Thursday, August 30, 2007


Sneak Peek!

So this is what I was referring to about another challenge blog. Come on over and have a looksee around and I will be posting the first challenge on the 1st of September, I just have to think of one and scrap it! LOL!

And I got one of these from Mel!


Thanks Mel! The cheque's in the mail! ;)

Now, the 5 people I tag are.....

Mel H



Nic P and


So, while the cat's away the mice will play! LOL! Me and the kids had a trampoline picnic for dinner last night, which consisted of party pies and sausage rolls. That will teach me for asking a 6 1/2 year old what she wants for dinner, huh? It was fun though and this weather has been nothing short of perfect!

So, anyway, do you like Kate's dress? It has halter straps now though. You see, I was trying to make myself a top and well, I tied the elastic just a wee bit too tight, so now, yep, a dress for Kate. She loves it too! LOL!

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Today Luke and I went to playgroup. It was good today as there weren't heaps of kids. Then I went to KMart as I had to return some shoes I bought - cute canvas ones which were totally UNcomfortable! The my SIL came over to help me sort out the baby's room. We went through the clothes I had and put them in size order and washed the nappies and blankets. I have the clothes soaking as I type. Mmmmmm I forgot how good a baby smells! 8 weeks to go and counting!

Anyway, I better go as Idol is on and I love Idol! I have watched every season so far and I just love it! Also, I gotta see if Ben gets through as his dad works with Steve. Cool. Thanks for stopping by and don't forget my sneak peek!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


She shoots, she scores....

Well, no, not really, but I did scrap!

Just a layout about an RDO I had last year. I appliqued the tree - cool, huh? I think the beads are a little OTT but once I had started glueing them down, well I couldn't really stop, but anyway, they are there to stay. (Oh, thanks Petrina! You need to click on the layout to see the tree properly! LOL!)

In my haste to finish my post yesterday, I forgot to say a huge big thanks to Lusi and Mel, with whom I had a wonderful morning tea with last tuesday and who were there when I needed them - especially Mel with her tissues. Gotta love a girl with tissues! I had a awesome morning! And a HUGE congrats to Mel who also made Master's Top 100! Thanks again guys!

On saturday I took Luke up to the local Little A's club and registered him! He is in Tiny Tots - under 4's. I got him a little singlet and his number is 75. He is going to love it! And the best bit - it's on saturday mornings so even though I will be dead tired, at least I can go and watch and help out. Coolness. I so can't wait to see him in his uniform!!

So, we did go on a boating picnic yesterday! Had heaps of fun and we were on the water for about 2 1/2 hours! Even the kids really enjoyed themselves - sometimes they get a little bored - but not yesterday!


Sorry about that crooked water photo - Kate took it - and it would seem the camera is just a little bit too big for her to hold comfortably!

It was such a glorious day yesterday that I had such a yearning for summer. Now, I am a winter girl through and through, I love it, it is my favourite season, but yesterday I couldn't help but look forward to the warmer months. Just wait, once summer is here I will be saying I can't wait for winter! LOL!

Well, I think that is it for me today. I better go as I have to get dinner ready, and then myself ready so I can go to work. Oh man, I am so looking forward to tomorrow! Steve is going interstate so I am left at home with the kids - all week - so yep, besides tonight, I have a week off work! YAY! And for those people who thought I shouldn't dig holes at 31 weeks pregnant, the midwife I saw today for my antenatal appointment said it was fine as long as I didn't go gung-ho and over do it. Maybe I did... just a little... but twas for a good cause! Ok, yep, I think now thats all I had to say.

Take care and thanks for stopping by!!!!! :D

PS. Does everyone think there are too many scrapping challenge blogs, or is there possibly room for one more? Opinions? Comments? Suggestions? TIA!

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Thankyou everyone for your comments about Webster. At the moment I am at a content place about the whole situation. At least now I can look at photos or think about him without getting so upset. It feels good to be at this place. I can remember him and the things he did properly now. Like how he never dropped the ball while playing fetch. He would gladly go and get it and bring it back and then just stand there looking at you with the ball securely in his mouth. If you went to grab it he would bend his head low so you couldn't. You used to have to wrestle it out of his mouth, Steve used to cover his nostrils and that always made him drop it! LOL! Goodness I hated doggy drool so needless to say, the fetching games never lasted long! And then there was the basketball... we had a hoop at our old house and Webby would like to play with us by running over to the ball and standing over it so you couldn't get it! Or he would try to 'catch' it as it came through the hoop and it would always end up hitting him on his nose or head! He loved water and loved it when you sprayed the hose in his face - he would happily stand there for ages snapping at it! He used to come into the garage while I scrapped at night. Man he used to do the worst farts imaginable! Either that or he would keep nosing at my arm while I was trying to use the computer for a pat or a treat. He was also so gentle. If you held food out to him he would so gently take it out of your hand. He never really licked us, he would rub his wet nose on us though and sometimes snort. That was gross! He used to get ear infections all the time and he was allergic to fleas. He never scoffed his food. He would eat only what he wanted and would leave the rest for later. Although he was somewhat overweight. LOL. He was not an overly active border collie. He rarely dug holes, was happy just to laze about in the sun. He used to try to sit on us if we were sitting on the ground. He used to paw at us, this used to annoy me though and I would always give his hand a smack when he did it as he would do it to the kids and unintentionally scratch or hurt them. All he wanted was a pat though. He would eat chunks of wood and plastic. Man, he loved those things - and I mean it when I say eat. Yep, there would be evidence when you went on poop patrol. Oh not to mention the sand! He would eat the sand out of the kids sandpit! He used to crap under the clothesline, and seriously, do dogs need to crap 3 times a day? Apparently. Stuff. Just happy stuff. Memories. Worth bottling, huh?

