Friday, June 16, 2006


Ok ok ok!!!! I will update!
Thank goodness the illness that gripped our family in the previous post didnt last for long! I dont think I could have handled any more whinging!!! So happy little campers here!

Well I was chosen to be on the design team for Memory Bugs again. I am very happy about this! Especially since I now get to work with Carole Janson and Mardi Winen and Yvette Adams and Jolene Pienaar! Such wonderfully talented ladies!!! So if I ever own a scrapping store I am NOT going to have a DT - the decision would be too hard!!!

Still been running. Not as much as I want/should be doing but I am getting into my groove again so its all good. I have a photo of me running here.

Moi, you shall be seeing me very shortly and for that I am so very excited!!!

Nothing much else to speak of really. Life around this neck of the woods dont change much. So I shall leave it here with a recent (well couple of weeks old) layout that I love.

Thanks for stopping by and take care!!!


  1. Hi Beth...Congratulations on the DT position and I am just as excited to be working with you!!
    This is an adorable layout too..I love it.
    Mardi x

  2. hulo mrs beth. great layout. congratulations on the dt again!!!


  3. Well done you on the DT!

    Have a safe trip too!

  4. Hey Roidy..LOL
    Well..I bought a copy of CK on Friday which I don't normally buy..and there was a gorgeous LO from Mrs Jarrett!!
    There was one thing wrong with it though if you don't mind me saying...why wasn't Luke submerged in water?? ROFL Great LO and congrats on being published in CK!!
    Sharryn :)

  5. About time you updated your blog!!!
    This layout looks FANTASTIC, even better IRL!!! It was so good to see you!!! And you know I'm rapt about the DT stuff!!! x

  6. Congrats on the DT position. You will have a ball...

  7. That's one hot layout Beth!! Congrats on the DT :o)

  8. Awesome LO! Congrats on the DT :D

    Alanna :)