Friday, March 30, 2007


Soooo friday already?! This week has flown!

Yesterday I went to KMart to buy Luke Toy Story 2, you see I bought number 1 but for the life of us, we cannot find the disc?! I think Luke has taken it and hidden it as it is his favourite movie at the moment. So while I was there I picked up Ice Age 1 & 2 and Over the Hedge. They were having a sale so I got all of them for $55. Sweet.

And then Luke did the unimaginable, unthinkable...

He fell asleep as we were going through the checkout.
He hasn't done that EVER in his 3 short years!
He must have been so tired as he hasn't been sleeping well lately.
He didnt even stir when I out him in the car or when I put him into bed.
So we had a 2 1/2 hour nap.

Today I went to the school to watch the assembly as Kate's class was presenting it.
She has been practising her line all week.
"Thankyou for a beautiful item 3H."
She was superb! She didn't waver or anything!

Then on the way home I walked past the high school and they were having their cross country carnival.

Random Memory #173
I was Red House Captain when I was in primary school.
The other captain was a boy I previously played soccer with when I was younger, Alex.
I was good at Cross Country and remember one year our school won a big shield at the District Carnival and I and other person, Todd, had to collect it as we had won our races.
As we were walking back I thought he had a hold of the shield so I let go of it and we almost dropped it. LOL.

I know. Interesting.

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Monday, March 26, 2007


I don't really know why we make plans as they never turn out! I bought tickets for Jamberoo months and months ago and we kept saying 'we have to go, we have to go' and well we havent as yet. We decided last week that we would go yesterday, sunday, but of course it was cold and windy so we didnt end up going. We plan to go this sunday though.

We plan to go down to Kiama on saturday and stay in a motel and play at the beach etc. Then get up early on sunday and go to Jamberoo. Lets hope it stays fine this coming weekend.

So instead we did stuff around the house on saturday. Just tidying etc. Then up I went to vote. You see Steve is a Kiwi and is not a citizen so he loves voting day, as he doesn't have to vote. Then I went to get some takeaway for lunch - Red Rooster - yummmm. I also went to the real estate as I have found a house that has everything we want - I just hope it doesn't get sold before we get our loan. Fingers crossed. Then we went for a drive and we ended up at Cronulla. I was sick, Red Rooster isnt so good coming back up and getting stuck in your nasal cavity... Then we just played on the beach and in the rock pools. Luke, in typical Luke fashion, got wet from head to toe, yes, fully clothed too. And Kate had fun collecting shells. I didn't take my camera or anything and I am kind of glad I didn't. I just loved playing with the kids instead of watching them through a lens! Then to home where I fell asleep in the car to keep myself from being sick.

ARGH! How long does this sickness last?!?!?!

Not to mention the sleepiness!!! Saturday night I slept for 9 hours. Then went back to bed at 8.30am till 10am. Then I had another hour nap in the afternoon and still went to bed at 10.30pm. All I do is sleep and it is driving me crazy!!! Nothing is getting done! I am over it too. I am over everything right now.

I just feel like being a big ol whinging sook.

Right now. Right now I am sitting here still in my PJ's even though it is 12.20. I have been going for a shower for the last 2 hours, I just havent made it there yet, I decided to strip and remake the beds instead and clean Luke's room. Also the postie dropped off the latest For Keeps and I thought I would have a quick flick and lo and behold one of my layouts was in it, one of ET entries. They also have the details for the new ET comp in there. Due August 31st so 5 months to get 5 layouts done. Should be doable. Right now Kate is at school. Luke is here playing on his magnetic drawing thing. Oh wait, he has just dissapeared. He was getting food. That boy had eaten all his packed lunch by 10am. You see he was supposed to go to family day care today but the carer is having family issues so I kept him home. Right now the iron is on as I was waiting for it to heat up to iron my clothes to go to the shop. I want to buy Luke one of those rails for his bed so he doesn't keep falling out. I also might get out the kids winter clothes layby. Yeah I might do that too. I have to think about what to cook for dinner without making myself feel sick. Not so doable. I might get a sandwich - cream cheese spread. Mmmm. Bit of a favourite at the moment. And a glass of milk with chocolate nesquick. Yep. Sounds good right now. Also thinking of going to the library and picking up a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird. We shall see how Luke performs first I think. Right now I am ignoring the washing up that needs to be done and wishing I had a dishwasher. Have to wait till we move first.

Right now I am going to stop babbling random thoughts and go and get that sandwich.

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Friday, March 23, 2007


I just want to say a massive big huge THANKYOU to everyone for all your comments! You have no idea how my heart smiled when I checked my inbox and I had more well wishes than advertisements for viagra! Blissful! Thankyou all so much!

So since I am not scrapping, I have no layouts to share.

So I thought there are more things to scrapping than just photos.

A while ago I purchased The Journaler's Handbook by Tracey White (although I am sure journalers should have 2 L's but anyway...) and I just love it. It has heaps of journalling prompts. So I thought I could post a couple and answer them aswell. If I dont get these things written down I will never remember them in a few years to come! So PLEASE join in too!!!

You know what, lets start at the Teen section. Because I need to remember these things and my memory is fading fast... LOL!

1. What was your first job? McDonalds Woodcroft.

2. Tell the story about how you got your first job. All my friends at school had Maccas jobs so I thought I would go to my local and apply. I didn't expect to get the job. When I got the phone call I said 'are you sure?' and he said I can ring someone else and give them the job if you like? LOL! No of course not!