katedance.jpgKate is in the year 1 dance group at her school. She had her concert - the Combined Schools Spectacular - on tuesday. Kate was so excited and going hypo before going on stage though! But oh goodness - everyone cheered when the curtain went up as they were just so cute! The dance went really well and no mistakes were made! The best part about having a short kid - she was in the front row so I got to tape her easily! LOL!

lukeplay.jpgThen on thursday I met up with my sister and SIL at the indoor play centre. The kids enjoyed themselves, well, Sarah, at only 5 weeks old just slept, but the other two enjoyed themselves! LOL!

Well, thats it really from me today. I just had to get a few little things down so I wouldn't forget. If the weather is nice we will be going out on the boat for a picnic lunch. I hope we do. Hopefully I will also finish that layout thats been sitting on my table for the last 2 weeks. It should be a goodie when I finish it... eventually! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day everyone!!! :D

Wednesday, August 22, 2007







Well, it is official. He has lymphatic cancer. Today will be his last day that he walks this earth. We are all sad, but we have decided to bring him home after being put to sleep. This makes me happy. I want to have him with us. He deserves it.

But for now, I shall brush my tears away and go and dig a bloody big hole.

06.02.2000 - 22.08.2007

We will miss you buddy boy, except not when trying to play backyard cricket as you would always run off with the ball! You great big hairy boof!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


The Highs and Lows of Life

Well, I was on a high this week after I received my Masters phone call and also the fact that I have my 10 year high school reunion tonight which I had been looking forward to for months. Also, I would love to say a big thankyou to everyone for their congratulations! Thankyou so very much! :)

But during the week, Webster didn't seem well. We thought he may have got a cold as he had weepy eyes and a runny nose. So, after he didnt eat on thursday and friday we bundled him off to the vets this morning. He had to have a biopsy on some lymph nodes as the vet thinks he may have the Big C. Poor ol' little buddy. Of course I cried like a fool, but I blame the pregnancy hormones. Nah, in reality, I am just sad. You see, when I was trying to get back into shape after having Kate, we used to go for runs almost every morning together. I couldn't run without him, I just could never find my rhythm. He used to drag me along for the first half of the run and then wear himself out, and then I would have to drag him home for the other half of the run! LOL! We will find out on monday afternoon for sure if it is cancer or not. We have already spoken about our options and while neither of us wants to loose him, we feel it would be best to let him go. While I hope it is just a virus or something, he has deteriorated quite quickly over the last couple of days. We have already started to deal with the fact and we have tidied up the backyard. I picked up all his landmines while Steve vaccummed all his hair up (I never said we were normal for vaccumming the backyard! LOL!).

You know I think it hurts more because this was our 'first' little adventure. We got Webster in may 2000. He was 10 weeks old so the lady gave him to us a bit cheaper, although he still cost $320. He was such a little fluffball and Steve, who did NOT want a dog and was only going to have a look at him, took to him straight away and he was the one who decided we should get him. He was our trial before kids.

I will keep my fingers crossed for a negative result but just seeing him..... here is a pic I just took of him. Isn't he handsome?


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


*Happy Dance*


↑ That's me! LOL! I was lucky enough yesterday to receive a call to say I had been shortlisted in this years SM Master's comp! I am very happy and excited! The first person I called was Steve followed by Lus as she is in one of the photos in my mini album! LOL! So now begins the long, torturous wait to see who gets picked.

In other scrappy news - Challenge 4 is OUT over at Memory Bugs!!!

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It's All ABout Us Challenge! (Journalling alert!)

We all have history and stories to tell. One that is no more important than how we went from 'I' to 'us'. This doesn't have to be about you either, this challenge can be applied to anyone you know. Let's get journalling and scrapping about how someone you know met someone and fell in love. Awwwww.

