Wednesday, October 24, 2007


39+5 weeks and still no baby sightings! Oh well. It will come when it is ready, or should I say, when I am least ready for it! LOL! I even took some castor oil yesterday and nothing. Friday is a full moon, so maybe it will happen then? Pffft! All I know is, it will happen when it is ready and I just have to be patient!! 

Luke and I went to the library last week and I picked up this gorgeous book.

I don't crochet, or should I say, I didn't crochet. Until monday. I had to go to spotlight to grab some material as I am making a tree skirt in my sewing class of a friday, so while I was there I decided to grab a crochet hook and a ball of wool to see what all the fuss is about. I found a few online tutorials because while the book was good, I just wasn't quite getting the 'in the round' stitch. So, I found this site which explained it all so clearly! So, if you are having trouble starting a round stitch, check out the link!

So anyway, I made these on tuesday and decided to use them on a layout.


So, crocheting isn't all that hard afterall! I would love to show you the rest of the layout, but you will have to wait until saturday when the next challenge goes up on the Journal It blog! And my next project I want to do is the round cushion on the front of the book, I just have to find the parcel string to do it though. I think I will need to make a trip to Bunnings for that though.

Anyway, I best be going, I need to get started on the kids Halloween outfits. Luke is going to be a pirate, he was a pirate last year too, and Kate is going to be Tinkerbell.

Thanks for stopping by and take care!!! :D


  1. Is the link there?

    Love the little peek you've given us.

  2. Your crocheting looks great, I have always wanted to give it a go too.

    Hope baby gets moving on soon.

  3. Hi honey :)
    thinking of you - need to catch up!
    So close now hey!!!
    Go you learning how to crochet too :)
    love always
    lus x

  4. Hi Beth,
    Just popped by to see if there was any baby news :)

    Love how you use the crocheting on your layout!
    Take care.

  5. very cool with the crochet Beth!

  6. awesome crochetting, used to know how, should give it another go. suppose one day.

    sent that LO to you, finished it last night.


  7. Hi Beth! I've been trying to find your phone number to call you to no avail - I don't think I have your new one! If you email me here I will call you now ... hope you are keeping well.
    Love the crochet - will have to do it myself (I used to crochet, before scrapping!).

  8. The crochet looks great - I'm looking forward to seeing that LO of yours.

    And come on BJ (that's Baby Jarrett LOL) don't keep the other BJ waiting!!!

  9. Hi Beth,

    Trt the stationary shop would probably have the string too.

    Today is Friday many be today is the lucky day!!!!!?????!!!!!

    Cheers, Lauren

  10. Hang in there Beth :) I hadn't heard from you for a while so thought I'd pop on here to see how you were going, couldn't beleive it when I saw you were almost due!!! Can't wait to hear that baby news!

    Take care

    Rachel xxx

  11. OMG I remember trying the castor oil, it was YUCK but it did work for ME :) Hope it did for you and you have had your baby or having it now...
    Good Luck

  12. your going to have to let me know if there is a way I can roll all my blogger stuff over to wordpress. trying it out now.

  13. Beth's bubba was born yesterday! Just wanted to drop a note in case people have been emailing her etc. CONGRATS BETH! can't wait for you to share the news with everyone!

  14. Yay Beth!!! Can't wait to see the pics of your brad new little bubba :) Tatum xx

  15. Aha, thought there might be a comment in here that you've had bub!! Congrats Beth - waiting to hear the details and see pics. Take it easy lovey. Cheers, B (Madscrapbooker at SBC)

  16. Oh Kylie, you can't do that to us, need more details..definitely pink?? Stayed with chosen name? Weight? LOL! OK I suppose you had better leave it to Beth to fill in all the details!! ;) Congratulations Beth, Steve, Kate and Luke. Can't wait to see some photos :)
    Take care,

  17. oh I was wondering how things were going....yayayayayay!!! Congrats Beth and family - can't wait to see the pics! Love, P

  18. WOOOHOOOO!!!!Congratulations!!!!!! Can't wait to see the photos!!!!!
    lotsa love

  19. LOL girls. I can't give you details that's his, her, i mean it's mummys job! LOL!

  20. YAY Beth and Steve! Thinking of you guys! And sending you all our love and best wishes :)
    Lus x