Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Well, the Scrapbooking Memories Masters magazine is out to subbers. I received one Honorable Mention for my mini album, funny though as I considered that my weakest part of my entry. Oh well, go figure. You will need to click on the photo to get the full picture.

My single page layout

My double page layout

My mini album

And my storage idea which is just an old wooden ladder with canvases in between the rungs with a couple of buckets hung off it for pens etc.


I just want to say a HUGE congratulations to my pal Mel who received a HM for her storage! This girl has talent beyond belief and I knew it was just a matter of time before the powers that be recognised it too!!!!

Take care and thanks for stopping by!!! :D

Monday, December 17, 2007


My week in photos.

Amy, smiling:

Christmas photo shoot. Will try again maybe today.

Chrisco was delivered. Now my cupboards are jammed packed with breakfast cereals and lollies and chips. LOL!

The training wheels came off Kate's bike.

Steve has finished his boat! Hopefully we will go out in it on the weekend!

Little Athletics Christmas Party!

Take care and thanks for stopping by! :D

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


School Holiday Challenge!

I have decided to set a challenge for myself and the kids! The challenge is to do stuff during the holidays but only a maximum of $50 can be spent per week on activities. The money will be cummulative so if what we dont spend one week will add to the next week. I have some ideas for activities but I need to do a bit more research I think! I was thinking of things like going to Sydney Olympic Park or going to the pools type of thing. This way we can have a fun filled holiday without breaking the bank! Feel free to join in and have your own challenge!

In other news, I go back to work tonight. I have mixed emotions about this but you have to do what you have to do. The thing I am thankful for is that I love my job and what I do and that I am able to spend time with the kids during the day. It's a win-win situation. :D

I had not one, but 2 family Christmas parties on the weekend. I enjoy catching up with family. Ahhh Luke is a funny bugger! At the moment he doesn't like having his photo taken but at the same time if you are trying to take photos of others he is there saying 'me too'! LOL!

Just a question: Where do people stand on teacher gifts and what type of things do you give them? I was planning on making the water bottle carrier thing for Kate's teacher. I dunno. What does everyone else do?

Well, thats about it from me today. I finished altering my work pants earlier, I let the waist out a little but had to bring the legs in, go figure?! Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by! :D

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Nothing much been happening here of late. Amy smiled yesterday for the first time, like a proper smile. She is so cute. Hopefully I can get her to smile for the camera. ;)

I joined an awesome site - - but it does have quite a long waiting list, well it did when I initially put my name down. I had forgotten all about it until I got the email to say my account had been activated. It is for yarn crafters, knitting and crocheting etc. Some great stuff to make on the site. Really worth checking out!

Luke has been playing on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse site. It links to other sites and one that I have seen Luke go to is Handy Manny. Well, he was out with Steve mucking around with the floor of the boat and here is Luke sitting there with his pencil behind his ear. I guess Bob the Builder is a thing of the past and is now replaced by Handy Manny.

And a photo of my other gorgeous girl, Kate, blowing bubbles. She likes to do her own hair now and doesnt quite get the headband thing. Oh well, she still looks cute enough.

Thats about is from me today. Nothing much really has been happening but I just wanted to get it down on paper when Amy first smiled. Take care and have a wonderful day! :)

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Another month been and gone.

Wednesday was a busy day here. It started out with playgroup for Luke, Amy and I. Luke loves going to playgroup. It is at an OOSH centre so it is well equipped for kids. There weren't many kids there this week which was nice as it seemed a lot more relaxed. I have been to a couple of different playgroups and this is by far the bestgroup I have been to. The parents don't all just sit around talking, but rather we get down on the floor and we play with the kids. Then towards the end we have a movement session where we sing and dance, not that Luke really likes that part, but I join in anyway! LOL!

We also put the Christmas tree up. The kids decorated it, and I have to admit, I made a few little adjustments. We started to put the lights up outside aswell but we only put out 3 sets and Steve refused to do anymore. I will see about getting him up on the roof in the morning though. ;) I am looking forward to seeing what our house looks like with all our lights up. Goodness knows we have enough powerpoints! They went powerpoint crazy in this house!

And not only that, Amy was one month old on wednesday. I grabbed the catscratch (as it is a hump) and a blanket and took them out the back. Then I came back inside for child and camera and Steve said 'she isn't a doll you know'. Well, umm, right now she is and I am taking as many pics as I can! LOL! She had a quite unsettled day for some reason but ended up having a good night so that was good. Here she is...

She has the cutest little frown, although I suspect she will have a permanent crease if she doesn't stop doing it!

On thursday STeve rang me from the school as Kate had a mufti day which I forgot about so I quickly got ready and took her some clothes. The poor thing, I felt so terrible! I then went and had Amy weighed and measured. Her weight is 4.11kgs, length 53.5cms and HC 37cms. She sure is growing quickly! I also bought myself some new clothes. I never seem to buy myself new stuff, but yet the kids are always dressed so nicely. Oh well. Then a visit with my sister which was nice to catch up.

Friday saw us going to sewing class. I am making a tree skirt for the Christmas tree. Hopefully I finish it in time! I am doing the applique and then I just have to sandwich it and bind it. We have 2 weeks left so hopefully I get it done. I use sewing to bribe Luke through the week. He really loves going there, so if he isn't going to sleep, I just say to him 'if you don't go to sleep, you can't go to sewing' and sure enough within 5 minutes he has fallen asleep! Bliss!

Well, thats about it from me. I need to go and make some bottles up and then go to bed as I have had a permanent headache for the last 3 days! Ugh! Have a good one! :D

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


You know, the thing I don't like about this time of the year is that it is so full on! I have so much going on and not enough time to write it all down, which is exactly why I have this blog, so I can look back and remember things we have done. Has anyone ever sat down and re-read their blog? I was talking to Kylie and Lusi about this at Paper Crafts last month. I have. I have re-read from my first post up to my last post, a couple of times actually. And you know what, it makes me smile. I think I have been spoilt by the life I have. Truely.

