Sunday, November 26, 2006


Well where on earth did tuesday, wednesday and thursday get to?! I cant believe it is already saturday and its almost over aswell!

I have had a bit of a full on week. I had my job interview which went well, well I think it did since I have the last hurdle to cross on monday, a medical examination. Fingers crossed all is well as I want this so bad!

I had an RDO on wednesday which was great as I got to see Kate perform at the Assembly of Excellence at her school. She has been practising her line for the last 4 months and of course I tok the video camera to film it and of course the battery died about 2 seconds BEFORE she said her line! Ahhhh! Modern technology. Gotta love it!

Then my tooth was playing up so I had thursday off work as *I* thought it was my wisdom tooth and I know dentists are partial to taking them out. So I went there and he says no, its the molar next to it. So he cleans it and fills it and then tells me that he doesn't think its the molar at all and it probably IS the wisdom tooth playing up. So I am on antibiotics to make the infection go away. I had to have a mouth x-ray as the tooth is still under the gum and I go back in a month. Fun. Not.

I picked the kids Santa photo up aswell. Isn't it just great?! That Santa is the best one going I reckon! The kids were great and not a whimper in sight!

Kate went to a birthday party today. It was a pool party and she had the best time! I had issues getting her out of the water! She has always been so scared of the water but with floatie and noodle in hand, she is quite confident!
On the topic of Kate, I spoke to her teacher during the week. I was a little worried that she wouldn't be ready academically for year 1. The Dept of Ed wants kids to read at a level of 7-8, Kate was only on level 5 in the second term. Her teacher tells me that she is now on level 17. I was stunned and shocked! I knew she was reading better but I didnt expect that! So on to year 1 we go!

And I got to see Kylie today. She came over and we went and checked out Spotlight. Cool. Always good to see you dude.
Well, thats about it in the week that was. Have got nothing planned for tomorrow as yet. Just bumming around probably.

Thankyou to all that stop by!
Have a safe week! Take care! :)


  1. WTG Kate!! What a reader!

    Good luck with the job Beth - hope it comes off.

    We'll have to talk soon! :)


  2. Thats a great Santa pic Beth...he is a fabo Santa!! Hard to get a good Santa these days..LOL
    Go Kate with the reading! Thats a great level to be on entering Yr 1!!
    BTW and I are famous chicks..LOL
    Page 10 of this months SM there is a bit of a write up about the Crop for a Cure day we went to. If you look really hard at the pic on an angle you'll see us!! ROFL'
    But you have to look really, really hard...LOL

  3. don't you just love santa, and hate dentists.... They love to charge you for something and then, oppps it was something else. I just had my wisdoms out a few months back, i did't really think it was too bad, When you think about it, a few days bad pain, then no more evr. WELL WORTH IT I SAY :)
    Isn't it just a fantastic feeling to know your kids are doing really well at school. Kyle(7) is just a super duper reader,it's just the best.

  4. All the best with the job!!! And yes, that Santa is very authentic!!! xxx

  5. Beth ... all the very best with the job ..Im sure the medical went well...Ill have my fingers crossed...and I haver to agree with Moi...thats one hell of a santa..
    Mardi x

  6. Susan (smiles1965) from ScrapboxxNovember 30, 2006 at 11:18 PM

    Just dropping in to say hi. I have not been doing the blog rounds for ages and have loved catching up on your news.

    Well done to Kate with her reading, that's fabulous. I bet your very proud of her.

    Best wishes for your tooth infection. I hope your feeling much better by the time you read this Beth.

    Great photo of the kids with Santa, just too cute. I am yet to take Amanda this year. We might try and see him this week end if the crowds aren't too bad.

    Have a great day and take care xxoo