Saturday, July 8, 2006


Newsflash - I know whats wrong with me!!! I am anemic, yes, my iron levels are loooooow. So I am on iron tablets and no donating blood for at least 6 months. Bummer. SOmeone could do with my precious O-. Not to worry. I just wish I wasnt still tired all the time.

So, my friend, Linda, is opening a online scrapbooking store, Strictly Scrapbooking!!! WOOHOO!!! I am so excited for her!!! It is not open for business until next Friday, but bookmark it now and have a browse around and be ready next friday to order some goodies! Dont everyone go and buy out all the Rob and Bob clips before I finish my 10 layouts in my scrap to shop challenge!

Scrap speaking.... I got another acceptance - this one for FK! It is my old Kiss layout! Very surprised but very happy as I love that layout! I just love the body language!

So I am still doing this silly SM Masters entry. I have to cut up the wood to make my BTP item and then I have to do 6 very simple layouts for my BTP item. Finish my double - which I am not liking but anyway... and do my single layout journalling. Its due next friday. *gulp*

So... Steve's parents went back to New Zealand today. They were here for a week. I had a really good week and it was a sad day today.

Hmmm. I think thats all....
Thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. Well thats no good finding out your'll have to make sure you get those iron tablets into you.
    Just had a look at Linda's shop but it won't let me register for some reason. I'll go back in a day or two.
    Congrats on the new acceptance..they're rolling in now.
    You better get a move on with the Masters entry went in on Thursday. Although I didn't think I'd get mine finished either.
    Sharryn :)

  2. Go Beth - you can do it!!!
    Hope clearing up the whole iron thing will make you feel better soon!
    Congrats on another acceptance too - they finally figured out what we already knew - your lo's rock!
    Lusi x

  3. Oh Beth - that's a drama!! Hope the tablets do their work quickly.

    I will try not to buy all your faves at Linda's!!But just in case, maybe you should shop a bit early....LOL

  4. Hey good luck with your Masters entry Beth!!! xxx

  5. Bummer on the iron levels DS has the same problem at the moment.
    Good luck with the Masters entry...what a huge stress in my life that damn thing became...Im so glad Im finished even though I didnt do anything I was wildly excited with in the end...funnily it all looked a lot better in my head...LOL
    Mardi x

  6. Susan (smiles1965) from ScrapboxxJuly 11, 2006 at 11:54 PM

    Sorry to read your anemic. I hope your feeling stronger and healthier (less tired) very soon.
    Take good care of yourself.

    Great news about getting another magazine acceptance, that's terrific Beth. I've always loved your scrapping creations.

    Nice that you had a good time with the in laws, I bet the kids loved having them here too.

  7. Good luck with the Masters entry Beth! Hope the iron tablets are helping with the anemia - and congrats on the FK acceptance! :o)

  8. mmm I'm wondering if we will be in the same category as mine that got accepted for FK is also on 'l'oooooveee' ;)
    we shall soon find out!

  9. Congrats on the FK acceptance! FAntastic news!

    Your BTP item has me intrigued.

    Have a great weekend!