So, what's been happening? Lots! I feel that I am never home during the week lately!

Amy is 1 month old tomorrow! Already! It has gone so fast. She is a great baby, she sleeps for 7 hours most nights, which is wonderful! Our transition from being a family of 4 to a family of 5 has been very smooth. It is still very surreal and I sometimes look at her and think where did the last 9 months go because it just seems like yesterday that we found out she was on her way.

I took these photos of Amy yesterday. Steve is so proud of his green grass! No photoshopping there! LOL! He was originally throwing buckets of water from the shower and siphoning out the bath water to make his grass green, but he can't take credit for the greeness really because the recent heavy rains is what really did it! Anyway, here is Amy:

I just LOVE babies feet!!! They are just the cutest things ever! Amy has had a terrible breakout! The poor chicken has these pimples all over her face and they are even in her hair! Kate and Luke never got them when they were babies, but I have been told it is just hormonal and they wont last. I hope not as her face looks so sore!

I made the kids these water bottle holders the other week. Link here. I made them for little athletics so they can carry their own water bottle and so they dont get confused with other kids. They really like them and they were really easy to make, except Kate's kept puckering but her material felt thin and it kept going out of shape, but in the end it looked good! And here is my model Luke fashioning his 'Jack Sparrow' water bottle holder. That's what he calls it.

Kate had her Medal Day at little athletics the other weekend. As far as I am concerned, all I want her to do is have fun and try her best, she is only 6 afterall! She DID try really hard, but she was so upset that she didn't win a medal! She was crying and I felt terrible for her! Her events and places: 200m - 5th, 100m - 6th, shot put - 4th, discus - 7th, long jump - 9th. She did PB's in the 200, 100 and shot put. I was so proud of her. But she just bawled her eyes out and silly me said, 'well some of those girls do train'. That was it, I have now been conned into taking her to training. She has only been once as it rained the other day, and I must say, I am quite impressed with the trainer, instead of doing running he concentrates on drills which is good for the younger kids. He is teaching them how to run properly, which is great.

I guess thats the higlights of the last couple of weeks. I am sure there is more, but I can't remember it all. I think I might have to start a daily blogging challenge for myself so I dont miss anything! I did have a lowlight though, on the weekend I had my Christmas party for work. Let's just say I am NEVER EVER EVER drinking alcohol again!!! EVER!!!! The best thing about getting so drunk and sick, is knowing that my wonderful husband is just so wonderful. Not only was I sick that night, Luke was too (but that's a WHOLE other story!). He looked after us both and cleaned up after us, and ran errands and looked after the kids. And then last night, he came home with a bunch of flowers and chocolates for me. He really is wonderful, even if he did think that if I choked on my own vomit in the middle of the night the house would be paid off with my life insurance. Nice. But in all seriousness, that man deserves a medal.

Ok, well, I better go as I have to get ready as I am going to go and visit some old work friends. Have a wonderful day everyone!!! :D

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Well, monday was interesting. It was the first time I would have to load all 3 kids into the car. Lucky I left myself plenty of time as it took me 10 minutes just to get the pram into the car! For the life of me I couldn't work out how to put it down. I did... eventually. So of course I had to take a photo of this to remind myself that it will get easier!

And then it took me 5 minutes to put the pram back up, or should I say, for a lady to drive past, park her car and come and help me. Yes, it is a new pram! LOL! I gave my old one away a month before I fell pregnant! So, yeah, fun stuff. I am getting quicker at it though.

Another happy snap of Amy:

And because Luke wanted to pose and have photos too:

I received most of my SM Masters entry back yesterday, my storage item was too large to post so I have to go and collect that. It had something written on the box that had me bummed out a little. The thing is, I really loved my entry and thought it all gelled really well together. Oh well! There is always next year, if I am crazy enough to enter again! We shall see, I guess.

Well, thats pretty much it from me today! Take care and thanks for stopping by!!! :D

Monday, November 5, 2007


All is well in the Jarrett household! I have finally kicked DH off the computer long enough to catch up on emails and updating blogs etc. Thankyou so much to everyone who left comments and emails! Amy is doing really well, she even slept for 7 hours straight last night! It is hard to believe she has been here already for a week! Her cord stump fell off today, that's good as it makes nappy changing time so much easier! I resisted the urge to photograph it, thinking it was a little weird. I am still thinking I should have but I think Steve would then start worrying about me! LOL! Speaking of worrying, it seems I missed the 'baby blues' this time around! Hooray! Although I am thinking that I have just been on Cloud 9 since Amy arrived that I passed them by without any tears, you know.

I took Kate and Luke Trick or Treating on Halloween. It was a mad rush to finish their costumes, but, well, I did have other important things I was doing the couple of days prior! We decorated the house and everything! We ended up with a heap of left over lollies. Luke puked that night and the next night from what we think was too many lollies. Oh well. So here is Tinkerbell and Capt'n Sparrow:

We were out the other day at the Plaza and we thought we would see about getting foxtel. You see, our TV reception is absolutely terrible! The kids were watching snow one day which should have been the afternoon cartoons on channel 2. It had been getting worse so we thought why not, and we even got free installation an the first month free, but I swear if I have to watch one more episode of Spongebob Squarepants with the kids I am going to go CRAZY!!!

I took some photos of Amy the other day and this one is my favourite!

Awwwww! She is just so cute!!! I could eat her up!!!!!

