Monday, July 23, 2007


We have a new baby in the family! No, not mine! :P My sister had a little baby girl, Sarah Jacqueline, on thursday 19.07.07. She is so tiny! She was born at 18.16 weighing 2.7kgs and was 48cm long. She is so cute and my sister seems to be going well, she had to have an emergency c-section. Instead of flowers I made some muslin wraps and tied some helium balloons to them, I also did a birth announcement for the Daily Telegraph.

Well, I am 26 weeks now. It is going quite fast. I am feeling heavy though. The baby is lying low in my uterus and so it often hurts. It's all good, as I would rather that than having little feet in my ribs. All in good time I guess as the baby is still not head down.

So I got the new Harry Potter book yesterday. I have started reading it but I am a little tired so I haven't really gotten into it much. Besides, today we did some yard work and did a trip to the tip. The previous owners just left so much junk lying around the yard! If we ever buy another house, I am going to stipulate that nothing be left behind! Talk about a pain in the butt! We have found all sorts of unusual things that had just been thrown under overgrown shrubs. And also, grass clippings do NOT break down if they are left in your yard! Grrr! But, it is a work in progress.

Speaking of work, we got some paint the other day to paint the babys room. Pink, of course! LOL! Steve had to fill a few holes and dents but it is ready to be painted now. It is very exciting, purely because we can paint! With no one's permission! Exciting stuff.

I scrapped the other day too! I started this layout before I stopped scrapping, so back in january. It's nothing special, but I just loved these photos of Luke. It's about how he just doesn't stay still, even if I ask him nicely! But, this is him, all the time, not just when I want to take photos!
I am feeling much better now, I am still blowing my nose like nothing else, but I feel better and that is great. Luke is sick now and Steve thinks he may be getting sick again. Once again, Kate has escaped it. I am sure she is the one bringing the bugs home!
Well, nothing much else is happening here. I have to go to the shop to do some shopping now. Boring stuff, but it does need to get done. So, thanks for dropping by and take care! :)


  1. Hi Beth

    Thanks for the update, great to read all your news.

    Welcome to the world little Sarah Jacqueline. Best wishes and congratulations to your sister and her husband on their new arrival. I hope she recovers from her c section easily.

    That's a lovely photo of Kate and Luke with the new baby.

    Enjoy reading your new book. It seems like lots of other people in blog land have bought it this week end

    I can totally relate to the yard work and cleaning up when buying a new house. The people who lived here before us did the exact same thing. I spent weeks cleaning up the mess they left here. It is very annoying. Don't hurt yourself Beth.

    Have a great week and take care of yourself. Love from Susan (smiles1965) xxoo

  2. PS: Oppps I forgot to say how much I love that layout of Luke. Great photos, design and colour combo. He is growing up so fast and getting more cutier in every photo.

    Thanks for sharing, I always love seeing more of your creations Beth.

    From Susan (smiles1965).

  3. Petrina McDonaldJuly 24, 2007 at 5:41 AM

    OOOPS! thought that was your bub there! Gave me a bit of a shock! Congrats to your sister and family - your new one will have a fab playmate of the same age! Cousins are the best.
    Great layout - no matter how long it took to complete!!! My kids don't sit still either!!!!!!!!!!
    Love, P.

  4. Good to read the update, and i think the LO is fab by the way. Keep well. x

  5. Hi Beth congratulation on the birth of you little tiny gorgeous Niece, she looks adorable.

    26 weeks I hope everything is going well for you and your family.

    I have also bought the Harry Potter book I got to page 180 before Sarah took it to camp with here, now I have to wait, which is not good, because I am loving it.

    BTW thankyou so much.

    Carole xx

  6. Hi Beth... lovely to read what you have been up to and to hear you are well..26 weeks..Wow!
    Its lovelt to see you scrapping again... and I always love seeing what you are creating... you clever chicky...
    Mardi x

  7. Hi Beth,

    Sounds like you're getting very organised. :) Wow you're pregnancy seems to be flying!!! Well from this viewpoint anyway :p

    Congrats on being an aunty and I love layouts like that one of Luke - the photos are soooo expressive!

    Nic xx

  8. Your niece is soooo little, my two seem HUGE and they were only average. Must be nice to have another baby, just think yours isn't far off.

    Hope your feeling better, still yuck here, had to take Zac back to the doctors again, poor mite.

    Anyway best go, take care


  9. LOL Not yet for you, but soon hey! Congratulations Aunty Beth, what a gorgeous bubba!!

    Love Chrissy x