Saturday, August 19, 2006


How cool! I just dod my first class over at the Scrappers Stash!!! I haven't got any feedback yet as everyone is still finishing their layout, but I hope I did ok...

Anyway, off for a run in the morning to stretch the ol' legs after 2 months... so not looking forward to the pain...

Nothing much else happening to be honest... quite boring actually...


  1. I forgot! :( I received an email about it and then forgot to come over tonight. I bet it was fantastic :)

  2. You did great Beth and I am just about to upload now.

    Thanks for the good night and the great class.

  3. Beth...just dropping by to say you Memory Bugs layout this month...especially the funky edges...I love that idea.

    oh...and I hope your run went would kill me...LOL

  4. You did fantastically and I am really pleased with my LO. I am just too forgetful/slack re photographing it, uploading etc. x

  5. good on you beth!
    bet you were a hit!!!
    Lus x

  6. o i got the email to attend and left it in bold so i wouldn't forget and I did :(

    Went and checked out the LO and it is as gorgeous as always!!!