Yesterday, on a spur of the moment, I decided to go out to Paper Crafts at Penrith. I went with Kylie and got to meet and catch up with some other gorgeous scrappers, Megan, Libby, Mishell, Lusi, Jen, Danielle, Bek and Alison. It was so fun chatting to these guys and a photo session at the end turned into a comedy event worthy of a tv production!

And here I am with Amy today. I was having cuddles when she fell asleep, and who am I to wake a sleeping baby? I could just sit here like this and hold her all day!

Well, thats about it from me today. I know, totally random. It's all good as apparently I still have 'baby brain'?! What I want to know, is do you ever fully recover from it? I made Amy's bottles up wrong the other night, I didnt put enough scoops of formula in them and wondered why she wanted 3 bottles in 3 hours. Smart one, huh?

Take care and thanks for stopping by!!! :D

PS. Kylie, did you notice I didnt write 'so, anyway' or 'actually'? Proud of me, huh? :P

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


And here she is...

Amy Lauren Jarrett

7.13am 28 October 2007

3760g (8lb 5oz)

51cm long 34cm HC

Born on our Wedding Anniversary. Labour was quick but intense and she was out in two pushes, mind you, the first push contraction went for over three minutes and her head was out and she was crying before the rest of her could be pushed out!

She looks so much like Luke did when he was born, except she has dark hair, and well, she has hair, the other two were bald!

Ok, back to bed for me for some more sleep!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


39+5 weeks and still no baby sightings! Oh well. It will come when it is ready, or should I say, when I am least ready for it! LOL! I even took some castor oil yesterday and nothing. Friday is a full moon, so maybe it will happen then? Pffft! All I know is, it will happen when it is ready and I just have to be patient!! 

Luke and I went to the library last week and I picked up this gorgeous book.

I don't crochet, or should I say, I didn't crochet. Until monday. I had to go to spotlight to grab some material as I am making a tree skirt in my sewing class of a friday, so while I was there I decided to grab a crochet hook and a ball of wool to see what all the fuss is about. I found a few online tutorials because while the book was good, I just wasn't quite getting the 'in the round' stitch. So, I found this site which explained it all so clearly! So, if you are having trouble starting a round stitch, check out the link!

So anyway, I made these on tuesday and decided to use them on a layout.


So, crocheting isn't all that hard afterall! I would love to show you the rest of the layout, but you will have to wait until saturday when the next challenge goes up on the Journal It blog! And my next project I want to do is the round cushion on the front of the book, I just have to find the parcel string to do it though. I think I will need to make a trip to Bunnings for that though.

Anyway, I best be going, I need to get started on the kids Halloween outfits. Luke is going to be a pirate, he was a pirate last year too, and Kate is going to be Tinkerbell.

Thanks for stopping by and take care!!! :D

Monday, October 22, 2007


39+2 weeks and I am still here. No niggles. Nothing. Bummer.

I had my last day of work on friday. I partook in a raffle. It was a Grog Raffle. I bought my 6 tickets for $5. There were six prizes. My name was pulled out 3 times. OF COURSE the pregnant chick is going to win all the alcohol!!! ROFLMAO! I only took one prize though. Some girlie drinks and chocolates. I am really looking forward to having them too. Mmmm.

I got totally spoilt and was given a HUGE basket with beautiful flowers in it and some baby stuff. Everyone has been so wonderful and generous and giving. Not sure if it is me they like, or if people just like babies! LOL!

Anyway, here is another photo Steve took of me last weekend...

Well, that's about it from me today. I might scrap something this afternoon, I have to get my Journal It layout done or it might not get done at all! LOL! Or I could have a nap. I am thinking nap. I am sure I can squeeze both in! LOL! ;) Then a nice warm bath in some Clary Sage oil to see if we can get things moving. ;)

Take care and thanks for stopping by and I will be sure to visit you all soon! I have been so slack of late with visiting peoples blogs. I will endeavour to be better! I promise! :D

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Still here at 38+5 weeks. Nothing much happening.

On monday Luke and I went to Spotlight in Blacktown to check out the sale. It was all 50% off. All I picked up was some felt, 2 placemats to make these cool bags, 3 bottles of DM as you can never have enough and some crafty stuff for the kids. Followed by a 45 minute wait in the queue. Fun stuff. Well, no, not really.

Yesterday Luke and I went for a 45 minute walk.

Still no baby action today. All that standing and walking and nothing but sore and tired feet. I am sure it will happen soon enough, like, when it is ready. And on top of that, I cannot find my bottle of Clary Sage oil! It has been lost in the move. Oh well.

I found a cool site the other day. It has a really cool thing to make. The Artist's Survival Kit. I am so going to print this out and make it! Very cool huh?

So anyway, here is another photo of me. I feel so silly getting these photos taken! Steve was like, arent you going to change into some clean clothes, because I was in my jammies, and I am like, no, because of the love hearts, der. I don't think he got it. LOL!


Well, that's about it from me today. Hopefully you wont hear from me for a couple of days! LOL! Doubt it! This baby is going to be late, I bet!

Thanks for stopping by and take care! :D

Monday, October 15, 2007


38+2 weeks today. Wow, it is getting closer and closer and closer! I was talking to Steve earlier and I was saying how surreal it all still feels. I am sure those feelings will be long gone when we are getting our 3 hourly wake up calls! LOL!

Well, today I made Steve take some photos of me. I know, about time, huh? But I was having some weird thoughts last night before I fell asleep. One of them was I better get some photos as Kate was born at 38+3 weeks and I really didn't want to go through this for the last time without some photos. So, here ya go:


This pregnancy has been completely different to the other two. I was much sicker in the first 14 weeks when the very thought of food would make me want to hurl. I haven't put on copious amounts of weight like I did with the other two. I have put on about 8 kilos, which should make losing it easier! I haven't suffered with a certain embarrassing ailment like I did for the entire 9 months with the other two pregnancies. (Which has been total heaven!) And the last 8 1/2 months have gone so fast. It is hard to believe that the baby could be here any day now! (Except not tomorrow as Steve has to travel about 1 1/2 hours each way to see customers tomorrow! He ain't getting out of it THAT easy!!!) I have to say, I have really enjoyed being pregnant and I cannot wait to meet little Amy!

