Thursday, September 28, 2006


I have been looking forward to this day since I started back full time!
I walked Kate to school. Boy I really miss this. And, as usual, we got there right on the bell... oops!
Then me and Luke went to the shop to get some stuff for dinner, which was chow mein mince btw. Luke was so cute - as soon as I said that we were going to the shop he asked if I could "buy nana" and then "buy two nanas". So I obliged and for $4 I got 2 bananas...
Then on the way home, I thought since it was such a marvellous day, that I would take Luke to feed the ducks at Nurrgingy. He was so excited!
So we feed the ducks and walked around a little and ran down some hills and chased some birds and just generally had a great time. I even got a couple of nice photos... well nice enough for Luke who refuses to stay still and cooperate!!!

Then we went and played in the playground. Even I had a go of the swing and boy I felt dizzy! I cant believe I spent hours as a kid on the swings and now cant go for 5 minutes. Mate, I need to toughen up I think.

Afterwards we dropped into my sisters house as we have to wear a footy jersey to work on friday and being the non-football supporter that I am, I dont own one. Lucky for me I have connections! Thanks Fliss! LOL!

Then we came home and Steve was home so both me and Luke went for nanna naps. The sun really took it out of us today! Steve went and collected Kate from school. She is so excited - she has her disco tomorrow night! She already has it planned as to what she is wearing! Such a cutie!

Then dinner, dessert (low joule jelly with strawberries and low fat ice cream - no guilt here! LOL!) and now bed time for the kids and relax time for the parents!

I had the best day and cant wait till my next RDO! I think it might even be in the school holidays... sweet!

Thanks for stopping by and take care!!!!!!!!! :)

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Big A's last night and of course I am very sore today.
I almost didnt go as I camr home because my spikes arrived and I wanted to grab them to test them out at athletics. Luke was all excited when I got home and fell on his bum in the cactus bowl. Lucky he was wearing a nappy but he still got a few spikes in his leg. So we race him inside and pull out the visible spikes and give him a quick shower, not really sure what we were trying to acheive with the shower, but anyway... I had some drawing ointment (thanks Kylie's dad) so I put that on his leg and covered it with bandaids. This morning it looked good so I guess we got the spikes out and he didnt say it was sore once today.

So I was a bit bummed as I wasnt going, but then I remembered that we had javelin on and I really wanted to do that so I said to Steve that I was going. He didnt mind thank goodness.

So I get there about 7.30 for a 6pm start and all they had done was the 100m hurdles which I dont do anyway.

Now. For the exciting part. The Walk. Yup. Exciting huh?

I used to be a walker when I was at Little A's and I was ok at it too. I havent walked for 11 years. *Gulp* I had no idea what to expect, or if I could still do it for that matter!!!

Well apparently I can still do it and I was told that I havent lost my style so I was quite pleased about that. I ended up doing 8.57mins for the 1500m walk. I have to admit though that I was very dissapointed with that time as my best time was 6.56mins but then I gave myself a mental kick up the bum and realised that hey - that is actually quite a good time, especially for being unfit, out of training and not doing it in 11 years.

Hmmm I forgot to mention that I totally wrecked my throat and sinus and cant stop sneezing and my quads were so sore afterwards that when I attempted the 200m I ran about 10metres before stopping almost in tears because of how much pain I was in.

Good news though - I got a massage when I got home! Sweet!

So results (for Linda) are as follows:
1500m walk: 8.57mins
Shot put (4kg): 5.56m
Javelin: 15.87m

We didnt do too much today. Just bummed around with the kids, which in my opinion is a great day! I tidied up my scrapping area a little. Didnt scrap anything as in a really smart move... not... I decided to load The Sims onto my computer. Talk about a time sucker.

Well thats about it from me.
Have a good one and take care! :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Ok, so I promised photos in my last post and so I better deliver.

<----And so here is Katie.... goofy smile and all! Well, I have finished my FK ET entry! Everything, materials lists, packing, etc. Phew! Am I glad thats over! Except... now the wait begins!

And now here is cool dude Luke! -->

Well I sit here in the garage and I am actually listening to music and contemplating finishing my Memory Bugs DT layout, I know, a little late since the newsletter came out yesterday. Did you all get the newsletter? Seriously, the girls on the DT rock my socks and shoes! They are just awesome scrappers and I am so in awe of these girls talents! If you dont get it, you better sign up!

Work today, ugh. I have worked out why my nose runs constantly while I am at work. I know, it has only been 3 weeks, but I have worked it out! I feel so silly for not realising earlier... there is a really bad draft in the branch and because there is a small opening in the window at the teller counter the draft goes straight through it, and yup, straight into my eyes, which makes them run and which in turn makes my nose run. The manager has looked into fixing it, but as usual, everything costs money and stopping a draft is not something they are willing to spend money on. I feel sorry for the girls who dont wear glasses as it is probably worse for them!

I am hating working full time. I know I have to do this for the time being. But it sucks and I miss the kids. Which means I keep them up later so I can spend time with them. Only half an hour, not like 3 hours or anything, and they do go to bed at 7.30, but I am keeping them up nonetheless. I am sure they are enjoying the extra attention though.

