they are even in her hair! Kate and Luke never got them when they were babies, but I have been told it is just hormonal and they wont last. I hope not as her face looks so sore!

I made the kids these water bottle holders the other week. Link here. I made them for little athletics so they can carry their own water bottle and so they dont get confused with other kids. They really like them and they were really easy to make, except Kate's kept puckering but her material felt thin and it kept going out of shape, but in the end it looked good! And here is my model Luke fashioning his 'Jack Sparrow' water bottle holder. That's what he calls it.

Kate had her Medal Day at little athletics the other weekend. As far as I am concerned, all I want her to do is have fun and try her best, she is only 6 afterall! She DID try really hard, but she was so upset that she didn't win a medal! She was crying and I felt terrible for her! Her events and places: 200m - 5th, 100m - 6th, shot put - 4th, discus - 7th, long jump - 9th. She did PB's in the 200, 100 and shot put. I was so proud of her. But she just bawled her eyes out and silly me said, 'well some of those girls do train'. That was it, I have now been conned into taking her to training. She has only been once as it rained the other day, and I must say, I am quite impressed with the trainer, instead of doing running he concentrates on drills which is good for the younger kids. He is teaching them how to run properly, which is great.

I guess thats the higlights of the last couple of weeks. I am sure there is more, but I can't remember it all. I think I might have to start a daily blogging challenge for myself so I dont miss anything! I did have a lowlight though, on the weekend I had my Christmas party for work. Let's just say I am NEVER EVER EVER drinking alcohol again!!! EVER!!!! The best thing about getting so drunk and sick, is knowing that my wonderful husband is just so wonderful. Not only was I sick that night, Luke was too (but that's a WHOLE other story!). He looked after us both and cleaned up after us, and ran errands and looked after the kids. And then last night, he came home with a bunch of flowers and chocolates for me. He really is wonderful, even if he did think that if I choked on my own vomit in the middle of the night the house would be paid off with my life insurance. Nice. But in all seriousness, that man deserves a medal.

Ok, well, I better go as I have to get ready as I am going to go and visit some old work friends. Have a wonderful day everyone!!! :D

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Well, monday was interesting. It was the first time I would have to load all 3 kids into the car. Lucky I left myself plenty of time as it took me 10 minutes just to get the pram into the car! For the life of me I couldn't work out how to put it down. I did... eventually. So of course I had to take a photo of this to remind myself that it will get easier!

And then it took me 5 minutes to put the pram back up, or should I say, for a lady to drive past, park her car and come and help me. Yes, it is a new pram! LOL! I gave my old one away a month before I fell pregnant! So, yeah, fun stuff. I am getting quicker at it though.

Another happy snap of Amy:

And because Luke wanted to pose and have photos too:

I received most of my SM Masters entry back yesterday, my storage item was too large to post so I have to go and collect that. It had something written on the box that had me bummed out a little. The thing is, I really loved my entry and thought it all gelled really well together. Oh well! There is always next year, if I am crazy enough to enter again! We shall see, I guess.

Well, thats pretty much it from me today! Take care and thanks for stopping by!!! :D

Monday, November 5, 2007


All is well in the Jarrett household! I have finally kicked DH off the computer long enough to catch up on emails and updating blogs etc. Thankyou so much to everyone who left comments and emails! Amy is doing really well, she even slept for 7 hours straight last night! It is hard to believe she has been here already for a week! Her cord stump fell off today, that's good as it makes nappy changing time so much easier! I resisted the urge to photograph it, thinking it was a little weird. I am still thinking I should have but I think Steve would then start worrying about me! LOL! Speaking of worrying, it seems I missed the 'baby blues' this time around! Hooray! Although I am thinking that I have just been on Cloud 9 since Amy arrived that I passed them by without any tears, you know.

I took Kate and Luke Trick or Treating on Halloween. It was a mad rush to finish their costumes, but, well, I did have other important things I was doing the couple of days prior! We decorated the house and everything! We ended up with a heap of left over lollies. Luke puked that night and the next night from what we think was too many lollies. Oh well. So here is Tinkerbell and Capt'n Sparrow:

We were out the other day at the Plaza and we thought we would see about getting foxtel. You see, our TV reception is absolutely terrible! The kids were watching snow one day which should have been the afternoon cartoons on channel 2. It had been getting worse so we thought why not, and we even got free installation an the first month free, but I swear if I have to watch one more episode of Spongebob Squarepants with the kids I am going to go CRAZY!!!

I took some photos of Amy the other day and this one is my favourite!

Awwwww! She is just so cute!!! I could eat her up!!!!!

Yesterday, on a spur of the moment, I decided to go out to Paper Crafts at Penrith. I went with Kylie and got to meet and catch up with some other gorgeous scrappers, Megan, Libby, Mishell, Lusi, Jen, Danielle, Bek and Alison. It was so fun chatting to these guys and a photo session at the end turned into a comedy event worthy of a tv production!

And here I am with Amy today. I was having cuddles when she fell asleep, and who am I to wake a sleeping baby? I could just sit here like this and hold her all day!

Well, thats about it from me today. I know, totally random. It's all good as apparently I still have 'baby brain'?! What I want to know, is do you ever fully recover from it? I made Amy's bottles up wrong the other night, I didnt put enough scoops of formula in them and wondered why she wanted 3 bottles in 3 hours. Smart one, huh?

Take care and thanks for stopping by!!! :D

PS. Kylie, did you notice I didnt write 'so, anyway' or 'actually'? Proud of me, huh? :P