3. How much money did you make at your first job? As a 14 year old I earnt $4.81 an hour (I think).

4. Tell the story of your first day. Did you come home exhausted or excited? I remember leaning the 7 (I think) steps of customer service. Greet the customer. Take the order. Suggestive sell or sell up. Take the order. Take payment. Thank the customer. Yes I know its only 6 but I cant remember all that well! LOL! I learnt that while walking around the carpark picking up cigarette butts. Such a lovely job.

5. List your job responsibilities. Take orders and get the stuff pretty much. Whatever a frontline maccas chick does really.

6. What is your favourite/least favourite thing about your first job? I loved working in the drive thru (yes *I* know it is through but apparently McDonalds Australia doesn't!) where you took the orders and the money. That was fun. Least favourite would have to be 8 hour dining room shifts. Mopping floors for 8 hours. What could be better than that?! NOT!

7. How did you spend your pay? On food. I got fat. I was 48 kgs. I went to ohhhh about 80 kgs in a year. I really should have saved some of that money. I remember getting $50 out so I could buy a towel from CHS State Athletics but it was stolen out of my bag. I was devastated so my parents replaced it. Other than that, food.

8. Did the job interfere with your schoolwork/sport or social life? I gave up athletics about 9 months after starting at work. I didn't have time and if I couldn't work certain days I wouldn't get rostered on much. The only thing I ever regret is giving up athletics. It didn't interfere with schoolwork though thank goodness.

9. How many hours a week did you work? Depended but I am sure I used to get a 3 or 4 hour shift during the week and a 5 hour and maybe an 8 hour shift on weekends.

Well, thats about it from me tonight - yes - it is nighttime! No I am not at work, Steve had to go away for work so I had the night off. Right now I am watching Saving Babies and trying not to cry! So heartbreaking! Then I am watching SVU and then I am off to bed. I will murder someone if I wake up at 4 in the morning and cannot get back to sleep! Thats the problem with nightshift! But I do love spending the day with Luke and dropping off and picking up Kate!

Although Luke is not always an angel. Like yesterday I was dragging my sorry butt out of bed only to have him tell me the TV wasn't working. I wonder why when you spray water into it?!?! Steve pulled it apart and had a fan going on it to dry it out and it seems to have done the trick! It is back to normal. For the moment anyway, and thats all that matters!

Well, thats probably about it from me tonight. Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!!! :D

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


You know the old wives tale, if you give your baby stuff away sure enough you will fall pregnant. I knew I shouldn't have given away my pram and portacot! Yep, 8 weeks and 1 day today. We are due on our Wedding Anniversary!

I haven't been well. I have even lost a kilo. Just the very thought of food makes me feel sick! Bring on the next 4 weeks! I can't wait to be over this sickness.

I am hanging up my scissors and glue for a while. I am a little over scrapbooking at the moment. I am not finding joy in it. I find it quite boring and time consuming at the moment.

Kate turned 6 a week ago. We had a McDonalds party on the weekend. It was great! Cheap too, and I didnt have to clean up. I went to buy her a new dress to wear and I couldnt find one anywhere! I went to Pumpkin Patch to look at the maternity clothes and saw a beautiful dress down from $46 to $20. I ended up spending $57 but saved $83! Talk about some great bargains!

Kate received a bike for her birthday off us. She loves riding it. Luke on the other hand has still not managed to work out how to ride his bike. He will not use those pedals for the life of him! For a kid that can stand 5 meters away and scon you in the head with a ball, I thought for sure would pick up how to ride a bike really easy. Apparently not.
I guess thats it from me. Not much has been happening around here, especially no housework. If I am not sitting around feeling ill, I am so tired I can barely move. Lets hope the next couple of weeks goes really fast!
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Sunday, March 4, 2007


SO you see I was trying to go a whole month without posting. No, just kidding. We received some news the other week which really rocked our socks and well we have come to terms with it and are moving forward. Details to follow.

So while I have been mostly offline, I can say that I got all that cleaning done. My house was spotless. Perfect. Two weeks later, you cant really tell. I am dissapointed. Anyone got some good tips for helping kids help? Thanks for everyones comments. I like to know that I am normal. I dont want to be extraordinary. I just want to be ordinary, normal.

I have scrapped a bit, but thats only because I am in two comps at the moment. I am competing in Reality Scraps over at Scrapbook City. The layouts for that comp are Joy and Friday Favourite.

I am also competing in The Big Challenge over at Bon's Scraps. The layouts I have done for that comp so far are Nambucca and Rain, rain dont go away.

The first layout - Joy - you could only use the MM patterned paper, no cardstock, and you had to use the 8inch MM chipboard shape and you had to put your journalling on it.

The second layout - Friday Favourite - you could only use cardstock, no patterned paper at all. You also had to have a handmade embellishment, use either a pice of bling or fancy edged bazzill, and a handcut title.

The third layout - Nambucca - had to use the colour combo aqua and peach. When I first read the challenge, I was like, What The?! but I love it now!

The fourth layout - Rain, rain dont go away - had to use the colour combo blue and red.

I tell you, the challenges arent easy but I am enjoying doing them.

I know I am sad, but I have already started on my BTP for this years Scrabooking Memories Masters comp! I just want to not leave it to the 11th hour like I did last year.

I was lookingo ver at Lusi's blog and I am so in love with her playing cards she is doing for Emily Falconbridge's challenge. Very inspiring stuff. I might just need to buy a pack and see what I come up with... Hmmm.... dont know exactly when I will have time to do it though....

Not much else has been happening. Home stuff and work. I worked 42 hours this week! Cant wait for pay day! LOL! ;)

I have been thinking about challenging myself (I am doing nothing but challenges lately! LOL!) to take a photo a day. Maybe every two days. LOL. I will start today and see how I go I think.

Signing off for now! Thanks for stopping by and I am slowly getting around to people's blogs... slowly.... Take care! :)