Monday, May 8, 2006


Same ol' same ol' happening in my life at the moment. Sorry I havent updated but I didnt think it was 'blogworthy'. LOL!!!

So I have volunteered to be a parent helper at Kate's school for the gross motor skills. I will be taking Luke with me so I hope he is good... I hope... Today is the first day and I am really looking forward to it and so is Kate!

My SIL Sharon had a baby last thursday - little Brayden - he is very cute! Why do babies make people clucky?!?! I mean they stay awake all night and vomit and poo and yet we still love them and want them and when other people have them you want more....

Still running. Going well. I bought a pair of decent (and by decent I mean expensive) running shoes so I guess there is no turning back now.... until I wear this pair out anyway! LOL! ;)

Over at Memory Bugs we have been discussing 'other' things to scrap other than the usual, my usual is Kate and Luke. So we have started a challenge to scrap a layout/s about a week or day in your life. You know, the everyday stuff. The things that go really unnoticed and unappreciated. I can hear the washing machine as I type.....

So bloggers - why not do your own layout about a week/day in your life? It will be good to look back on and reminisce about the washing.... LOL!

So thats all from me today,
Take care and happy scrapping!


  1. Susan (smiles1965) from ScrapboxxMay 8, 2006 at 11:57 PM

    Hi Beth

    Hope you and Luke have fun at school helping with the sports (very good of you to volunteer).

    I help with school canteen on Fridays and I know that all parents who volunteer are greatly appreciated.

    Have a great week and take care.

  2. Actually Beth, that is a really good idea, just my everyday, you never thing to do that, but it really is a good idea. I hope everything goes well with the volounteering, I hope you really enjoy it.

    Congrat on the little darling boy, your SIL must be rapped, I really like the name Brayden.

    I am pleased you are still running, I hope all is going well there.

    Best Wishes

  3. LOL I could write a book about the dramas in my life!! Let alone scrap them..ROFL
    Hope you have fun at school..I remember when my last 4 were all so little my goal was to work in the school canteen!! LOL
    Sharryn :)

  4. Great to see you back! Sorry for my own delay ...
    Great idea re the layouts - I will take it up!!! x

  5. Hi Beth....You have just reminded me...must get cracking on the LO of a day in my life.
    I think you are my are still running, I just cant run to save