Sunday, January 28, 2007


Finally an update. I thought that I had nothing interesting to tell you all, but thats not why I have this blog. It is to help me keep track of the thing we do so I can look back on it when I scrap. I have done before. I scrapped Luke's birthday last year and I went back and took the journalling from what I wrote here. So from now on, no matter how boring and mundane it is, it is my life and I need help in remembering it! LOL!

So.... umm... what exactly did I do last week.....

Well first things first, I got myself a new camera! I had a Fuji s3500 and well, I was sick of the shutter lag and having to take a millions photos just for one good one, and then that was annoying because it was so slow. So Steve told me to go and get it. So I did. A Fuji s9500. He thought I should have spent the extra money and got a SLR but I dont want one. I dont have a passion for photography so I feel it would be wasted. Not only that, I fiddle too much. Steve is forever saying 'just take the darn photo... see now you lost it' and I figure with different lenses and stuff I would be missing far too many photos. So I got me this one and it has a manual zoom and it is one sweet machine. Even Steve has had a play aound with it. I have to admit, it is nice to be in FRONT of the camera. ;)

Also to that I have started collecting supplies for this year Master's competition. My BTP is going to be a big job so I figure there is no harm in starting it early.

I got my uni stuff in the mail too. I have decided to put Luke into preschool 1 day per week and that will be my study day. I was looking at the work I have to do and it doesnt look easy but as my sister said to me, it is a proper mathematics degree. True. It's not meant to be easy.

I had organised to go to the pool on wednesday. It rained. Of course. But the pool was indoors so we still went. Hardly anyone else did so it was great! Kate is getting very confidednt in the water. She kept asking if I could take one of the sections off her floatie. Not until she has lessons I tell her. She gets so excited by her accomplishments. Her teacher wrote that on her report card last year and yeah, it is very true. I like the fact that she takes pride in what she achieves. Luke on the other hand was not so confident, unless of course, he was stuck to me like a koala to a tree. I found out that the back floaties are potentially very dangerous. Luke fell forward onto his fron a couple of times and because of the floatie, he could not roll over. Scared me to think that I trusted the little sucker stuck on his back. Lucky I was only an arms reach away. So we had fun and were there for hours and the kids did not want to go home! And I even wore my tankini with NO shorts on. Getting pretty confident there. LOL.

Which brings me to thursday. January 25th. Luke's 3rd Birthday. Wow. I can't believe a year has already passed and yet I feel like it has just been a week. My little dude is so cute! I just want to bottle up his sweetness! He runs to me and plants a big kiss on my mouth and tells me he loves me - "I wub you mummy". But you can read that child like a book and fair dinkum he is so michevious! You can tell he is going to do something naughty waaay before he does it! It is written on his face! He is cheeky and yes I do call him evil, and some days I feel like he is, but I could make a mint if I could bottle the sweet side of him. But alas, he is 3 already. For his birthday we got him a bike. He can't ride it. In fact, he puts the brakes on when you try to push him along. I figure that he will 'get it' sooner or later.

Steve took his boat out on Australia Day. This was the first time he properly went out with the intention to fish. Now, I dont mind him going fishing... just as long as he brings nothing home. And he didn't so all is well and he can go again! LOL! Between Steve and BIL they caught a bundle of fish - most of them were barely legal but becasue they throw them all back its all good. And Steve enjoyed himself. He really did. And thats enough to make me happy. (Even he does come home stinking of fish and petrol!) My sister kept me company. It was nice to hang out and just gasbag. And she is expecting! How exciting! In another 6 months there is going to be the tiny patter of sweet baby feet!

Which brings me to today. We have an addition to the family. A kitten. Meggs (unless we think of a better name LOL). I was looking on the Trading Post site - for reasons seriously unknown - and I came across and ad that was selling rescued kittens. We had already discussed getting a kitten the other week and the one we were going to get wasnt ready for a few more weeks. So I showed Steve the ad - for $120 you got a desexed kitten, that was microchipped, vaccinated, wormed AND litter trained. So I rang the lady this morning and we went and had a look. And we got one. He is just so precious! And he has even showed Webster who is boss by hissing at him and scaring the crap out of Webby. LOL. He is all over everything though! At one point we were looking for him and he was sitting on top of Steve's computer table! The kids love him and wont leave the poor little guy alone! I am sure once he is settled in he will enjoy the attention. I took him to use the litter tonight and when he jumped out he stopped walking and looked up at me so of course I picked him up. I am glad he is warming to us so quickly.

