Friday, August 3, 2007


Challenge #3 over at Memory Bugs is out!

Colour Challenge!

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"Black and white photos express reality better. A dog's reality that is."

Thats right, this challenge is all about colour! I want to see a layout that has a colour photo, coupled with all things colourful. No black or white allowed here this week and any topic allowed!

So enter over at Memory Bugs for a chance to win a $10 gift voucher! Due August 14th. So that's 2 weeks people, well, almost anyway!

Now, I don't usually do this, but I was sitting here reading Mel's blog and decided to blog hop. Sooo glad I did! I found some really cool blogs with some amazing photography and crafty stuff! I just wish I had more hours in the day sometimes.

I went to sewing class today and I decided to do a bit more of the curtains for the baby's room. They are coming along quite nicely and are rather cute! When I have finished the room, I will be sure to upload a photo! I also saw the cutest cane baskets at the Reject Shop the other day - they were lined with pink gingham. I think I will go back and get some. *Edited to add - curtains are finished and look fab!*

After sewing class I went to watch Kate at her assembly as her class was performing an item. She was so cute! You see, after the abnormally warm weather yesterday she wanted to wear a skirt. Yep, sure. But today is freezing and raining so of course she still wanted to wear her skirt, just with her jeans underneath. I also went to Target yesterday and picked her up the cutest top, but in a 7, and of course it was too big but she didnt want me to return it, she wanted it, so a white singlet underneath did the trick! LOL! She is turning into a real fashion diva! It is totally cute and since I have always been a bit of a tomboy I never really bought her cutsie stuff. But I have to admit, I am liking the fact that she is a girlie-girl!

I also came across instructions on how to make a pillowcase top - which I am totally going to do because I think Kate will love it! And I also think she will love one of these skirts too!

Oh and I sooo want to make a shoulder bag like this one! Very cool, huh?

We made a start on Kate's room yesterday. You see, her room has a bright red feature wall which looks really feral so we have patched it up, thanks to the 40 or so nails that were in it, and tomorrow I will undercoat it. Then I am thinking, left over pink from the babys room sounds nice! LOL! She wants one purple wall and the rest pink. I am not so much into that cool feature painting, but we shall see....

Also, we have to take Webster to the vet tomorrow, he has a sore on his side and it looks infected. We have a great vet that we go to and he is so cheap! As he says, if they are cheap, people will look after their pets by taking them to the vet when they need to. True. So me and the kids are doing that first thing in the morning as Steve is going fishing. *Edited to add that Webby is ok! He just caught himself on something and cut himself, so an injection, tablets and cream and $63 later he will be a-ok! See, I told you they were cheap!*

Our new couch came yesterday. Mmmmmm, it is so scrumptious! Steve, the wonderful man, stayed up till all hours putting the coffee table and tv unit together. It is really nice and tomorrow I will take a pic and upload. Which reminds me, I would love to make some cushions for it!

Here it is (well, the 3 seater anyway, I am sure you can imagine what the 2 seater would look like!)couch.jpg

I got newborn neice cuddles today! My sister, BIL and baby Sarah came over for a visit. Sarah is still so tiny! She is 2 weeks old now and has just reached 3 kgs which isn't quite 7lbs. Tiny, huh? She has the cutest little feet! I should have whipped out my camera but I didnt want to disturb the sleeping princess!

Well, thats about it for now. I am still bloghopping so if I come across anything else I love, I will be sure to let you know! LOL! ;) Also, I want to say a big thanks for everyone who stops by and has a bit of a read! :D


  1. What a fabulous challenge idea!!!!

    Sounds like you're very busy and I love cane baskets. I *may* have a little bit of an obsessions/addiction to them - lol, I think they're gorgeous when they're lined and gingham is PERFECT for babies imo ;)

  2. Oh nice new blog Beth!

    Your new couch is devine and I want one lol!

    I can not fathom a baby that is not even 7 pounds yet at 2 weeks of age??!!! Who gets to have ababies that little - clearly not me :o)

    Hope you are feeling great Beth.

  3. Hey Beth,
    I just stoped by to see what is happening in your world..busy I see!
    We too have just brought a new couch, it is very exciting and the house looks a little fuller [is that a word?]...
    Wishing you heaps of luck for the Masters:)

  4. As one who wouldn't know how to plug in sewing machine I am in awe of your sewing stories!!!!!

    I am, however, REALLY good at saying maybe my dressmaker sister would like to make things for me!!LOL

    LIking the new look.