Sunday, August 13, 2006


Ok so I have been MIA the last couple of days. Just didn't feel like getting on the computer or scrapping which was good because it made for some early nights which I so desperately needed!

Day 5 - well I want to keep in order - of the Rhonna Farrer 21 Day Challenge. To be honest, I havent been exercising. I have still been on Optislim and I have lost 1.5kgs which is great! Only 4.5kgs to go! I have surprised myself with this diet as the other times I have tried it I gave up after like 3 days on it! I am feeling great and not bored or excessively hungry, and surprisingly, not craving anything! I look at food and think 'that would be nice' but I dont crave it. Good-o! So I have 8 days left unless my chemist gets more in LOL!

I am not going in the City to Surf this year. I am a little dissapointed but also a little relieved. I have had a chest cough for the last week and I dont want it to develop into anything nastier by putting my lungs under stress. Also I havent run in like 7 weeks and I know it will hurt so I was a little scared of that! LOL! But goodluck to Angela and Tony!

I made it through to round 2 in the Effer Dare competition! How cool! Now I just have to think of a way to use 13 photos on one layout! EEP! I wonder if I have 13 photos on one subject.... oohhh oohh ooohh I just got a brainwave! Talk about a lightbulb moment! Watch this space LOL!

So thats about it from me!
Thanks for stopping by and take care!


  1. Beth, its a good thing you aren't running today. Rest up and get ready for next year.

    Well done on the weight loss, you have got a good goal there.

  2. Hi Beth,
    Well done on the weight loss and on getting through to Round 2 on the Effer Dare challenge! Way to go!!!
    Hope your chest gets better soon...both my boys have the same thang and are on antibiotics.
    Let me know if you are going to do City to Surf next year (closer to the time!) I'd love to do it with you! I've never done it before and it's beena goal of mine for a while now!
    Lus x