Tommorrow. Is. My. 27th. Birthday. That just freaks me out a little. The downhill run to 30 sure does go quick! I feel like I should have accomplished more in my life. I feel like I just havent done enough to justify my age. But what is there to accomplish I suppose? I just dont want to get to 70 and look back and think that I have not done anything. I will keep pondering this for a while I think.

Well I guess I should go. I have to edit some photos to get them printed tomorrow. Not much scrapping has been happening here but that will change soon since I am in a competition over at Scrapbook City. We have to do a layout about what we want to get out of the competition. For the last week I have had a layout firmly in my head. I made Steve take the photo and now I just have to scrap it and hope it turns out the same as whats in my head because it looks pretty cool up in there. But anyway, here is my layout for my latest Memory Bugs DT assignment. I really like the way it turned out, and yes, I am a year late with the whole curly brackets thing, but I just have never 'got' them ok?! LOL!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and take care! :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Last week was so busy! I really should have blogged throughout the week as this is going to be a long post!

Last wednesday I rang my grandarents to see how Kate was going and they suggested I meet them at the shops. So I spent the better part of my day walking around the shops not looking at anything in particular. We had to cut the trip short as Luke had an accident. So we came home and I cooked dinner and then went off to work.

Thursday I met up with the gorgeous Lusi and her 3 munchkins! Lusi is just wonderful and her kids are just darling! I can't wait till the next time we meet up! The kids played really well together and I had the nicest chat and the best frozen coke! LOL! ;) Then I went and collected Kate from my grandparents house. Home to cook dinner then go to work.

Friday was just super hot! We went to the shops to buy some stuff for school and Luke needed a new pair of shoes. He even picked his own shoes out - Spiderman ones! He loves them and wants me to keep taking photos of them! LOL! Then back home again and the kids played around in the wading pool to cool down. They had heaps of fun and were in there for 2 hours while I sat and read a magazine (supervising LOL). Then dinner and work.

Saturday I got to scrap with Kylie and Moira at a class taught by Kylie. My layout turned out nothing like the class one, but I used it as inspiration. ;) I have decided just to let go with my scrapping and do whatever and you know, I had fun! I also had fun at the 50% off storewide sale. Lets just say ALOT of fun. I bought The Journaler's Handbook and lets just say I almost cried after reading the first 4 pages! I know I am a sooky lala - but I have so many journaling ideas floating around my head, I just wish I had some time to scrap them!

Then on sunday we went to Taronga Zoo! We went with Fliss and Jus and had a great time! The kids loved it! Although I think it may have been just a bit much for Luke. The seal show was great but after that it got quite hot and it was just after lunch time so alot of the animals were dozing at the back of their pens after that. Not to worry! We got to see the new elephants too. When we got home we had a nap and then Steve went out to dinner with some mates for a farewell and me and the kids watched Barnyard. Well I laughed and I cried. It was a good movie, but a little dark for kids I think.
Which brings me to today. Don't you hate it when you do the shopping and think 'nah I dont need that I have some at home' only to go home and find you have run out!? Argh! So back to the shop we go... while I was there this time I bought a new washing basket and yep I hung washing on my clothesline. I havent used my clothesline for the last 18 months I reckon. Since getting that dryer I use that and only that. It didnt help that we would always wash in the evenings. So my pegs are getting a workout. LOL!

Lusi and I were having an Ali E talk the other day about a Word. I have chosen my word for he year. ENJOY. I need to enjoy the small things. The big things. The obscure things. I need to enjoy my hobbies. I need to enjoy my family time. I need to enjoy my me time (not that there is much of that left nowadays!). I just need to enjoy.
Well, I better go as Luke decided to play with a bee and in Luke style, got stung on the finger. A lesson learnt I hope. So now the kids are watching Playschool. Quiet times.
Thanks for stopping by and take care!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


<---This is Webster. He got groomed today, and by that I mean he got shaved. He is a long haired border collie and well, not anymore. The grooming people said he can have his hair short all year round as he has sufficient 'padding'. LOL! So this is how he is going to stay! He looks so handsome now too! I mean he always did, but now even more so!

I signed up to a competition over at - Reality Scrap. I think it is like a Survivor type thing, but whatever it is - I am really looking forward to competing in it! You all should head over there for a peek, the girls are so nice and friendly and the work in the gallery is amazing!

We hired some movies the other day, Cars and Pirates of the Carribean. Can I just say that I am totally in love with Cars and Mater is the funniest guy going around! I am thinking that this is one movie I will definately buy and Luke loves to watch the 'racing cars'.

