Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Ok Bloggers, I need some help!

I have a weird kitchen. It has a massive bay window behind the sink.



Now, does anyone have any suggestions as to what should go there? It is really hard to clean at the moment, with my big tummy and all as I actually have to climb onto the counter to clean it, or even to adjust the blinds! It is driving me crazy to be honest. I would like it to look clean, but I also dont want it to look bare, you know? Any comments would be very much appreciated, otherwise it will stay as is. Bare.

 Now, just for some random things that have made me happy in the last couple of days.

Hamebaked (notice how I didnt say homemade because these are packet ones all the way!) muffins! These are so scrumptious! They are White Wings ones and they have 2 different varieties in the pack. Even Steve loved (Yes, loved and he doesnt really do cakey things!) them! Not to mention my super duper stove! Oh how I love that mumma! When we first looked at this house I even commented to the real estate agent that now I am going to have to learn how to cook! LOL!


A pile of fabic! What could be better than that?! Especially when Spotlight had a clearance table and specials galore! The top ones are to make cushion covers for my new couch. Mmmm. The next two are to reinvent a denim skirt for me. Then the bright ones are to make that skirt and shirt and another shirt for Kate. Then we move on to some to make some shirts for me and some boxer shorts for Luke (just because I want to make him something too!) Good stuff.


Also, after checking out heaps of blogs on the weekend that had stuff to do with sewing, I realised that these people all seemed to go to thrifty stores alot. I got a pattern to alter a pair of jeans and since I didnt have any that I could alter, as in I still like them and wear them, I decided to go to the Salvos store near me. It is huge! I ended up getting a pair of jeans that were originally to alter, but I am loving them so I will probably keep them, a denim skirt that is for being altered and I got me a gorgeous Colorado shirt that I am going to keep too as it is just my size! Sweet! No fabric or decent manchester or patterns unfortunately. All for $14.50. Even sweeter.

Ok, well even though I am really tired today, all I got was 5 hours of broken sleep last night, grrrrr, but I am really pumped to do stuff so I better get going!

Thanks so much for everyone who popped over to say hi from my old blog too! I seriosuly have to work out these comments because moderating them is a PITA! I will go check out the FAQs to see if I can turn it off, otherwise, this is so much easier to use than Blogpost! :D Aaannnddd it imported all my blogspot posts and comments. Cool, huh?

Take care! :D


  1. Hey Beth,

    Love that Bay window. Would be it be any good for herbs in some pots? I'd love to have that in my kitchen. Looks like it would get some sun.

    I've got a wordpress site too, and to get the moderator on/off go to dashboard page, then Options, then Discussion and tick the boxes you want. Hope that helps.

    Now get sewing girl!

  2. I love that bay window. Im thinking of a plant, if you are green thumbed. Lol

    Can't wait to hear what you come up with.

  3. Hi Beth!! Long time no chat!!

    Love that bay window, but I can see how hard it would be to clean/reach the blinds etc......I thought of a few pot plants, as it looks like you get a bit of sun through the windows!

    Love that fabric, and cant wait to see the finished clothes!

    Take care :)

  4. Susan (smiles1965) at ScrapboxxAugust 9, 2007 at 7:26 AM

    Hi there

    Sorry I've not been here visiting for a while. I've been working in a new job for the last few weeks and not had much spare time.

    I too think some plants would look nice on your kitchen area near the sink.

    Have fun sewing with your lovely new fabrics. After reading your blog I am going to visit my local Spotlight tomorrow to see what goodies I can find.

    Well done with your cooking. Those muffins look 100% delicious. I'm glad your enjoying your new kitchen.

    Your new couch looks great. We need one soooooo badly a ours is falling apart. I can't wait to get my tax refund this year. I have my shopping list all ready and waiting........lol

    I hope your able to catch up on some sleep soon. Take care and have a wonderful week :)

  5. Ummm....gotta agree with everyone else....it does seem to cry out for some plant life....herbs would be very cool....unfortunately I don't think anything is going to make it easy to clean though :)

    Love the fabrics! Fabrics are soo much better than PP's because they actually feel as well as look good!

    Have a great week. Tatum xx

  6. I also agree some plants would liven it up. But you also have a new baby so it would be the perfect spot for a bottle holder after washing the bottles out, or sippy cups to let air dry. Or you could buy a wooden bench (small of course) with three holes in it for small plants and put it there, and then buy two small figurines a boy and a girl to sit on the corners.