Saturday, September 16, 2006


I cant believe it has been over a week since my last post. WOW I cant believe we are already HALFWAY through september! Where did the time go?!?! Not much has been happening though.

Work is getting better, I am not longer exhausted everyday and I even tried to scrap a little on tuesday night. Layout wasnt coming together by 9.45pm so I gave up as I had to go to bed. But thats ok as tomorrow I am going to Crop for a Cure with Kylie and I do believe Sharryn is going too. I cant wait to meet Sharryn!!!

So I had Little A's last night, well Seniors but it is run at the same time. We got a new uniform too last night and we all looked mighty slick! Our old uniform was black with a strip of orange and white down the side. Now we are blue with silver and they even provided shorts and bike pants as we now fall into Rams Sporting Club or something like that. Last night we had long jump - man I suck at that - couldnt even jump 3 metres! LOL! 1500m run which I am so happy with my effort. 100m which is hilarious as I am crap at sprinting. 400m where I died in the end. Discus which was as fun as always except it hurt my arm. And the 3k run which I didnt do as I was buggered and couldnt be bothered. I havent been training or anything and think I really need to start! I had a blast but boy am I sore today!

I am so proud of my little girl - she got her bronze award at school yesterday. This is the new behaviour/acheivement thing they have at their school. Go to bronze then silver then gold. She is so proud of herself too!

Well, thats about it from me!
Thanks for dropping by and take care everyone!!! :0)

Edited just for Linda....
long jump: 2.78m
discus: 15m odd
1500m: 7.27
400m: 1.44 (I know soo slow)
100m: 18.7 (LOL legs couldnt go any faster!)


  1. I'm impressed that you're doing Athletics. I used to love Little A but I would be so scared to join now! Tassy will be old enough next year so I'm hoping to get her into it. PLUS the oval is only about 100m from our house!

    HAve fun at the crop tomorrow!

  2. One more sleep..YAY!!
    Can't wait to meet you either!
    Sharryn :)

  3. Howdy stranger!!!
    Thanks for the mention last week - leg still broken but we're getting there!!LOL

    I sympathise with the 5 day stress - it takes a while to get back in the swing - or you could break something and have 6 weeks off!!

    Talk soon

  4. That is sooo good Beth!! well done!!

    But I want to know your'm a sticky beak! gotta improve your long jump girl! kayla jumped 4.20m at zone the other day!

    Seriously though, that is soo cool that you are going back to athletics.

    have a fun day tomorrow! :)

  5. LOL!! Thanks so much Beth :) I am sure you will improve as the season gets going!!

    PS - The Judge wants to challenge you to a pentathalon! lol

  6. Where do you find all you time?????? You seem to be so busy and on the go all the time. Congrats on your results. And congrats to your dd too.

    Enjoy your week,


  7. HUGELY well done and CONGRATS Kate!!!