I finished that layout for and I will upload it as soon as the newsletter is out! Thats another great site that you should all head over to, and not because I am on the DT either (how was that for pimping! LOL! :P). The shop is great as well as the prices and the people on the forums are very friendly! And well, the forums need spicing up a little so if you have a spare couple of minutes, head over and make yourself at home!

Kate has gone to my grandparents (or her great-grandparents) house for a couple of days. She loves it up there as grandma and pop have beautiful gardens that she likes to roam around in. They live in the Blue Mountains and although they can't take her bushwalking like they used to take me and my sisters, I am sure she enjoys it just the same! :)

Well, thats it from me, I have to head up to the chemist. Get this. I went to the chemist yesterday to see if they had Head and Shoulders in Menthol because Franklins doesn't stock this type anymore. They didn't have it but they offered to order it in for me. I am like, umm isn't that a lot of trouble. No, not at all apparently because about 3 hours later I got a call to say that they had some in stock. Ok then. Sure. I will come and get it then.

So, thats my life in a nutshell right now, well, some of the more interesting points anyway! LOL!

Oh, and if you dont have Blogarithms - GET IT! It helps keep track of all your blogging buddies with one concise email per day that lets you know which ones have been updated. So go to and sign up today. And thats an order! LOL! And thankyou to Kylie for telling me about it! :)

Alright dudes, catch you all later! :)

Sunday, January 7, 2007


*drumroll please*

The answers to my quiz are:
1. My favourite TV show is HOUSE
2. My favourite band is NICKELBACK
3. I have a dog which is a BORDER COLLIE
4. My siblings are 2 SISTERS
5. My favourite food is CHOCOLATE
6. My favourite movire is FORREST GUMP
7. When I was gowing up I wanted to be an ARCHITECT
8. When I finish Uni I will be a TEACHER
9. My hobbies include SCRAPBOOKING
10. My favourite day of the week is WEDNESDAY

So today we took the kids to Lollipop playground at Penrith. This was the first time we went there as we normally go to KidAbout at St Marys. Well, my jaw, and DH's almost hit the floor when they charged us $4.40 per adult to get in! You see no where else we have been does, so it was a bit of a shock. But I have to admit, it was clean and well kept and we all enjoyed ourselves. Yes, me and Steve are those dumbarse parents you see that go on the thing aswell! So I guess $4.40 is better than the $11 you pay for the kids! LOL! Anyway, so we were there for a couple of hours and had fun.

Then we just bummed around at home. Steve was playing around with his boat as he bought the remaining things it needed. I was going through all my old mags. I have mags dating back to 2002. That is sad. So I am chucking them all out! Well, most of them anyway. I decided to go through them and pull out anything I like. So far, lets just say, very Creative Memories..... so I havent pulled out much!

Ok, so I am sitting here procrastinating about a DT layout I have to do for Memory Bugs. I am also thinking that I have so many blogs to catch up on and just not enough time. Ok, nothing much else is happening around here. I better go and try and scrap..........

Take care and thanks for stopping by and dont be shy and leave a message!!!!!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Today was fun! We went out on the boat! Well, I didnt, but DH and the kids did. Now I know I didn't say it was anything spectacular, because it isn't. It's just a 12' tinny. Nothing special but makes DH happy just the same. And that makes me happy. Luke just loved it! He was so excited that he did not want to get out! We were only out for a short time as it started pelting down rain. The kids just look so adorable in their life jackets! LOL!

So it is 2007. I hope everyones New Year went off with a bang! My sister and BIL came over for a BBQ but we stuffed ourselves silly on all the nibblies that we didn't end up cooking the BBQ. But thats ok as they came over today so we had it for lunch. So I had a couple of drinks last night and we played Buzz. That is a cool game. Even if Fliss always wins!

I was a little dissapointed by the fireworks, dont get me wrong, they were spectacular, but the bridge ones were lacking. When I want to watch fireworks off the bridge, I want to see fireworks off the bridge! I think we are just so used to seeing it, thats all.

Well Christmas was fun here. The kids as usual got spoilt, and so did I this year! I got a slow cooker, a guillotine cutter thing (which I was going to test tonight but instead spent all night chatting to Kylie and Moi!) and a new cordless keyboard and mouse which I am using this instant! I was very spoilt indeedy!

So I am going to go soon as I want to read a bit more of my book before I go to bed. I am reading the DaVinci Code which is quite interesting as I didn't even know who Mary Magdaline was! LOL! I have done a bit of internet researching, like looking up the image of the Last Supper and so forth because religion is not something that we were brought up with. But I am finding it very interesting indeed.

But before I go... I have a quiz for you all to take!