Sunday, July 16, 2006


Where to start? What a big week!

I think I will start with yesterday... backwards.... Last night we were all in the loungeroom doing stuff, and Luke toddled off down into the back end of the house and I heard a scream and crying but it was muffled, I still jumped up as the scream sounded different to ususal, I run down the hall and Luke was crying and coming out of Kate's room. I scoop him up and look at his head and there is blood pouring down his forehead! I scream (not yell, I think I was in shock) for Steve and he comes running and sees Luke and grabs a facewasher to wipe the blood away to see the damage. Luke split his forehead, about 1.5cms long! So we race him to the medical centre and he is seen straight away. They taped it together and the doctor thinks it will heal well with a minimal scar. As I was there I realised it was about this time in Kate's life when she was jumping on the bed at the sitters house and fell off onto the bedside table and cut under her eye. So we stopped at McDonalds on the way home for chocolate sundaes as it was after 8pm. YUM!

<-----I did a layout about Kate ages ago as everyone always comments on the cute 'dimple' under her eye. I will have to do one on Luke too, but first I really have to get some batteries for my camera!

So previous to the dramas of last night, I wanted to go over to The Warehouse to get a dymo labeler as I seem to have killed mine, my Masters double layout didnt help that... So when I rock up to the centre where it is near, I see it. The sign. SPOTLIGHT NOW OPEN! Woohoo!!! So I went in to have a look and boy, have they changed the ShopSmart Outlet Centre at Mt Driutt as now Spotlight takes up half the floorspace! But I think it was be really good for the centre! It really cleaned it up. Well OMG!!!! It was the tidest, cleanest Spotlight I have ever been in!!! It was fabulous to be able to walk around and have everything in the right spots!!! I was in spotlight heaven! So I was a tad naughty and bought some AC paper which was gorgeous. When I went to pay for it and realised it was on special at 99c I of course had to go back and buy some more as it is $1.79 usually. So went to the Warehouse and well, they didnt have a dymo labeler so I am still labeless.

It was Steve's 30th birthday!!! He accepted it well and didnt comment once on feeling 'old' or anything! He was so spoilt!! He received a electric razor, a book on Tobruk (he is a war book fanatic) and a box of chocolates which of course the kids all ate! Then we decided to go out for a drive. Why is it that we always end up at shops?!? Anyway, we went to Domayne and we got a new monitor, a very thin one, lcd maybe? dunno, but its 19inches and its huge and bright and he loves it, and thank goodness for interest free at $950!

I also built my SM Masters BTP project, all by myself. You have no idea how proud I am of doing it all myself. Its a big wooden frame with 6 layouts on it. I cant wait to show it off!!! I knew it turned out ok because I had to hang it above the bed to take some photos of it, and Steve said 'we can leave it there, I am quite surprised it didnt turn out as hideaous as I thought it would. It looks nice.' Nice one. I am happy with my single layout and my double is growing on me, and my monogram looked ok. So I sent my entry off express mail on wednesday. Fingers crossed it arrived ok!

So I finished reading the last Harry Potter book, well until the new one is realeased anyway, and I was forgetting what had happened in the early books, so instead of reading them again, I just got the movies out! So in the last week I have watched all 4 movies. I really liked the first 2 as they were very similar to the books, but the last 2 werent and I kept going 'that didnt happen'! I probably annoyed Steve but oh well.

As for my sleepiness, I have been feeling better so I guess the iron tablets are kicking in! YAY! I still tire quickly and early on in the day but I am feeling much better than I did 2 weeks ago!

Linda's shop Strictly Scrapbooking is NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!! Go and check it out!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. I hope Luke's head heals up quick and he is not in any pain. Poor little bugger.

    Happy Birthday to DH, the LCD screen sounds great, the picture quality on the LCDs are so much better.

    Your BTP sounds great, was wondering what you were doing for it. Good luck with the masters Beth.

  2. Poor Luke - and poor you! I would have freaked.
    DH was spoilt! Lucky boy. Do you get to share the monitor??? ;)
    Can't wait to see your Masters entry. hopefully this time they don't keep us hanging on forever!

  3. OH poor Luck :( what a fright!
    Happy Birthday to Steve!!! Wow, he did get spoilt...that monitor sounds like heaven!

    Glad your starting to feel better. And I loved all your 'work' you showed me tonight! Totally amazing!!

    Have a great week!

  4. Hey Bethie!!! Thank goodness you've updated at last!!! Can't wait to see your stuff!!! Poor Luke - hope his head recovers quickly. I would have got some 99c AC paper too - what a bargain. And Happy 30th Birthday Steve! And guess what Beth - I JUST (as in a week or so ago) finished reading the latest Harry Potter!!! When you get a chance grab me on MSN and we can have a chat about it!!! MISS YOU. xxx

  5. Oh poor Luke...hope he heals OK and doesn't leave too much of a scar.
    Steve certainly was spoilt wasn't he?? Happy Birthday Steve *waving madly*!!
    I'm off to have a look at Linda shop now.

  6. Hope Luke is feeling better, did you find out what he cut his head on???

    happy bday to your DH...

    Good luck with the masters...

    Alanna :)