Friday, May 26, 2006


I havent been blogging because I havent been running. Last week Steve was away for work so I could not go for a run and leave the kids alone. Then this week I come down with a cold. Cold has gone and tomorrow I am going out for a 7km run - going to put the boot in a little too. I have my first goal coming up - the Blacktown City Fun Run - its 10kms and its like a week and a half away! EEK!!!!! Nah, its all good - I know I can do the distance - I am just looking for a good time.

I didnt go to cross country last week as I was being a sooky-lala and didnt want to get wet in the rain! I am not going this week either as a friend is having a party. Spewing she organised it for the saturday. Oh well.

Cant wait to get out on the road tomorrow!!!
Happy running!!! :)

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