Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Nothing much to say as nothing much has been happening around here.
Just thought I would update since Kylie called me a bludger. :P
DH and kids were sick on the weekend with vomiting/gastro. I didnt get it, but have been feeling queasy for the last 2 days. Hopefully I will be better after a good nights sleep.
Anyway, thanks for stopping by and take care!


Well I have had a couple of crappy weeks and have not run near enough as I should have. Oh well. 20/20 vision in hindsight.

26.05 - 5km in 28.55mins

27.05 - 7km in 39.57mins

30.05 - 9km in 52.59mins

I have the Blacktown City Fun Run this sunday and am getting a little nervous. I know I can run the distance - I almost did this afternoon, what I am worried about is running too hard and then having to stop and walk! EEP! I hope they have km markers so I can keep track of my time.

Anyway, will post results when they come to hand!
Happy running! :)

Friday, May 26, 2006


I havent been blogging because I havent been running. Last week Steve was away for work so I could not go for a run and leave the kids alone. Then this week I come down with a cold. Cold has gone and tomorrow I am going out for a 7km run - going to put the boot in a little too. I have my first goal coming up - the Blacktown City Fun Run - its 10kms and its like a week and a half away! EEK!!!!! Nah, its all good - I know I can do the distance - I am just looking for a good time.

I didnt go to cross country last week as I was being a sooky-lala and didnt want to get wet in the rain! I am not going this week either as a friend is having a party. Spewing she organised it for the saturday. Oh well.

Cant wait to get out on the road tomorrow!!!
Happy running!!! :)

Monday, May 15, 2006


I had the best Mother's Day today!
I slept in till 9.30am.
Got woken up to the smells of bacon and eggs.
Went to LSS to get DT pack, but it was closed. Oh well.Then after Luke woke up from his nap, we went to the park opposite the RAAF base out at Windsor. The kids had a blast!
As we were making our way back to the car, Kate and I was having a race on the scooters. I stopped to change legs and I didnt realise I stopped on a crack. I went to take off and the scooter stayed motionless. I however didn't. I went A over T and took a tumble! I was so embarrassed as some people saw me and called out for me to do it again! *dies* But it was really funny and I did have a good ol' laugh at my own expense.
Note to self - dont ride the scooter in public.... just in case.....

So when we got home I took off for a 10km run and was stoked as I went under 1 hour - I did it in 59.07mins. First goal reached! Yay!

<---- Dont you just love the colours of Autumn??

I have been very slack of late blog hopping. Hopefully I will get around to it soon and say hi to you all!

Thanks for stopping by!!
Take care! :)


Just had to blog to remember this day.

10km run.

So I did the last km fast as I really wanted to go under 1 hour! Am so stoked that I did this in training, especially after yesterdays efforts. Must be the new shoes.....

Sunday, May 14, 2006


West Met meet #4.
4km - supposedly flat course so I took it out harder than usual. Was going good until I hit the 2.5km mark and there was a hill. Not any old hill. A very steep incline. I had to walk the 200m up it! Then it just wrecked me for the final 1.5km. Oh well. I still managed to come home in 20.26mins which is still a PB by 27 seconds. Hopefully I will go under the 20minute mark soon.

I also found it hard today to run knowing Steve and the kids weren't going to be watching and cheering for me. It just made that last km a little harder and negative thoughts (I cant do this - springs to mind...) kept creeping into my head. Oh well. There is always next week!

Afterwards I was talking to another runner and he was telling me about a weekly training session that I think I will go to. Just to get out there and run with other people. We will see.

So back to the training this week and hopefully I will keep improving my times!

Friday, May 12, 2006


A dissapointing week this week running wise.

I didnt run either tuesday or wednesday. When the alarm went off at 6am I just rolled over and went back to sleep. I am feeling extremely tired and worn out of late.

So I started my 6.5km run this morning, wasnt feeling too tired, but my chest was burning and I was very phlemy so I stopped after 3km. I just hope I am not coming down with anything.

Rest day tomorrow and I will check back in on saturday with results from my West Met run.

Monday, May 8, 2006


Gosh I havent updated in ages!!!!

I bought myself a new pair of shoes! Asics GT2110 from Centre Sports Store as they were $30 cheaper than anyone else and well $30 is a new singlet or shorts!

I did 26kms this last week. I am feeling so much fitter and it is a great feeling!!!

Tues: 6.4km @ 36.54
Wed: 3km @ 16.50
Thurs: 6.4km @ 36.29

Sun: 10km @ 1.01.13 - how happy was I?!?!?!?! I almost broke 1hour in training and I wasnt pushing it and my heart rate was around 155. Sweet! Looking good to break the 1hour mark on June 4th for the Blacktown City Fun Run!

There has been no West Met races for the last 2 weeks and I am itching to get out there and see my progress! This coming saturday will tell.

This coming week is the same program as the week I just had - except with my 4km race thrown in. Then the km's up a little. I am so worried about my goal of running Blackmore's half. I feel like I wont be ready to run that distance. I guess I still have 5 months and I have made it to 10km in almost 3 months. I will just keep keeping on and I am sure Hal Higdon wouldnt have been recommended if his program wasnt any good.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Trails!


Same ol' same ol' happening in my life at the moment. Sorry I havent updated but I didnt think it was 'blogworthy'. LOL!!!

So I have volunteered to be a parent helper at Kate's school for the gross motor skills. I will be taking Luke with me so I hope he is good... I hope... Today is the first day and I am really looking forward to it and so is Kate!

My SIL Sharon had a baby last thursday - little Brayden - he is very cute! Why do babies make people clucky?!?! I mean they stay awake all night and vomit and poo and yet we still love them and want them and when other people have them you want more....

Still running. Going well. I bought a pair of decent (and by decent I mean expensive) running shoes so I guess there is no turning back now.... until I wear this pair out anyway! LOL! ;)

Over at Memory Bugs we have been discussing 'other' things to scrap other than the usual, my usual is Kate and Luke. So we have started a challenge to scrap a layout/s about a week or day in your life. You know, the everyday stuff. The things that go really unnoticed and unappreciated. I can hear the washing machine as I type.....

So bloggers - why not do your own layout about a week/day in your life? It will be good to look back on and reminisce about the washing.... LOL!

So thats all from me today,
Take care and happy scrapping!

Tuesday, May 2, 2006


Ok I will elaborate on the previous post!
Nickelback were just awesome! You know when you go and see a band and they have the music really really loud so you cant hear the lyrics? Yeah? Well the music was really loud and they rocked the house down, but you could hear every word perfectly! They sound identical to the released soundtracks, the only difference was the music was rockier but it sounded awesome! AWESOME!!!! Even if we were in the 2nd row from the roof - it made for uninterrupted viewing!! LOL!
I had the best time and I sung along to almost every song - there were only 2 I werent familiar with. So yeah, it was AWESOME! Have I said that already? LOL!
If they tour Australia again - I am there! And I will sneak my camera in next time! :P They have heaps of fireworks too!
:D :D :D :D :D

Monday, May 1, 2006


I had an 8km planned for today. I did it, but felt crap the entire time. I think I pushed it to much yesterday when I did a block pb by doing the 3km in 15.57mins when my previous pb was 17.01mins. So I think I just did too much yesterday. Oh well. Just want to add that Nickelback rocks and their concert I went to last night rocked the fab!!! Awesome. Ok back to running.... rest day tomorrow. Sweet.