I scrapped yesterday for challenge #4 over at the Journal It blog. I actually really really like the layouts I am creating for these challenges. I wouldn't have scrapped these photos otherwise, or I would have scrapped them with the very basic information. In fact, I KNOW I wouldn't have scrapped the photo I did last night because it was an awful, messy photo. But I am glad I did. Photos don't have to be perfect, they just need to convey the message. Anyway, go on over and check out this weeks challenge. It is really easy this week!

Other than that not much else has been happening here. A little bit of retail therapy yesterday, although quite boring. I got us all new mattress protectors. You see, about a year ago I bought the kids new ones which were waterproof and machine washable, just what you need for kids, right? Well, I had a nap in Kate's the other weekend and fair dinkum I sweated so badly and it wasn't hot. Nup. It was the bloody waterproofing. I feel terrible now that they have been sleeping with these uncomfortable things for the last year. So I saw KMart had a homeware sale on and I got us all new ones as they were 30% off. Sweet. Here's to a good restful nights sleep! And I got my eyebrows waxed in case I went into labour - I can't have funky eyebrows in my hospital pics! ROFL!!!

Well, that really is about it from me today, I better go as the kids are being awfully quiet!!!

Take care and thanks for stopping by!!! :D

Wednesday, October 10, 2007



I know. You are proud of me, right? Yep. I packed our bags. You know this means that the baby will be late now. But at least I will be prepared for when it does decide to meet us. Just over 2 weeks to go. I still have a week left of work and that is going well although my back was a little sore last night as I think I was sitting funny due to my belly. I still haven't got any photos. I really should because the little bugger will come and I will have no pregnancy photos! Geez I am a slacker! I will get onto that asap. I promise!

School holidays is great. I love not having to rush around in the morning and stuff but man I feel redundant. Kate and Luke seem to be getting along so well now that Luke is a little older. They have even been sleeping in the same bed of a night, not that I am sure they are getting the best possible sleep, but if you seperate them, they just sneak in anyway. It is really nice, sure they still squabble and fight but overall they are getting on really well. And I love that.

So yesterday I took them to Nurragingy Reserve to have a ride around followed by a play in the park. The ponds were filled which was good, except for the one dead duck belly up in the water, not that the kids noticed, thank goodness! We fed the ducks although judging by the fact that they didn't swarm us I guess they were already full from other kids feeding them. It was nice to get out for a couple of hours.


No, my kids aren't special and cannot ride on water! LOL! The path is right next to the water and I was too lazy/fat/pregant to get up to take a photo! LOL!

I had more planned for these holidays but Luke is not well. He has a cold and is coughing and spluttering and sneezing everywhere! Poor little mite, but he is not well so we are just relaxing at home. We pulled the old playstation out and it is keeping them occupied for the time being. So, I will save all the ideas I had for the next school holidays. Afterall, there are 6 weeks to occupy them for!

So, while they are busy, I think I will finish that pair of shorts I started making the other day. Fun stuff. May have to drag the kids to Spotlight though as I heard the Blacktown store is closing down and they are having a sale.

Lastly, have you checked out the challenge over at Journal It? No? Well, go and have a look, you might feel inspired to create!

Thanks for stopping by and take care! :D

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Ok. So it is October. I am scared. This month I am due to give birth. That scares me. I know. I have been through it two times already. I think that's what is scaring me most. Why can we cure deadly diseases and yet not have painfree childbirth?

The weeks have been flying and I have been helpless to stop them. You know, I started to pack my hospital bag last week. Then I promptly unpacked it. Yep. I was scared. I really have to get our bags packed. Maybe tomorrow.


Now, where was I in that alphabet... oh, that's right, E.

E is for Edwards, my maiden name. I liked it. I never had to spell it out. It was easy and convenient. I had a pretty bad signature though. Those letters just don't flow well together. I like my new signature much better now I am married. Which reminds me, our wedding anniversary is coming up this month. Yep. Same day the baby is due. Scary. But sweet.

So, it has been like over a week since I posted. Hmmmm. What's been happening. Well, it is school holidays here. We haven't done much in the way of going out.

Monday was our Labour Day holiday here in NSW. We did a tip run. Hopefully our last. I cannot believe how much crap we still had lying around the yard. All gone now and our yard looks so much bigger. We have been tossing up about what to plant in our backyard. Steve wants to put hedges in. I don't care to be honest. I know it will look good whatever he decides.

Tuesday we bummed around the house. I sewed myself a shirt. Not that I can wear it right now so I don't even know if it fits, although it looks similar to another shirt I already had so it should be all good. I was quite proud of myself. Even Steve thought I did a good job.

Wednesday I decided to bite the bullet and make Kate a shirt. I didn't have a pattern. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted though. Then when I was hanging out the washing I thought that one of her other shirts was probably very similar. So I cut out a rough pattern and went to work. It turned out good. She even asked me if she could wear it to a birthday party today. Who am I to object? LOL! Next time she wears it I will be sure to get a photo.

Thursday we were going to go to the Warehouse and get some crafty supplies/books/toys that break after 5 minutes. Kate wanted to go to the park to ride her bike. It was about 35 degrees here and blowing a gale. I said no. She chucked a tantrum. We went to Nepean Lakes to ride her darn bike. She rode about 400m before she decided that it really wasn't a good idea. And in all my mum glory I did the "we say no to things for a reason not to be mean" speech. I have said it before. Hopefully if I say it enough times it will sink in. Hopefully.

