Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Monsters In The Closet Challenge!

Ok, so this is the next challenge over at Memory Bugs!

The details:

At one stage or another we have been frightened by something. Whether it be a phobia, or a childhood phobia (like monsters) or something that has just freaked us out (I get freaked out by maggots!). This weeks challenge is to get that memory down! This layout doesn't have to be about you though, maybe you have a funny memory of your sister jumping on a chair because she saw a mouse, or maybe your child gets scared every night from the dark. Whatever the scare, get it down on a layout! It might be funny to look back on in 10 years time and have a good laugh!

Now, I do have a childhood fear. I used to hate flushing the toilet at night or if I was home alone. I would always think that it gave my location away if someone was to jump out and grab me. I would bolt from the bathroom to the loungeroom where I was deemed 'safe'. I am not sure if anyone in my family noticed that I did this. LOL! Funny thing is, not that I find it particularly funny - I still do it!

So have a crack at this challenge and post it over at Memory Bugs to be in the running for a $10 gift voucher! :D

So, what gives? I am posting at night? Well, I am unwell so I am having the night off work. It would seem that Steve was a sharing caring kinda guy and gave me his cold. Of course it is a virus, so there is no fighting it, but darn I wish it would go away! I think Luke is also coming down with it. I heard him sneezing earlier. I hope not. I feel terrible. I wouldn't wish this on anyone!

Last thursday I decided it would be nice to buy some hot chips and take them to the park and have a picnic. The kids really enjoyed laying at the park, even if there were some young girls there who hadn't had their brain food that morning. You see, they had taken their dog, a poodle, to the park and it was getting frightened by the kids and they had the nerve to ask some kids parent not to play near the dog as it was frightened. Umm hello?! I just said, if the dog is frightened it shouldnt be there. Not long after that they went home. Oops, I hope it wasn't anything I said! LOL! Anyway, this happy snap was taken with more ass than class as the kids were actually spinning around and around on this thing when I took this photo. It was making me dizzy just watching them! But, kids being kids, they love this ride out of all the equipment there.

So, I did the sadest thing ever on sunday - I went to the movies - by myself! LOL! I quite enjoyed going by myself actually (even if I did feel a bit looserish! LOL!) I went and saw Harry Potter. I have to say, this movie was by far better than Goblet of Fire. I am so looking forward to getting my hands on that book on saturday! It will be sad to see the end of Harry, but something else will come by and fill the void I guess. Hopefully anyway.

I did end up taking the kids to Lollipops on monday and we were there for like 3 1/2 hours! The kids really enjoyed themselves, even if our mini hot dogs had no bun, just 4 cocktail franks, seriously, whats the go with that?! LOL! But it was fun and even though I wasn't feeling well, I tried to make it fun for the kids by going on the teacup ride and pushing them on the flying fox and throwing balls at them in the ball pit. Fun stuff.

And today - the beginning of term 3 for Kate. And we had a fight after school which involved me buying Luke a MilkyWay while Kate missed out. I don't know what it is with her attitude at the moment but I gave to like 4 chances to say she would a MilkyWay but she refused as she wanted something else. I thought, I am too sick to be fighting but there is no way I am giving in. So I didn't. Too bad, so sad. And Kate went without. Maybe next time she will be grateful for what she is offered.

And with that, I am going to go to bed and hope this virus goes away.
Take care! :)


  1. Oh, big hugs ... I know what that virus is like, I'm sick of being sick! I hope you feel better soon, and good luck for your Masters stuff - I'm sure it's totally awesome!

  2. I know how you feel, Lillee and I both have the cold but it would be worse being pregnant.

    The trip to the park sounds great. I love family picnics to the park.

  3. You mean the attitude keeps going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(*&^*&^%&^%$^%$ I thought it would vanish at 4!!!LOL

    Hope you are feeling better soon - your monster challenge is awesome!!

  4. I Scrap therefore I amJuly 20, 2007 at 7:34 PM

    who's afraid of blog monsters???? giggle giggle snicker.....
    Love, P.

  5. I hope you are feeling all better soon Beth :O)
    That's a really cute pic on the swing thing too,
    Have a lovely weekend,

  6. I think this bug is all over DH has it and hopefully he will keep it to himself.
    Love your toilet story, PMSL. and your mini hotdogs, maybe that is why there called mini, no bun.

    Anyway take care, and are you going to do the portrait challenge.


  7. I used to do something really similar with the toilet!!! LOL
    I will email for a proper catch up.