Thursday, July 12, 2007


I really didn't mean to leave it a week between posts. I really have to be more vigilant and update more often as I tend to forget the things I did 7 days ago! LOL! No it is not pregnancy brain, it is just normal Beth brain!

I went and picked Kate up sunday from my Grandma and Pops, so Kate's great-grandparents. They loved having her, I think it keeps them young at heart when they visit or are visted by their great-grandkids! ;) Although Grandma told me she did have one run-in with Kate. Over food. Nothing new there. Kate apparently was going to 'tell my mummy on you' so Grandma said, there's the phone, but surprisingly, I didn't get a phonecall! LOL! ;) I told Grandma she did the right thing. You see, I am such a horrible mum, I absolutely refuse to make different meals for the kids. If they are hungry later on they can have a piece of bread. Kate has a habit of not liking everything thats put on her plate. I know darn well she eats it, but she likes to tell me she doesn't like it. Drives me crazy!

So anyway, I picked up Kate and I asked her to tell me a few things she liked or did and this is the answers I got:

1. I liked drawing
2. I like playing with my toys

3. It was good

4. I liked it

5. I talked to Grandma

6. I sat next to Grandma when I had breakfast and lunch and dinner

7. I liked buying stuff (she only had $5!!! LOL!!)

So I have my sisters baby shower on this weekend. I tried shopping twice in the last couple of weeks for it, and all I ended up buying was stuff for my baby! I came home on the weekend with a cot quilt, 2 sheet sets, a little shirt and a couple of Wondersuits. I also laybyed a few things like a baby bath and some other little things. Then I had to go out again and buy something for Fliss. I did eventually. I am hopeless. All those little pink things are just too cute!!!

I finished my Masters entry and it went postal on tuesday! I am actually really pleased with my projects this year. Last year I was a little ho-hum on my layouts, but this year, I think they are the strong point of my entry. Now that I am 'back in the groove' my house has gone to ruins! LOL! It is going to take me all day to clean it top to bottom! Having Kate home does not help either. She likes to spread things from a*hole to breakfast time.

<----It was Steve's birthday yesterday. 31 years old. Here he is opening his present. He got an in flatable life jacket and a Quicksilver jacket. I spent way too much money on him, but I have a slight tendancy to forget about his birthday and it always a last minute rush. I even baked him a cake and he got to have whatever he wanted for dinner - he chose his Grandma's omlette recepie. They are yummy, but kind of like a cross between a pancake and an omlette. LOL! He loves them though!

So yesterday we promised the kids we would take them to Lollipops Playland. No worries. We get there at midday. I struggle to find a car park and end up parking illegally. We walk inside and I am greeted by the loudest room ever, worse than the Nickelback concert I swear! Anyway, I look at the equipment and fair dinkum, the kids are almost at a standstill! There are that many kids in there it is not funny! There is no way I am letting my kids go in there! If there was an emergency and we had to be evacutaed, they would be trampled to death or lost! It wasn't worth it. So I made a deal with Kate and Luke, we will go back on monday as it is a pupil free day and we will go to McDonalds instead and then shopping for daddy's present. They accepted. Afterall, they did get to have McDonalds midweek! LOL!

So on the way home we went to the cheap shop and bought some craft supplies. The kids have been kept busy ever since! There is nothing quite like some coloured paper and glue! ;) LOL!
Well, I better get going, I have promised Kate I will watch her 'Cat Circus' which in other words is just me watching her play with the cat! LOL! But it has kept her amused and occupied while she has been practicing her routine, and I have been able to write this post!
Thanks for stopping by and take care! :)


  1. LOL Beth, I always forget Michael's birthday too!! Glad to see you back blogging and THE MASTERS ENTRY...cheeky girl, you changed your mind then???

    Oh, and I've tagged you, so get cracking....brain or no brain (hehe)!!

  2. LOL@ the cat circus!!!!!!!!!!!

    Glad to hear you are off and scrapping again - Masters anyone?????

  3. So glad Kate enjoyed her stay at the great Grandparents house. It's good she is confident to go there for a few days without you.

    My daughter won't even sleep over for one night at my mums house without making a fuss. She needs to be near mummy and daddy at night time

    Belated birthday wishes to Steve. Wishing him a wonderful year full of happiness and success.

    Have a great week end and enjoy your sisters baby shower.

    Love from Susan (smiles1965) xxoo

  4. Hi Beth,

    So good to hear you got your Masters finished and in the post. Bet it's a great weight off your shoulders. I loved my entry aswell. So I don't really care if I get a call for it too be sent down.

    Take care

    Nic (nmpomeroy of sm forum)

  5. Glad to read you're so happy - belated birthday wishes Steve!

  6. hey hey girly :)
    happy belated birthday to your Steve!
    And the kids look like they were having so much fun with those craft supplies - good on ya mum :)
    Yay for Masters being posted off too! woooooooohoooooooooo! i reckon you already ARE a master of this fine fun craft :)
    Lus x