Sunday, October 7, 2007


Ok. So it is October. I am scared. This month I am due to give birth. That scares me. I know. I have been through it two times already. I think that's what is scaring me most. Why can we cure deadly diseases and yet not have painfree childbirth?

The weeks have been flying and I have been helpless to stop them. You know, I started to pack my hospital bag last week. Then I promptly unpacked it. Yep. I was scared. I really have to get our bags packed. Maybe tomorrow.


Now, where was I in that alphabet... oh, that's right, E.

E is for Edwards, my maiden name. I liked it. I never had to spell it out. It was easy and convenient. I had a pretty bad signature though. Those letters just don't flow well together. I like my new signature much better now I am married. Which reminds me, our wedding anniversary is coming up this month. Yep. Same day the baby is due. Scary. But sweet.

So, it has been like over a week since I posted. Hmmmm. What's been happening. Well, it is school holidays here. We haven't done much in the way of going out.

Monday was our Labour Day holiday here in NSW. We did a tip run. Hopefully our last. I cannot believe how much crap we still had lying around the yard. All gone now and our yard looks so much bigger. We have been tossing up about what to plant in our backyard. Steve wants to put hedges in. I don't care to be honest. I know it will look good whatever he decides.

Tuesday we bummed around the house. I sewed myself a shirt. Not that I can wear it right now so I don't even know if it fits, although it looks similar to another shirt I already had so it should be all good. I was quite proud of myself. Even Steve thought I did a good job.

Wednesday I decided to bite the bullet and make Kate a shirt. I didn't have a pattern. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted though. Then when I was hanging out the washing I thought that one of her other shirts was probably very similar. So I cut out a rough pattern and went to work. It turned out good. She even asked me if she could wear it to a birthday party today. Who am I to object? LOL! Next time she wears it I will be sure to get a photo.

Thursday we were going to go to the Warehouse and get some crafty supplies/books/toys that break after 5 minutes. Kate wanted to go to the park to ride her bike. It was about 35 degrees here and blowing a gale. I said no. She chucked a tantrum. We went to Nepean Lakes to ride her darn bike. She rode about 400m before she decided that it really wasn't a good idea. And in all my mum glory I did the "we say no to things for a reason not to be mean" speech. I have said it before. Hopefully if I say it enough times it will sink in. Hopefully.

So as punishment on friday I dragged the kids to Spotlight. LOL! I got some gorgeous canvassy type material to make myself a skirt and a couple of pieces of fabric for 2 more tops for me. Again, not that I can try them on or wear them. And some material to make a bag, which I was going to start tonight but decided to blog instead! LOL!

Today we had little athletics. Kate loves it! I am so happy. I was worried that she really wouldn't enjoy it. She is so funny and runs the same pace no matter what race! She had to do a 500m run today which she told me during the week that she was a little scared about as she had to do a whole lap and some more, but she ran so well!

Afterwards my mum and her husband came over to see the house. We don't live far away. We just never make the time. It was good to see them.

Now, I must go and rest as I have running around the block for hours on end planned for tomorrow. After I pack the hospital bags of course. Maybe I could do that next week instead?

And if you have gotten this far... here is a photo I took of Kate and Luke at the Lakes the other day.


Hmmmm dirty face and all.

Now, go over and check out the 3rd challenge at Journal It! It is really easy this week!

Take care and thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. Sounds like you have been "nesting" madly there on the sewing machine Beth - good on you! Now - go and pack those bags woman!!! For you, for the babe, for the other 2!! and now for some words of encouragement......"um, you'll be right" How was that? Encouraging?
    Seriously, all the best.
    Love, P

  2. I cannot believe you are nearly due. please keep me updated, we never seem to chat anymore! I mustmust must see you very very very soon. Will SMS you!

  3. OMG that was a quick 8 months!!! I can understand the fear - but at least you know what to expect.

    That wasn't all the helpful I guess!!LOL

    You are just a sewing machine (LOLOLOLOL I just couldn't help myself there) these days - as one who can't even turn on a sewing machine I am highly envious.

  4. Just hangin' around here as a new member...
    Good luck to you from Germany ;-)

    ps... I really love this pic above

  5. Hey Beth, your reasoning is mine behind not having number three. I've been there done that and still scared.

    Really though, pack those bags girl, you might go early. I was still running around throwing stuff together before I went to the hospital. thought Zac would be late like Charlotte. But no.

    Take care and try and have a bit of rest.


  6. I can't believe you are due this month, good luck sweetie. You are going to do great Beth.

    That photo of the kids is gorgeous.

  7. Susan (smiles1965) from ScrapboxxOctober 10, 2007 at 5:57 AM

    Don't be scared Beth. I know being in pain isn't fun but I also know YOU CAN DO THIS :)

    I hope you have taken some recent pregnancy photos to scrap later.

    Speaking of photos I love that recent one of Kate and Luke together. Just brilliant. They look so cute and happy :)

    I've started work on my layout for your most recent challenge on and am pretty happy with it so far.

    Take care of yourself and keep positive. Wishing you all the best as your due date comes closer. Will be thinking of you and looking forward to hearing the news.

  8. They look sooo much older!
    Well done on all the sewing.