Kate has just rocketed in her reading. Steve spoke to her teacher today and she has been put in the second highest reading group and is reading at level 8. I am so pleased with her and I cant believe how quickly everything is seeming to 'click' with her. I remember at the last parent-teacher interview, her teacher kept reminding us that she was the youngest in the class, etc, I think to make us feel better that she wasnt as good as the other kids. I am so proud of my Kate!

Thats probably enough babble for one night! LOL!
Thanks for stopping by!!! :)

Monday, September 18, 2006


Well I had an awesome day! I went to Crop for a Cure at Campbelltown and I scrapped the day away with Sharryn and Kylie and we got to meet Kerrin Quall and even got some photos with her! I even got a layout done which will form part of my FK ET entry. Stoked I am finished that!

So yesterday we went to the shops and we bought a little wading pool for the kids and then they wanted goggles, and since they were only $2 each we obliged and bought them. I got a couple of the cutest photos ever! But I cant upload as they are on the other computer. Bugger. Will do next time though.

Speaking of which, I havent been taking many photos lately. I should. It gives me things to scrap. LOL!

So I ended up ordering a pair of spikes for athletics as it was too hard running on the dewey grass in my sneakers. I couldnt believe that Asics only had ONE type of womens spikes. I mean seriously! Lots of women run and need shoes just as much as men. Men had about 6 different types. Go figure.

Ok I have just finished watching Idol and I am a little dissapointed there is no 'evict' vote like in Big Brother or I would spend $100 getting rid of Lisa. I loved Mutto, Chris and Lavina. And since they are my top 3 all of them get a vote from me! I know I am sad! LOL! Shimmer is my favouritest song ever but Dean did not hit it. Fell clearly below standard for me. If I didnt know the song as well as I do I think it would have sounded fine but since I tend to listen to it over and over again as I scrap, I know it. And he didnt hit it. Oh well. And I think the judges were spot on tonight.

Ummm what else has happened in a day? Nothing much so thanks for stopping by and look after yourself!!! :0)

Saturday, September 16, 2006


I cant believe it has been over a week since my last post. WOW I cant believe we are already HALFWAY through september! Where did the time go?!?! Not much has been happening though.

Work is getting better, I am not longer exhausted everyday and I even tried to scrap a little on tuesday night. Layout wasnt coming together by 9.45pm so I gave up as I had to go to bed. But thats ok as tomorrow I am going to Crop for a Cure with Kylie and I do believe Sharryn is going too. I cant wait to meet Sharryn!!!

So I had Little A's last night, well Seniors but it is run at the same time. We got a new uniform too last night and we all looked mighty slick! Our old uniform was black with a strip of orange and white down the side. Now we are blue with silver and they even provided shorts and bike pants as we now fall into Rams Sporting Club or something like that. Last night we had long jump - man I suck at that - couldnt even jump 3 metres! LOL! 1500m run which I am so happy with my effort. 100m which is hilarious as I am crap at sprinting. 400m where I died in the end. Discus which was as fun as always except it hurt my arm. And the 3k run which I didnt do as I was buggered and couldnt be bothered. I havent been training or anything and think I really need to start! I had a blast but boy am I sore today!

I am so proud of my little girl - she got her bronze award at school yesterday. This is the new behaviour/acheivement thing they have at their school. Go to bronze then silver then gold. She is so proud of herself too!

Well, thats about it from me!
Thanks for dropping by and take care everyone!!! :0)

Edited just for Linda....
long jump: 2.78m
discus: 15m odd
1500m: 7.27
400m: 1.44 (I know soo slow)
100m: 18.7 (LOL legs couldnt go any faster!)

Friday, September 8, 2006


Happy birthday Fliss!!! (You old fart! LOL!)

Yes. I have been MIA. I have been checking my emails and thats it. No forums. No galleries. Nothing. Just... too... tired!!! I have been going to bed at 9.30 every night and my eyes hurt constantly and all I want to do is sleep. Now, I know this could be my anemia but I am mainly blaming work.

So, my new job. Well I am stressed to the max. I never used to get headaches, but I am getting used to them now. I am on my feet from 8.15 to 5.15 and I do not stop all day. I am tired and my legs ache.

I miss my time at home and I miss the kids. Yeah sure I see them but I miss the walking to and from school etc. But I have to admit, we are making use of our weekends. We go for picnics or go to the park. We hire movies and snuggle up and watch them. We are going to take the kids fishing soon too. I enjoy my weekends so much more now. We have so much fun.

Little A's started last week and I am such a dag and am competing in seniors. The other people are really nice and I have forgotten how much I enjoyed Little A's. I missed it. I missed the smell of the clover at the long jump pit, the strong lights shining down, the cold dewey grass, the smell of the canteen, the people, the familiarity. I am as slow as hell but I am enjoying it so much!

Well, thats it from me. My eyes are starting to water and since there is nothing on TV I might go to bed. But before I go, Jolene, I will get around to your tag when my head can think of something interesting and Kath, I hope your leg heals fast and well. I cant believe you broke it!!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Take care!