Sunday, October 1, 2006


Nothing much happening here today. Went to the shops with the kids, minus DH as he wasnt well so he stayed home for a snooze. I wanted to buy them some summer sandals. While I was there I got the summer layby out with their PJ's and some clothes. Thats summer shopping finished. Cool. I also got myself a pair of causal slip on shoes, happy with that.

Going to a BBQ tomorrow with some people I used to work with - I am so looking forward to this. No concrete plans for monday though. DH wants to go to the new wildlife thing at Darling Harbour. We probably will if we get ready early enough as I suspect it will be quite busy.

Just thought I would share this photo of Luke taken on wednesday, yes my fabulous RDO day. We were eating lunch and he looked over and saw a little girl playing on the swings and looked at me, pointed and laughed and said 'silly bubba'. It was so cute and I had an idea for a layout so I had turned my camera on and got this gorgeous photo. I love it. He is so cute. And this was about the only time he stayed still and even that wasnt long enough for him to finish his roll!

So for my weekly athletics update. Cue the music.
1500m - 7.29min
400m - 1.27min
100m - 19 something - quads blew up at about 70m trying a new running technique LOL
200mH - 50.0sec
3km - 16.47min
Long jump - 2.76m - woefull lol
Discus - not sure had to throw and go to the start of the 3k

I had a great night and felt so comfortable in everything I did except the 100m, 200mH (could only JUST get over the darn things! LOL!) and the long jump. I had a great night socialising and just having fun. No friday night festivities next week though as DH is off to Bathurst for the car race. But lucky for me that we have an Allcomers meet on wednesday. So if anyone is interested in athletics and wants to try it out - all are welcome of all standards - I mean they let me have a go LOL - you should come on down to the Olympic Complex at Rooty Hill on this coming wednesday at 7pm to have a go.

Thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. Gorgeous photo! Lovely to chat the other night. Your athletics times look great to me!!! x

  2. LOL @ Lukes cute is that?
    Glad you enjoyed your day off.
    BTW...I still have those pics here.
    Sharryn :)

  3. Your son is adorable!! Such a cutie. Congrats with the athletics too I need to get of my butt and back to the gym the heathrow injection is setting in! ROFL. I can't wait to see how you scrap the photo too.

    Have a great week Beth,


  4. Hey there FK page buddy! (you know, I didn't even see my page when I was flicking through the mag - I was too busy looking at yours going "THAT'S BETH'S!!!!") Great job on the aths - I so admire your motivation...I'm sitting here talking myself out of going to the gym while eating timtams.

  5. Running, jumping, throwing, hurdling, you are doing everything these days!

  6. You're doing great with your athletics. I'm really impressed. I used to love athletics. It's weird - I have the longest legs ever, but the things that freaked me out most were hurdles and highjump! And there's no way I could run 3km!