So as punishment on friday I dragged the kids to Spotlight. LOL! I got some gorgeous canvassy type material to make myself a skirt and a couple of pieces of fabric for 2 more tops for me. Again, not that I can try them on or wear them. And some material to make a bag, which I was going to start tonight but decided to blog instead! LOL!

Today we had little athletics. Kate loves it! I am so happy. I was worried that she really wouldn't enjoy it. She is so funny and runs the same pace no matter what race! She had to do a 500m run today which she told me during the week that she was a little scared about as she had to do a whole lap and some more, but she ran so well!

Afterwards my mum and her husband came over to see the house. We don't live far away. We just never make the time. It was good to see them.

Now, I must go and rest as I have running around the block for hours on end planned for tomorrow. After I pack the hospital bags of course. Maybe I could do that next week instead?

And if you have gotten this far... here is a photo I took of Kate and Luke at the Lakes the other day.


Hmmmm dirty face and all.

Now, go over and check out the 3rd challenge at Journal It! It is really easy this week!

Take care and thanks for stopping by! :)

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Turns out...

Luke does not have any apparent fluid in his ears

Nor does he have any hearing loss.

So it seems to me

He is a typical male

And just doesnt listen.

(Although if his speech doesn't improve the doctor suggested a speech therapist.)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


D is for..

Dead tired - I am constantly tired at the moment. I know - I work nights and am 8 months pregnant. I *should* be tired, I just wish I wasn't so much.

Denial - I think I am in denial over my age. It is quite scary that I am on the downhill run to 30. Yes, I have been told 30 is the new 20, but I liked being 20. It meant I still had forever to live. Now I have forever minus 7 (almost 8) years. Scary in my opinion.

So... over a week has passed since my last blog entry. It really doesn't feel like it has been that long. Stuff has happened. I think. I can't really remember through the fog of tiredness. I was just so tired last week it was not funny! I got to sleep a bit on the weekend and so far so good this week.

Last wednesday Kate had her sports carnival at school. Being in the infants they only do gross motor activities in the morning followed by a running race in the afternoon. Well, lets just say that while Kate might look happy in the photo, moments after this she kind of fell apart and did *not* want to do any more activities. I think it was because Luke and I were there having a picnic and she thought she was missing out or something. Anyway, she ended up staying with her class but not participating. I was a little miffed. At least she wore her top that I made her, and more importantly, she liked it, and now she wears it, all the time. She looked so cute in it too!


So after recess they had the running races. Before the kids got there, Luke decided to stand in front of all the parents, pull his shirt up and his pants down. I have never moved that quickly in all my life! I was mortified! He is such a feral!

Anyway, Kate ran in her first race and came third so she progressed through to the next round, where she didn't come a place, but that was ok because was so excited to have gotten through to that stage in the first place.

Which brings me to saturday. Little athletics. Luke was having a ball as usual. Kate was sitting there gloating about how she came third in her race and Luke is slow blah blah and me telling her to stop being nasty as he is trying his best. Then I ask her if she would like to do athletics if she is so great. Turns out that she does. Now we have 2 little athletes. Kate is so excited about starting this saturday!

I just hope she is better as she has a throat infection at the moment. I got called up to collect her from school on monday afternoon thinking she was just putting it on. Nup, turns out that she really is sick. Lucky I decided to take her to the doctor. I also took Luke and *finally* the doctor listened to me and didn't fob me off when I asked for a referral to see a hearing specialist. We have an appointment for a hearing test today. Very happy about that. Luke doesn't speak clearly and it is a constant source of frustration. I have spoken to different doctors in the past year and I just get told to wait and see. Well, we have one year until Luke starts school so I figure if he has a problem with his hearing then we have enough time to have it fixed. Not that it is a major problem, he just seems to have fluid in his ears. So I am looking forward to the test and to get the ball rolling if need be.

I made myself a skirt the other day. It is pretty cool except I look like the side of a bus! ROFL! Maybe I will just wait until after I have the baby to wear it! I also made Kate a nighty yesterday. No pattern. I self drafted a pattern from her old, too small nighty. It turned out ok, but trying to make binding out of satin on satin was quite difficult, so I will remember to have more patience next time, but I really wanted to get it done as a little present to her for being unwell and vomiting over the side of my bed and not in it. LOL! Man, I love not having carpet!

Ok, I think thats about all. I better go and get ready as we have to make a trip to the library and the shops before Luke's appointment. I also want to get some photos developed for the next challenge over at the Journal It blog. Have you checked out challenge 2 yet? No? Well, you should! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by and take care! :D

Monday, September 17, 2007


C is for...

Cooking - I am not a good cook. I try. I am just not very good.

Cleaning - I am not that good at that either. Although I don't try hard with that one!

Well, I think I blinked and I missed the last week! Not that we were busy or anything!

Last thursday Kate had her Assembly of Excellence, not that she recieved her gold award, but she did have to perform her dance for dance group. She loves dancing, but she still does not want to do it outside of school. One day we will stumble upon something that she really wants to do!

Saturday morning started off with Little Athletics for Luke! He loved it! They only did 2 events as practice, the 50m run and long jump. He was really shy at first and wouldn't do the warmup exercises as he was quite shy. Then he ran in the last heat of the boys as he was still unsure about the whole thing. But once he got to the end of the run he turned around and started to go back up the track for another turn! Then he couldn't wait to do the long jump! As soon as they said it was time for the boys he raced over and was second in line! No need for dad's hand this time! Needless to say, he had a fantastic time and can't wait to go next week!


Then I spent the better part of the afternoon just bumming around. Sat outside and did some embroidering on my WIP wallhanger while supervising the kids while they played in the street. Kate is getting used to riding her bike with her training wheels up so she only uses them to turn around in a circle, although I think it will only be another week or two and they will be gone completely! It hasn't taken her long to build up her confidence on her bike.