So head on over there and get an entry in to be in the running to win a $10 gift voucher! Due date for this challenge is August 31st 2007.

Well, thats about it from me today! Have a great day everyone and thaks for stopping by!!! :D

Monday, August 13, 2007


Wow - where'd the weekend go?! I must have blinked too hard and missed it! Oh well. With every week that flies past, I am one week closer to meeting our baby so its not all bad news!

I am now 29 weeks. Just over 10 weeks to go. I had my antenatal appointment last week. The baby's head is already in my pelvis but I am not feeling any rib kicks, and thats because the midwife said she is curled around like a little echidna. She is pretty active and I feel her alot, even when I am working. Now, when I was pregnant with Luke I never felt him move during the day, but if I woke up at 2 or 3 in the morning he would be there doing sommersaults! I used to think 'great, I am going to have a night owl!' but he ended up being a perfect little night sleeper! He started sleeping for 10 hours at night when he was only 3 weeks old! Kate's pregnancy is a different story. I don't really remember much about my pregnancy at all. For the most part I was in denial! I do remember one night though, I was lying in bed and it must have been her elbow or knee, whatever it was it was hard and sharp, but it went from the bottom of my tummy right up to my ribs. It was so alien like that I screamed and jumped out of bed! Weird.

So, I made Kate a pillowcase top on the weekend. I like it. She, not so much. But I am sure once summer gets here she will like it. Hopefully, anyway. It was so easy, it took just over an hour. Sweet.


Luke and I went up to the shop this morning to get some new shoes for him and Kate and I gave in and bought some PlayDoh. You see I had a ban on playdoh as I asked both the kids and Steve to pick it up one night while I was on my out out to work. I get home and it is all dry and still all over the table. Needless to say, I went ballistic and banned playdoh. Which is really unfortunate because Luke loves it. He will play with it for hours on end! Here he is just a couple of minutes ago. He got his haircut last week so he looks grown up all of a sudden. It is supposed to be spiked but I just haven't done it properly today.


I have a few random links that I thought people might like to look at. They have some cool tutorials and projects to make.

All Buttoned Up has some very cool trim boxes to make. Loving these.

Crafty Daisies is just full of projects and inspiration.

Nicole Owens just has the most gorgeous photography. Man I wish I could take photos of my kids the way she does! And I am going to CASE her birthday party idea! Looks like a heap of fun!

Well, thats it from me for today - I have some folding of washing to do. Ugh. And I have to think about what to make for dinner. Ugh. Can someone remind me why we need to eat and have clothes? LOL! Take care and have a funtastic week!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


First off, thanks guys for your suggestions about my bay window. I am not much of a green thumb, but I will put some plants there and hopefully they will survive! I will upload a picture when I get around to doing it. Thanks again!

So, I made that skirt for Kate the other day. It makes me happy. It makes her happy too, as I can't seem to keep it off her! As I write, she is changing into it. I am glad she likes it. I made one small mistake but thats ok, you cant see it. If anyone else is going to make the skirt and you have overly skinny children, you wont need the width as big. I have found that along the elastic it is too bunch and bulky. If I make her another one, which I probably will as it was so easy and I made it in one day, I will reduce the width.


Luke was so excited the other week, he received his first official party invitation! Kate gets them from the other kids at school and he would always get upset when he couldn't go with her to the party. Understandable really. So he has been eagerly awaiting this day. We put the invitation on the fridge and we went out and bought the present together. So when today came along he was very excited! It was at the Wiggles indoor playcentre at Seven Hills. I had not even heard about it before! It was a fun day and he didn't want to go home, but I think he was buggered so went without a fight, thank goodness!

Nothing much else has been happening in this neck of the woods. Have a lovely weekend everyone! :D

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Ok Bloggers, I need some help!

I have a weird kitchen. It has a massive bay window behind the sink.



Now, does anyone have any suggestions as to what should go there? It is really hard to clean at the moment, with my big tummy and all as I actually have to climb onto the counter to clean it, or even to adjust the blinds! It is driving me crazy to be honest. I would like it to look clean, but I also dont want it to look bare, you know? Any comments would be very much appreciated, otherwise it will stay as is. Bare.

 Now, just for some random things that have made me happy in the last couple of days.

Hamebaked (notice how I didnt say homemade because these are packet ones all the way!) muffins! These are so scrumptious! They are White Wings ones and they have 2 different varieties in the pack. Even Steve loved (Yes, loved and he doesnt really do cakey things!) them! Not to mention my super duper stove! Oh how I love that mumma! When we first looked at this house I even commented to the real estate agent that now I am going to have to learn how to cook! LOL!


