Tuesday, June 27, 2006


So I went to Canberra last weekend for The Bugs Super Sunday! I had a ball! I went with Kath and Kylie and we stayed overnight at Moi's house! What a blast! We went out to dinner with Fran and Rach to a Turkish restaurant. I was a little worried as I was unsure if I would like it. All I can say is I am going to see if there is one near here because it was delish! Rach and Fran are just so nice! So scrapping wise I got bugger all done but that wasnt really the point in going! ;)

So I started a 21 day challenge over at embellished.com.au . What it is, a quote is posted and you have to scrap about it. Day 1 was: Follow your dreams, transform your life. Well I got all scrap happy and did this layout in about 30 minutes with 3 msn conversations going! LOL! Multi-tasking!

Anyway, I must turn in for the night as I am so tired lately! I just want to sleep! Before anyone asks, no I am not expecting! :P
Take care and happy scrapping!

Friday, June 16, 2006


Ok ok ok!!!! I will update!
Thank goodness the illness that gripped our family in the previous post didnt last for long! I dont think I could have handled any more whinging!!! So happy little campers here!

Well I was chosen to be on the design team for Memory Bugs again. I am very happy about this! Especially since I now get to work with Carole Janson and Mardi Winen and Yvette Adams and Jolene Pienaar! Such wonderfully talented ladies!!! So if I ever own a scrapping store I am NOT going to have a DT - the decision would be too hard!!!

Still been running. Not as much as I want/should be doing but I am getting into my groove again so its all good. I have a photo of me running here.

Moi, you shall be seeing me very shortly and for that I am so very excited!!!

Nothing much else to speak of really. Life around this neck of the woods dont change much. So I shall leave it here with a recent (well couple of weeks old) layout that I love.

Thanks for stopping by and take care!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006


West Met meet last saturday was bittersweet. I had a 4km race. The first 2kms I felt great! Really strong and went through in 10.07mins. Then it started. I started cramping on both sides of my torso. Although it felt muscular as opposed to a stitch. So I bought the 2nd half in 11.24mins. Very dissapointed but I know I would have run really well if it werent for the cramping.

Went for a run tonight. Decided before I went out there that I am going to focus on distance, not time. So I just wanted to take it easy and not even look at my watch until I returned. Well, it worked! I havent enjoyed a run so much in like 6 weeks! I did 12kms in 1h16mins and I enjoyed every minute of it!

I am so motivated now to do the distance and not worry about the time! I cant wait until tomorrow to go for another run! I feel like I have made a motivation breakthough! YAY!

Thanks for stopping by!!!
Happy running! :)

Friday, June 9, 2006


Look! Its me! Finishing the Blacktown City Fun Run. I officially came in 154th place out of 195 competitors with a time of 56.32mins. Quite chuffed really.

Wednesday saw a 3km in which I felt crap.
Tonight saw a 6km and my legs felt great, shame about the cramping from my bloated tummy. I took some medication today and I think that filled my poor tummy with air. I was in pain the last 600m but I thought whether I run or walk it is going to hurt, so I might as well run and get it over with....

Which brings me to two things that pee me off.
1. My eyes water when I run. This makes my nose run which makes phlegm build up in the back of my throat restricting the oxygen intake. And I look silly as it looks like I am crying. Anyone know how to stop eyes from watering?

2. My little legs can just go and go and go. My lungs cant. Is this just a fitness issue?

Looking forward to West Met XC this weekend. Hoping to put in a big effort and run strong the entire way.

I registered for the C2S today online. I rang my staff club and they have a tent set up at Bondi, so after the race I get food, drink and a massage!!! Gotta love big corporate giants like Westpac!

So I have decided sonce my runs are getting longer, well they are supposed to be, that I just cant keep getting up earlier and earlier. So I have decided to start running at night once the kids are in bed. Went tonight at 7pm and it wasnt too bad, not too many cars out either which was good. My motivation had been lacking of late and I had been hitting the snooze button too many times, so I think this will be better for me.

Anyway, such a random post but I am feeling energized after my run!
Happy trails!!! :)

Monday, June 5, 2006


Blacktown City Fun Run 10km.
1. Go out too fast....... check
2. Get a stitch at 3km mark....... check
3. Die in the middle stages of race (3km - 6km)...... check
4. Come home feeling good in the last 4km..... check
5. Run 10km in under 60mins...... CHECK! My watch said 56.24mins!

It was such a beautiful day for a run too. It wasnt too cold, only my toes felt a little numb for the first half, but arms and legs didnt feel it at all! The course was nice and flat except for a hill, but it was only about 500m long I would say. I am thankful that my 3km block I run for training has a 1km long hill in either direction. My brother in law also ran in it - he finished in 45mins, so good times for both of us!

May mileage was not very good, but doing the fun run has really made me want to get out there and really focus on doing some good distances over the next couple of months leading up to C2S.

Total: 71kms for May

I will edit later with a photo!