Sunday panned out very similar to saturday but I spent some time talking with the neighbours and we had the neighbours kids over. All in all, we had a very fun but relaxing weekend. Have I told you that I just LOVE my street?! All the kids get out there and play and because it is a culdesac we dont have to worry about too many cars, but at the same time, the kids are learning some street sense.

I scrapped this layout on saturday for the Journal It Challenge blog. The theme this fortnight is to scrap the story behind the story. So go on over there and check out the blog and if you participate in the challenge you could be looking at becoming a regular contributor or win a prize!

Well, that's about it from me today. Luke wants me to go and play with him and I have to go and wash up aswell. Hopefully not for too much longer as we will be getting a new dishwasher hopefully this week! Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!!! :D

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


B is for...

Beth - my name. I changed it officially through Births, Deaths and Marriages. I was born Elizabeth. My parents never called me Elizabeth. When I went to school they enrolled me as Beth, when they opened my first bank account they opened it in Beth. When I got my passport I signed my name Beth and so it was issued as Beth. My drivers license was issued in Beth. Everything except my birth certificate was in Beth. So when I went to get the kids passports I changed my name as I had to get a new birth certificate anyway! Needless to say, I had enough supporting documentation! LOL!

Blacktown - I was born and bred there and my kids were also born there.

Blue - my favourite colour.

Breakfast - my favourite meal of the day! And yes, soggy cereal does taste yummy, none of that crunchy stuff for me. I like to wait about 5 minutes of soaking before eating. Weird, maybe, but thats the way I like it!

Thats about all I can think of for B!

Here is a layout I have been working on these last couple of days. I took this photo 3 months before Websters death as I really wanted to do a layout on this! It's just a shame it has to be retrospective. I wish he was still here and I wish I was still cursing his land mines. Oh well. I had a bit of a sook when I wrote out the journaling but it just reminds me of how special he was.

We had our dishwasher looked at today. It seems our life's modern marvel has died! It is leaking and has burnt out the motor. After washing up for close to 20 years I was so grateful for that darn thing! Now we have to save some money to buy a new one. Another couple of weeks of manually washing the dishes isnt going to hurt! Well, it does hurt my back because of my baby belly and my arms are too short to reach past my tummy and into the sink so it has to be very full, but besides that, it's all good.

Which reminds me, I really have to get some photos of me before this baby comes, huh? I might harrass Steve on the weekend to take some.

Well, thats it from me today! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!!!! :D

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


 Encyclopaedia of Me Meme!

Ok, so I had seen this on a few crafty blogs and I thought it was a really cool idea!

So, without further ado...

A is for..

Amanda - my middle name. I don't really have an opinion on this name. I neither like it or dislike it. It is just a name. Actually, when people ask me what my middle name is, I have to think about it, because I forget it sometimes. *Gasp!* It's not as if I am named after anyone or anything so I guess it doesn't matter too much if I don't remember it, huh?

Alone - I guess I am like most people, I like to have some time alone. The only problem is, I get none! At all! During the day I have at least Luke with me, and then I work at night, and then when I come home I am asleep before my head touched the pillow! It's not all bad though, because when I can get a snippet of alone time, it makes it wonderful, although I am usually wondering when will Steve and the kids get home! LOL! Can't win!

You know what, A is a hard letter to think of words, so I think I will have to leave that exercise here for today, on to B next time.

I guess I better get going too, I have a layout to finish and also I have to do my layout for the next challenge over at the Journal It blog. Well, first I have to think of the challenge. Hmmm, at least I know a word that begins with P and is me completely - procrastinator! LOL! You know, I spent alot of time yesterday *looking* at sewing projects when what I should have done, is got my machine out and just did one! Oh well, maybe if I finish my layout I might sketch out a pattern for a top I want to make, or I could do a bit more embroidery on my WIP wall hanger. We shall see I guess!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day everyone! :D

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Thankyou all for the comments regarding my nan. I like to think I got my craftiness from her. She was a seamstress by trade but she also used to knit and make dolls and bears and do cross stiches and tapestries. Very crafty my nan was.

I was sad at her passing but not excessively so. I think I was more in shock and denial than anything. It certainly hit me when I drove into the carpark of the church and saw the hearse. That made it real. That made it hit home. I broke down and just cried. Cried for all the words left unspoken that should have been said. Cried for all the time I should have spent with her but hadn't. Cried because she asked me about scrapbooking about a year or so ago but I had just told her to go to a scrap shop and do some classes as there really isn't much to learn. Why hadn't I offered to take her? Why had I been so selfish with my time? Cried because I felt guilty. And I cried because I couldn't tell her I was sorry.

I am so sorry nan.

Now, this brings me to another point. I was not told that she had small cell lung cancer. If I had known, I would have been there when she needed family and friends the most. I am somewhat disappointed that I was not told. But it is too late now to be angry, all I can do is focus on the people left behind. The rest of my family. I will be more proactive and stop taking everyone for granted, especially my 3 remaining grandparents.

Anyway, onto some other things...

Luke was supposed to start Little Athletics today, but alas, it was raining and so it was called off. Oh well. At least we have that to look forward to next week! His little uniform is so cute and I can't wait to take some photos of him! He is going to love athletics! He just loves to run around and be chased and he loves to meet people!

Challenge #5 is up over at Memory Bugs!

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Flower Power Challenge!

I love this ad! If you look closely enough you can see that the cogs aren't cogs at all, but people and other obscure items. Your challenge this week, if you choose to accept, is to create a layout that incorporates flowers on it, but not your ordinary primas, I mean, I want to see you make flowers out of OTHER items, like ribbon, or brads, or draw them, or whatever! Be creative and be free and make some flower power of your own! No topic this week.