A pile of fabic! What could be better than that?! Especially when Spotlight had a clearance table and specials galore! The top ones are to make cushion covers for my new couch. Mmmm. The next two are to reinvent a denim skirt for me. Then the bright ones are to make that skirt and shirt and another shirt for Kate. Then we move on to some to make some shirts for me and some boxer shorts for Luke (just because I want to make him something too!) Good stuff.


Also, after checking out heaps of blogs on the weekend that had stuff to do with sewing, I realised that these people all seemed to go to thrifty stores alot. I got a pattern to alter a pair of jeans and since I didnt have any that I could alter, as in I still like them and wear them, I decided to go to the Salvos store near me. It is huge! I ended up getting a pair of jeans that were originally to alter, but I am loving them so I will probably keep them, a denim skirt that is for being altered and I got me a gorgeous Colorado shirt that I am going to keep too as it is just my size! Sweet! No fabric or decent manchester or patterns unfortunately. All for $14.50. Even sweeter.

Ok, well even though I am really tired today, all I got was 5 hours of broken sleep last night, grrrrr, but I am really pumped to do stuff so I better get going!

Thanks so much for everyone who popped over to say hi from my old blog too! I seriosuly have to work out these comments because moderating them is a PITA! I will go check out the FAQs to see if I can turn it off, otherwise, this is so much easier to use than Blogpost! :D Aaannnddd it imported all my blogspot posts and comments. Cool, huh?

Take care! :D

Friday, August 3, 2007


Challenge #3 over at Memory Bugs is out!

Colour Challenge!

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"Black and white photos express reality better. A dog's reality that is."

Thats right, this challenge is all about colour! I want to see a layout that has a colour photo, coupled with all things colourful. No black or white allowed here this week and any topic allowed!

So enter over at Memory Bugs for a chance to win a $10 gift voucher! Due August 14th. So that's 2 weeks people, well, almost anyway!

Now, I don't usually do this, but I was sitting here reading Mel's blog and decided to blog hop. Sooo glad I did! I found some really cool blogs with some amazing photography and crafty stuff! I just wish I had more hours in the day sometimes.

I went to sewing class today and I decided to do a bit more of the curtains for the baby's room. They are coming along quite nicely and are rather cute! When I have finished the room, I will be sure to upload a photo! I also saw the cutest cane baskets at the Reject Shop the other day - they were lined with pink gingham. I think I will go back and get some. *Edited to add - curtains are finished and look fab!*

After sewing class I went to watch Kate at her assembly as her class was performing an item. She was so cute! You see, after the abnormally warm weather yesterday she wanted to wear a skirt. Yep, sure. But today is freezing and raining so of course she still wanted to wear her skirt, just with her jeans underneath. I also went to Target yesterday and picked her up the cutest top, but in a 7, and of course it was too big but she didnt want me to return it, she wanted it, so a white singlet underneath did the trick! LOL! She is turning into a real fashion diva! It is totally cute and since I have always been a bit of a tomboy I never really bought her cutsie stuff. But I have to admit, I am liking the fact that she is a girlie-girl!

I also came across instructions on how to make a pillowcase top - which I am totally going to do because I think Kate will love it! And I also think she will love one of these skirts too!

Oh and I sooo want to make a shoulder bag like this one! Very cool, huh?

We made a start on Kate's room yesterday. You see, her room has a bright red feature wall which looks really feral so we have patched it up, thanks to the 40 or so nails that were in it, and tomorrow I will undercoat it. Then I am thinking, left over pink from the babys room sounds nice! LOL! She wants one purple wall and the rest pink. I am not so much into that cool feature painting, but we shall see....

Also, we have to take Webster to the vet tomorrow, he has a sore on his side and it looks infected. We have a great vet that we go to and he is so cheap! As he says, if they are cheap, people will look after their pets by taking them to the vet when they need to. True. So me and the kids are doing that first thing in the morning as Steve is going fishing. *Edited to add that Webby is ok! He just caught himself on something and cut himself, so an injection, tablets and cream and $63 later he will be a-ok! See, I told you they were cheap!*

Our new couch came yesterday. Mmmmmm, it is so scrumptious! Steve, the wonderful man, stayed up till all hours putting the coffee table and tv unit together. It is really nice and tomorrow I will take a pic and upload. Which reminds me, I would love to make some cushions for it!

Here it is (well, the 3 seater anyway, I am sure you can imagine what the 2 seater would look like!)couch.jpg

I got newborn neice cuddles today! My sister, BIL and baby Sarah came over for a visit. Sarah is still so tiny! She is 2 weeks old now and has just reached 3 kgs which isn't quite 7lbs. Tiny, huh? She has the cutest little feet! I should have whipped out my camera but I didnt want to disturb the sleeping princess!

Well, thats about it for now. I am still bloghopping so if I come across anything else I love, I will be sure to let you know! LOL! ;) Also, I want to say a big thanks for everyone who stops by and has a bit of a read! :D