So go on and upload your entries into the gallery for your chance to win a $10 gift voucher!

And let us not forget Challenge #1 on the Journal It Blog - "I am thankful for..."

I think thats about it for now. Take care and thankyou very much for stopping by! :D

Monday, September 3, 2007


Bad stuff happens.

My nan passed yesterday. She had cancer. It originally started in her lung and then moved to her brain. I hadn't seen her in 2 years but I went and saw her on friday. I am glad I did. Until now, all 4 of my grandparents had been alive, and I think I took that for granted, you know, I thought they would always be there. They never seemed to age, they never looked different or acted different in all the years I remember. It has put a few things into perspective and I don't think I will be taking people for granted so much anymore.

Father's Day was a quiet affair here. First off was present opening which consisted of a book, some boxer shorts, chocolate and a money box. The we went and had McDonalds for breakfast, as per Steve's request. Followed by taking Luke to the doctor as he had cut his foot that morning. Did anyone know they actually get tetanus shots as part of their normal vaccinations? I didn't! LOL! I just had the kids vaccinated without really knowing what I was vaccinating against! Anyway, then we took the car through a car wash followed by a trip to Bunnings. Then we just bummed around the house and yard followed by hot chips and scallops for dinner in a picnic in the backyard. And nope, not one photo, as per Steve's request. I know. Not one. Oh well. There is always next weekend when he has no excuse! LOL!

The baby's room has started to come together. I have washed and soaked all the little clothes. The cot and bassinette are all made up and ready to go. The pram, carseats, rocker and pouch have all been washed. Now we just need the little bundle to arrive. Just over 7 weeks to go! It's very exciting stuff now!

Well, thats about it. If you haven't headed over to why don't you check it out if you have a spare minute or two. Take care and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Sneak Peek!

So this is what I was referring to about another challenge blog. Come on over and have a looksee around and I will be posting the first challenge on the 1st of September, I just have to think of one and scrap it! LOL!

And I got one of these from Mel!


Thanks Mel! The cheque's in the mail! ;)

Now, the 5 people I tag are.....

Mel H



Nic P and


So, while the cat's away the mice will play! LOL! Me and the kids had a trampoline picnic for dinner last night, which consisted of party pies and sausage rolls. That will teach me for asking a 6 1/2 year old what she wants for dinner, huh? It was fun though and this weather has been nothing short of perfect!

So, anyway, do you like Kate's dress? It has halter straps now though. You see, I was trying to make myself a top and well, I tied the elastic just a wee bit too tight, so now, yep, a dress for Kate. She loves it too! LOL!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Today Luke and I went to playgroup. It was good today as there weren't heaps of kids. Then I went to KMart as I had to return some shoes I bought - cute canvas ones which were totally UNcomfortable! The my SIL came over to help me sort out the baby's room. We went through the clothes I had and put them in size order and washed the nappies and blankets. I have the clothes soaking as I type. Mmmmmm I forgot how good a baby smells! 8 weeks to go and counting!

Anyway, I better go as Idol is on and I love Idol! I have watched every season so far and I just love it! Also, I gotta see if Ben gets through as his dad works with Steve. Cool. Thanks for stopping by and don't forget my sneak peek!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


She shoots, she scores....

Well, no, not really, but I did scrap!

Just a layout about an RDO I had last year. I appliqued the tree - cool, huh? I think the beads are a little OTT but once I had started glueing them down, well I couldn't really stop, but anyway, they are there to stay. (Oh, thanks Petrina! You need to click on the layout to see the tree properly! LOL!)

In my haste to finish my post yesterday, I forgot to say a huge big thanks to Lusi and Mel, with whom I had a wonderful morning tea with last tuesday and who were there when I needed them - especially Mel with her tissues. Gotta love a girl with tissues! I had a awesome morning! And a HUGE congrats to Mel who also made Master's Top 100! Thanks again guys!

On saturday I took Luke up to the local Little A's club and registered him! He is in Tiny Tots - under 4's. I got him a little singlet and his number is 75. He is going to love it! And the best bit - it's on saturday mornings so even though I will be dead tired, at least I can go and watch and help out. Coolness. I so can't wait to see him in his uniform!!

So, we did go on a boating picnic yesterday! Had heaps of fun and we were on the water for about 2 1/2 hours! Even the kids really enjoyed themselves - sometimes they get a little bored - but not yesterday!


Sorry about that crooked water photo - Kate took it - and it would seem the camera is just a little bit too big for her to hold comfortably!

It was such a glorious day yesterday that I had such a yearning for summer. Now, I am a winter girl through and through, I love it, it is my favourite season, but yesterday I couldn't help but look forward to the warmer months. Just wait, once summer is here I will be saying I can't wait for winter! LOL!

Well, I think that is it for me today. I better go as I have to get dinner ready, and then myself ready so I can go to work. Oh man, I am so looking forward to tomorrow! Steve is going interstate so I am left at home with the kids - all week - so yep, besides tonight, I have a week off work! YAY! And for those people who thought I shouldn't dig holes at 31 weeks pregnant, the midwife I saw today for my antenatal appointment said it was fine as long as I didn't go gung-ho and over do it. Maybe I did... just a little... but twas for a good cause! Ok, yep, I think now thats all I had to say.

Take care and thanks for stopping by!!!!! :D

PS. Does everyone think there are too many scrapping challenge blogs, or is there possibly room for one more? Opinions? Comments? Suggestions? TIA!

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Thankyou everyone for your comments about Webster. At the moment I am at a content place about the whole situation. At least now I can look at photos or think about him without getting so upset. It feels good to be at this place. I can remember him and the things he did properly now. Like how he never dropped the ball while playing fetch. He would gladly go and get it and bring it back and then just stand there looking at you with the ball securely in his mouth. If you went to grab it he would bend his head low so you couldn't. You used to have to wrestle it out of his mouth, Steve used to cover his nostrils and that always made him drop it! LOL! Goodness I hated doggy drool so needless to say, the fetching games never lasted long! And then there was the basketball... we had a hoop at our old house and Webby would like to play with us by running over to the ball and standing over it so you couldn't get it! Or he would try to 'catch' it as it came through the hoop and it would always end up hitting him on his nose or head! He loved water and loved it when you sprayed the hose in his face - he would happily stand there for ages snapping at it! He used to come into the garage while I scrapped at night. Man he used to do the worst farts imaginable! Either that or he would keep nosing at my arm while I was trying to use the computer for a pat or a treat. He was also so gentle. If you held food out to him he would so gently take it out of your hand. He never really licked us, he would rub his wet nose on us though and sometimes snort. That was gross! He used to get ear infections all the time and he was allergic to fleas. He never scoffed his food. He would eat only what he wanted and would leave the rest for later. Although he was somewhat overweight. LOL. He was not an overly active border collie. He rarely dug holes, was happy just to laze about in the sun. He used to try to sit on us if we were sitting on the ground. He used to paw at us, this used to annoy me though and I would always give his hand a smack when he did it as he would do it to the kids and unintentionally scratch or hurt them. All he wanted was a pat though. He would eat chunks of wood and plastic. Man, he loved those things - and I mean it when I say eat. Yep, there would be evidence when you went on poop patrol. Oh not to mention the sand! He would eat the sand out of the kids sandpit! He used to crap under the clothesline, and seriously, do dogs need to crap 3 times a day? Apparently. Stuff. Just happy stuff. Memories. Worth bottling, huh?

katedance.jpgKate is in the year 1 dance group at her school. She had her concert - the Combined Schools Spectacular - on tuesday. Kate was so excited and going hypo before going on stage though! But oh goodness - everyone cheered when the curtain went up as they were just so cute! The dance went really well and no mistakes were made! The best part about having a short kid - she was in the front row so I got to tape her easily! LOL!

lukeplay.jpgThen on thursday I met up with my sister and SIL at the indoor play centre. The kids enjoyed themselves, well, Sarah, at only 5 weeks old just slept, but the other two enjoyed themselves! LOL!

Well, thats it really from me today. I just had to get a few little things down so I wouldn't forget. If the weather is nice we will be going out on the boat for a picnic lunch. I hope we do. Hopefully I will also finish that layout thats been sitting on my table for the last 2 weeks. It should be a goodie when I finish it... eventually! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day everyone!!! :D

Wednesday, August 22, 2007







Well, it is official. He has lymphatic cancer. Today will be his last day that he walks this earth. We are all sad, but we have decided to bring him home after being put to sleep. This makes me happy. I want to have him with us. He deserves it.

But for now, I shall brush my tears away and go and dig a bloody big hole.

06.02.2000 - 22.08.2007

We will miss you buddy boy, except not when trying to play backyard cricket as you would always run off with the ball! You great big hairy boof!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


The Highs and Lows of Life

Well, I was on a high this week after I received my Masters phone call and also the fact that I have my 10 year high school reunion tonight which I had been looking forward to for months. Also, I would love to say a big thankyou to everyone for their congratulations! Thankyou so very much! :)

But during the week, Webster didn't seem well. We thought he may have got a cold as he had weepy eyes and a runny nose. So, after he didnt eat on thursday and friday we bundled him off to the vets this morning. He had to have a biopsy on some lymph nodes as the vet thinks he may have the Big C. Poor ol' little buddy. Of course I cried like a fool, but I blame the pregnancy hormones. Nah, in reality, I am just sad. You see, when I was trying to get back into shape after having Kate, we used to go for runs almost every morning together. I couldn't run without him, I just could never find my rhythm. He used to drag me along for the first half of the run and then wear himself out, and then I would have to drag him home for the other half of the run! LOL! We will find out on monday afternoon for sure if it is cancer or not. We have already spoken about our options and while neither of us wants to loose him, we feel it would be best to let him go. While I hope it is just a virus or something, he has deteriorated quite quickly over the last couple of days. We have already started to deal with the fact and we have tidied up the backyard. I picked up all his landmines while Steve vaccummed all his hair up (I never said we were normal for vaccumming the backyard! LOL!).

You know I think it hurts more because this was our 'first' little adventure. We got Webster in may 2000. He was 10 weeks old so the lady gave him to us a bit cheaper, although he still cost $320. He was such a little fluffball and Steve, who did NOT want a dog and was only going to have a look at him, took to him straight away and he was the one who decided we should get him. He was our trial before kids.

I will keep my fingers crossed for a negative result but just seeing him..... here is a pic I just took of him. Isn't he handsome?


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


*Happy Dance*


↑ That's me! LOL! I was lucky enough yesterday to receive a call to say I had been shortlisted in this years SM Master's comp! I am very happy and excited! The first person I called was Steve followed by Lus as she is in one of the photos in my mini album! LOL! So now begins the long, torturous wait to see who gets picked.

In other scrappy news - Challenge 4 is OUT over at Memory Bugs!!!

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It's All ABout Us Challenge! (Journalling alert!)

We all have history and stories to tell. One that is no more important than how we went from 'I' to 'us'. This doesn't have to be about you either, this challenge can be applied to anyone you know. Let's get journalling and scrapping about how someone you know met someone and fell in love. Awwwww.

So head on over there and get an entry in to be in the running to win a $10 gift voucher! Due date for this challenge is August 31st 2007.

Well, thats about it from me today! Have a great day everyone and thaks for stopping by!!! :D